What We’re Watching: Endings and Beginnings - True Blood & Doctor Who

During my blogging hiatus, I realized I had already started skipping Wednesday posts. At first I thought it was because Wednesdays are the middle of the week and work is crazy and computers are stupid. Then I thought about it a little more and realized it was more likely due to not having a go-to post for the day. Yeah, I could do the Waiting on Wednesday meme, but it seems a little like a copout (and it was making my TBR list even longer).

I pondered what I could write about on Wednesdays instead. And usually this pondering happened while watching television or Netflix, so it’s a little embarrassing that it took as long as it did to figure out a good Wednesday theme.

Welcome to What We’re Watching Wednesday, where I will babble on about this or that thing we’ve been watching. Maybe it’ll be a review of a show or a rant about stupid characters or a glowing recommendation for a new movie. Whatever it is, there will be gifs. Like this one.

You don’t have to be a fan of True Blood to appreciate that gif. The Skarsgard can be appreciated by everyone, especially when he’s jamming out to techno music in a stolen car with a bunch of dead bodies in the backseat. He’s a universal source of blond goodness. Enjoy the gif. I’ll wait for you to return.

Now that you’re in a happy mood, let’s move on. In this inaugural What We’re Watching post, I’m going to focus on an ending of a series and the beginning of a new chapter in a different series. First up, let’s talk about True Blood. Be warned. There are spoilers for the finale (like, big ones) and all other episodes.

Thank god this show is over. I don’t know how much longer I could take Sookie’s whining and general stupidity. Had this not been the final season, I would have thrown my remote across the room and given up on this entire thing the moment Bill refused the Hep V cure after going on the trip to Baton Rouge to get it. Instead, I just threw the remote across the room and reminded myself there were only two episodes left before I would be free.

A lot of people don’t understand my difficulty giving up things in the middle and the obsessive nature I have to stick with things until the very end. In this case, I was starting to not understand, but just when I’d start to convince myself to let it go, Eric Northman came on the screen and I was stuck again. Eric and Pam are the redeeming feature of that show, and deep down inside, I really wanted a bomb to blow up in Bon Temps.

At least I got to see Bill explode after his season of whining and dragging the story down. He and Sookie were the absolute worst part of this show, which is really sad because the whole damn thing focused on the two of them. I don’t fault the actors. Anna Paquin wasn’t the one who turned Sookie into a ridiculously stupid, possibly sociopathic danger whore that really deserved to die early on. I know that Bill and Sookie were supposed to have some weird epic love, but it’s difficult to support two of the most selfish people on television when they were surrounded by such a wonderful and crazy group of supporting characters that were all much more interesting than them.

I don’t regret binge watching the first four seasons. I just wish that I had stopped once I was done.


And now on to a long running show that started a new chapter last Saturday – Doctor Who.

No one will ever accuse me of being Matt Smith’s biggest fan, but I think that’s probably due to Steven Moffat’s horrible lack of running a show where multiple people are writing the story across a season. A lot of Matt’s run was a giant mess of wibbly wobbly plotlines that were difficult to unravel at the best of times and verging on incomprehensible at all other times.

I have issues with Moffat. These issues were not helped by him casting someone that already has a large role in the Doctor Who larger cannon as the new Doctor. I can almost ignore that Peter Capaldi had a role in “The Fires of Pompeii” and was a huge part of that episode. They’ve kind of hand waved that with Karen Gillan and Eve Myles when they were later cast as leading parts. But Torchwood happened!

Peter Capaldi was one of the main bad guys in Children of Earth. He was an unwilling bad guy, but a bad guy that wanted to get rid of a large portion of the world’s children to avoid an alien attack. Torchwood is canon. John Frobisher is canon. WHY WILL NO ONE LISTEN TO ME?

Possible spoilers for Doctor Who below.

But beyond my issues, Capaldi’s first episode as the Doctor proper, “Deep Breath”, was a giant mess. Once again, it’s a writing issue from beginning to end. Moffat has a habit of playing fast and loose with any cannon developed by his predecessor, so I guess writing a companion episode to season 2 ep “The Girl in the Fireplace” wasn’t exactly bound by the ground rules laid out in that episode. “Fireplace” happens to be my favorite Doctor Who episode ever, so “Deep Breath” already had several things going against it.

The good things about “Deep Breath”:

  • Vastra, Jenny & Strax are always a delight. I want a spin off where they solve Victorian mysteries and Strax makes inappropriate threats at strangers. Moffet shouldn’t be involved.
  • There was a dinosaur in the Thames.
  • The new TARDIS interior is pretty awesome.
  • There were killer androids.

Now the not-so-great things about “Deep Breath”:

  • What the fuck is even happening?
  • Clara having such a difficult time understanding regeneration even when Capaldi’s Doctor was just a jackass version of Smith’s hyperactive, short attention span Doctor.
  • Capaldi was a jackass version of Smith’s hyperactive, short attention span Doctor.
  • The robots were killing humans for spare parts to make themselves continue to go on, not following a prime directive to kill one person to maintain their spaceship. There is no explanation on why or how this is happening.
  • Really – what the fuck?


I have no desire to watch “Deep Breath” again, and my opinion that Clara is a brat just got enhanced. The story was so muddled and the new identity of the Doctor was just an over the top enhanced version of the previous one. I got bored and you really shouldn’t ever get bored with the Doctor. I’m hoping the rest of the season gets back on its feet and I come to love so much that I get over my “Torchwood HAPPENED!” thing, but at this point Doctor Who has dropped out of my top 5 favorite shows and it probably won’t be a must watch anymore.

If you’ve made this far, you deserve a cookie.

You have survived my ranty pants. Future installments of What We’re Watching will be more optimistic, especially when I write about the Nazis on the moon movie Fernando and I just watched.

So what have you been watching lately? Any thoughts on the True Blood finale or the first Capaldi Doctor Who? Are you bothered that Moffat is ignoring cannon? Torchwood did happen, right? The comments await your thoughts.