Trailer Park Friday: Heroes Shoot First, Korra, Baymax Is My Favorite & More

I've had a rough week, but today my chiropractor made a bunch of joints crack and now I feel loads better. I hope you guys have had an easier week and are now ready to party with some trailers. This week's Trailer Park is a fun one.

Legend of Korra just ended its third season about a month ago, but because of Nickelodeon being stupid and moving it to online only, we're getting the fourth and final season starting next week. This trailer shows a three year time jump and makes the premise of this last season very intriguing. Legend of Korra returns next Thursday, October 3, on

My coworker has a quadcopter. He does not know how to make it dance. This is a shame because this video from Cirque de Soliel makes me happy.

What happens when you smash up Captain Mal from Firefly, Han Solo from Star Wars and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and turn them into Legos? You get this video from the Brotherhood Workshop that was the highlight for my Friday afternoon.

One of the writers for Orphan Black, Tony Eliott, released a short film about quantum experiments and general craziness. Thanks to io9 for bringing it to my attention.

And finally, I was already pretty confident that I was going to love Disney's Big Hero 6, but after seeing the latest trailer, I'm calling it now. This will be my favorite movie of the year and I will want to share it with everyone. Even if the trailer did get me a little teary eyed. It comes out November 7.


I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend filled with awesomness!