Leslie's 2015 New Year Resolutions

Hello, friends. We’ve been deadbeat bloggers over here at Working for the Mandroid. Real life obligations and a general sense of lethargy pushed blogging way down on the priority list, but now we’re back. I mean, really back. We have four or five blog tours scheduled in January alone. We’re here for another year of books and pop culture and gif-filled nonsense. I hope you’ll stick around.

In preparation for a new year of WFTM, I made some resolutions for myself. 

1. Don’t Panic.

A part of the month and a half long break was me teaching myself that the entire world wasn’t going to fall apart if I didn’t post on WFTM. I love blogging about books and pop culture things, but there are many other things that have to take priority. I had to learn that it was okay not to post every single day, so there might be some days where posting will be set aside for sake of my sanity.

2. Read more.

I didn’t reach my goal of 105 books in 2014, not by a long shot. I allowed other forms of media, like time-sucking iPad games, take up time that I should have been reading. I’m going to try to read at least 1 hour every day, even on those busy weekdays when it seems like I just don’t have time. Then again, if I don’t make it, I’m going back to resolution number 1.

3. Read more comics.

I love comics. I bought a lot more comics in 2014, but I didn’t get around to reading many of them. This year I want to spend more time with my comic book friends.

4. Read more web comics.

I always forget about all the great web comics that are out there. With everyone’s year end lists, I’ve spent a bit of time the last week reading 30 Minutes to Live (which is finished and made my heart hurt) and Demon (which is not, but updated daily, definitely NSFW and full of suicide imagery), and I was reminded at how much creative and awesome writing there is floating around there on the internet just waiting for me to consume.

5. Take a few more chances.

I’m not so good with people, especially putting myself out there to make new friends. I’m aiming to make a new friend or two in real life, starting by attending the Ladies’ Night at my local comic book store. I just have to stick with resolution #1 and maybe I’ll walk away with another geeky friend.

6. Consume stories outside my wheelhouse.

I want to branch out in 2015, whether that’s watching movies that are a bit more serious or reading more non-fiction. A lot of the fiction I consume has become predictable because it’s all in a slim genre of the larger world. I’d like to experience more surprises and push my boundaries.

7. Stop being so judgey.

I’m judgey. Honestly when I listen to myself talk it sounds like I hate everything everywhere at all times. It’s not true, but I want to be less negative, less judgey and more open to things. Despite this resolution, I will still be writing bad reviews to things I don’t like. Just because I’m trying to be less judgey doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop being honest.

8. Travel somewhere new.

We’re headed back to Comic Con for a sixth year in 2015, but I’d like to go somewhere new. This year is about me doing new things and having new experiences. Where should I go?


And those are my resolutions. I made some half serious personal ones about losing weight and eating less cookies, but these are the ones I’m more likely to actually follow through. Did you make any bookish or pop culture related resolutions? Share them in the comments and we’ll help each other stick with them!