3 Tips to Prepare for Attending San Diego Comic Con


Say it out loud: It’s less than 30 days until Comic Con! All year there are other conventions and we hype ourselves up, but the reality is that it is all a precursor to San Diego Comic Con. Whether this is your first year or your 40th, it’s hard not to get excited and a little panicked. To help ease some of the Comic Con jitters, here are some tips to make sure you’re not overwhelmed when the big days finally arrive.

  1. Walking. Comic Con events, panels, screenings and off site events will be all over the Gaslamp and you are going to walk a lot. If you don't have a good pair of good walking shoes, get a good pair then start walking. Leslie and I take a 45 min walk every morning in the month leading up to Comic Con.
  2. Gear up. Start with a backpack, something comfortable and light weight. Then get a good lunch bucket, something insulated that will keep your food cool and compact. You probably already have a smart phone or tablet. You need a way to charge them. Get a portable USB charger that you can recharge from your room then use throughout the day to keep your gadgets at full power. Last year the one we used helped keep our phones charged well into the night.
  3. Map it out. By now you hopefully have a hotel. Learn where it is in relation to the convention center. When you arrive and see the con, it is going to be a sea of people and it is easy to get disoriented. The convention center will be easy to find but the offsite events, scavenger hunts and parties will be scattered throughout the Gaslamp.

In the forthcoming days we will elaborate and enhance on this basic list. Stay tuned for tips on snacks, gadgets and what lines start where in addition to a little extra tid bit or two.


Banner from the official San Diego International Comic Con website.