Mini Review from a Mini Reviewer: Ninja! by Arree Chung

Arree Chung

Henry Holt
I received an advanced copy of this picture book from the publisher in return for a review.
Released June 3, 2014
40 pages
Children's Picture Books / NINJAS!

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A ninja must be strong, courageous, and silent! He creeps through the house on a secret mission. There may be obstacles! But have no fear—a true ninja can overcome all challenges.

So we’ve never reviewed a children’s picture book here at Working for the Mandroid, but when I was approached with a list of books and say a picture book called Ninja, I knew that if we were ever going to review kid’s books, this should be the first one. But am I really the most qualified to review a children’s book? I mean, I’m almost 30, so I turned to one of my favorite little person, considering he was probably more in the target demographic.

So here is the very short review from my sleepy nephew, who read this book with me before bed:

I liked it. I have hiding places in the backyard, but I don’t think I’m a ninja. I don’t have a jump rope or ping-pong paddle, but I do have a screamy baby sister. I’m not supposed to eat cookies unless mommy lets me, so I wouldn’t do that, but maybe I could be a ninja and scare [sister’s name] or to hide my stuff. I liked the pictures and that it didn’t have a bunch of words on every page. Now let’s read the Angry Bird dinosaur book.

So there you go. That’s a glowing review from my nephew for something that doesn’t have dinosaurs in it. Personally I thought this book had some great art and didn’t try to pad the book with extraneous words. It would be a good book for smaller children due to their short attention spans and it’s full of colorful illustrations. I’m not an expert in picture books, but this one was a fun one that I think my nephew and I will revisit in the future.


Just as a note, my nephew is four and a half. That half is very important.