Random Tuesday: Wooden Superheroes, Bookish Food, Map of the Moon & More

Oh Random Tuesday, you show up so randomly that I never know when I will find you. After several weeks' absence we have returned to random things of randomness full of geekiness and bookishness for your random pleasure.

Amanda Visell creates wood dolls of different characters complete with accessories. I'm very fond of her version of Wonder Woman and really want an animated cartoon in this style. You can see her Wolverine later in the post. Both of these are unavailable for sale, but you can see what she does have for sale here.

When I'm not thinking about books, I'm probably thinking about food. This list from Bon Appetit of fictional restaurants that are now real combine my two favorite things.

Black Milk is going to debut another overly-priced line of superhero-inspired clothing next week. I'm a super geek, but I don't think I would be able to wear those caped superhero bathing suits out in public. (On FashionablyGeek.com)

If you click on this link, you may blink and find you've lost half an hour. Here is an interactive map of the moon that you can explore with a few clicks. (found via io9)

Even though there were fewer female-fronted films in 2013, they still managed to make more money on average than the male-fronted blockbusters. You'd think film studios would piece things together by now. (found via TheMarySue.com)

Charlie Jane Anderson ranked all the characters from Lost from most annoying to least annoying on Jezebel. #1 made me happy.

I shall eat ALL THE DARK CHOCOLATE! (found via io9)

That's what I have for this week's random Tuesday. Hopefully we'll return for more random things next week.