Random Tuesday: Art from Katie Cook, Lord Mesa & NinjaBot

So Comic Con was nearly a month ago, but I have so many things I still want to share! We got to see the pilots for The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine, so we should have reviews of all three of those in the next few weeks. I also came home with quite the book haul, which I will share this weekend. But first, my favorite thing about Comic Con is meeting artists and getting new things for my walls.

After 5 years of attending Comic Con, our walls are getting a little full, so I was put on a limited budget this year. Even so, I came home with several new awesome things to put around the house from some of my favorite artists.

First off is my annual commission from Katie Cook. She is my favorite and I'm happy to say I'm adding two new pieces to my collection. First is my commission of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The other is a Women of DC print she had for sale. I think it will go nicely in my library. I forgot to take a picture of my print, so here is a copy of it from Katie's webstore.

And my second stop was to my other favorite artist, Lord Mesa. After so many years, he actually remembers me and Fernando, so it was nice to chat with him for a few minutes and see all the great art he's created in the last year. Visiting with Lord Mesa is a Sunday SDCC tradition, so of course, I bought a ton of stuff.

And a big surprise was finding he's drawn Sam & Dean! I had to get that one, so Fernando picked a few of Lord Mesa's Game of Thrones pieces and then the Hulk sitting on Loki just rounded things out nicely.

I also got a grab bag of 10 older pictures that I will have to feature at another time, but it was a good haul. Next year, if we're lucky enough to get tickets, I will have to stop by and have to get him to add to my Nightwing and Batgirl art collection as a commission. You should stop by his Tumblr where he posts tons of stuff.

And with that Fernando dragged me from artist alley so I wouldn't buy up all the things. Until, that is, I ran into The Ninjabot's booth. My home would have been incomplete without this in it:

And to make up for going over budget, I got Fernando the Ninjabot Superman Origins poster.

And with that one, I was truly done with purchasing art. It made me sad that I couldn't get more because there is always fantastic art in artist alley, but I'm really happy with the new things we brought home. Which is your favorite?