Comic Con 2014: Last Minute Gadget Tips for Comic Con

People like to think that gadgets make life easier. I am not one of them. The thing that makes gadgets useful is, well, the user. So, with that advice I will tell you about some of the gadgets that we will be taking on our trip to San Diego Comic Con because they make our time there more enjoyable.

Know What Your Taking.

Before you start gearing up, you need to know what you have and especially know what kind of power it needs to stay charged. Pay special care with your phone's and camera's charging requirements. Go get the plug that came with said device and see what type of power it needs. As you start to look for supplemental charging devices, make sure it supports your gadget needs.

The Battery Charger.
The idea is simple - a portable charging power supply that you can use on the go. Most of them have at least one USB port if not more. The one we use has enough power to fully recharge our phones several times throughout the day. On a typical Saturday I fully charged my phone twice, recharged Leslie's phone once and recharged our digital camera once and it still had a little less than 50% of its power left.  

The Travel Power Strip
This one is more for where you set home base. Every hotel has outlets, but they tend to be scatted throughout the room. The power strip we chose has several usb ports and has a few extra plugs so that at night we can charge our stuff in one spot. Having everything in one location makes it easy to grab everything before we leave the hotel each day.

Travel Wifi
There are two distinctly different yet very useful devices in this section. First the straight forward one. Portable Wifi hotspots can be purchased from your cell phone provider and need a service plan. Most hotspots have data caps, but can be very helpful for getting wifi to laptops or tablets. If you approach your cell phone provider and ask what the return policy is, you might be able to score one for just this trip and rerun it without issue.

The second one is for home base: The travel wifi router. Why? The travel router we have repeats as well as extends hotel wifi. My reason for having the travel router is to make it easier to get connected to hotels free internet. Instead of having to login on every device I need, I only do it once. Both devices give you a way to get connected while traveling.

Technology can definitely make your experience at Comic Con a little easier and provide you with great ways to record your experience. Go for items that will make your life easier while still keeping in mind the weight of what you'll be carrying all day. If you need specific recommendations for brands or items, ask us in the comments.