Random Tuesday: My Very First Loot Crate - The Unboxing

A coworker finally gave me that last little nudge to convince me to join Loot Crate a few weeks ago. After resisting for months, knowing that we have too much geek stuff around the house, I learned that October's Loot Crate theme was space. I like space. Space has aliens. And Firefly. I gave in and today I got a present in the mail. While some might do their unboxings as videos, you don't want to hear my voice, so have pictures instead.

This was in my mailbox and I got really excited. Presents!

But what's inside? Give me the presents!

Wait, did someone accidentally pack their toupee in my Loot Crate? What is this nonsense?

It's a Tribble! I've decided to name him Phil. He looks like a Phil, right? What else is in this box of space magic?

Hey, it's a Funko box! It's not a Pop, but I still like me some Funko. Who could be inside?

It's my favorite Captain!! Isn't he cute? He will soon be my desk mate too. Mal will protect me from crazy at work, I think. What else could be in this magic box?

Mal brought me space money!! If only it could be used to buy more Funkos. Oooh, he also brought a villian to fight.

It's the alien from Alien! He's kind of creepy. I don't think he'll be hanging out at my desk. And finally the last bits of space goodness in this box...

It looks like Loot Crate realized I've been hungry all the time, so they sent me a snack. I didn't even know they made Watermelon flavored Pop Rocks. I think I might have to use them to make cookies. That's also a Star Wars-meets-Asteroids magnet, codes to download Halo comics and a little Loot Crate magazine.

So did Loot Crate live up to its hype? If they send me a little cute Captain Mal every month, they will definitely keep up their end of the bargain. I'm not a huge Alien fan, but that action figure is still pretty neat and my life has been missing a tribble. I look forward to seeing what shows up on my doorstep next month.

Did anyone else get a Loot Crate this month? What did you think of the Space box?