What We're Watching: 5 Awesome Things About Binge Watching Gilmore Girls (& 1 Bad Thing)

The only good thing about being sick is that you can binge watch television without feeling guilty about all the time you wasted on your couch. I mean, with the flu, it’s not like you can do much productive anyway, so you might as well curl up on a comfy couch with half a dozen blankets, a never ending supply of cough drops and tea, and watch something that makes you feel warm and fuzzy or at least distracted from how awful you feel.

And that was my excuse for watching more than 2 seasons of Gilmore Girls in 48 hours. Because I have a serious problem and also could not move.

We had previously watched the first five or so season of Gilmore Girls on DVD over a course of a couple of years, but other things distracted us from finishing the series. Now that the entire thing is on Netflix, it seemed like the time to start from the beginning and spend some quality time with the Gilmore clan. These are the five things that kept me plenty distracted during the worst of my illness.

1. The dialogue is the best in the business.

To go from being submerged in pop culture references and bits for hours on end to returning to work where everyone is incredibly boring and don’t get any of my own references is very disheartening. Even if you’re not into the show, you have to admit that it has some of the most consistently fun dialogue of any show I’ve ever watched.

2. Baby boys with difficult last names.

Baby Padalecki is a wonder in his gangliness and Baby Ventimiglia is all bad boy with a hidden heart of gold. The show is generally better whenever one of them is on it. It’s best when they are not both on at the same time though. Those silly teenage boy fights lead Jared into some painful overacting moments.

3. The pleasant fantasy of quirky small town living.

In the normal world, I would hate to live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, but in fantasy land, Star’s Hollow seems like a wonderfully strange place to live.

4. The obliviousness of Lorelai Gilmore.

The will-they-won’t-they of Lorelai and Luke is primarily based on Lorelai being completely oblivious to the most obvious cues. There is a part of me that finds it adorable and another part that wants to throw something at the television.

5. It’s one of those shows where nothing really happens and yet you feel totally fulfilled.

On one episode a school project goes wrong or there’s a fight over Friday night dinner or there’s some sort of misunderstanding between friends. This is not a big plot sort of show and yet it remains captivating through most episodes to the point that I watched over 40 episodes in two days. That’s just insane.

And the one problem with binge watching that much Gilmore Girls in such a little amount of time? It becomes painfully obvious how self-involved and immature all the Gilmore women are, particularly Lorelai. They all go through the same delusional ways of thinking that just end up hurting one another. In addition to being self-involved and blind to the feelings of others, Lorelai seems to have stopped emotionally maturing as a teenager, never fully reaching adulthood. Bits and pieces started bothering me towards the end of my binge watch as she once again held something back from her mother from spite or because she hadn’t learned the other hundred times that perhaps things aren’t going to go as predictably as she expects.

The self-centeredness of Lorelai takes away a tiny bit of the enjoyment and makes me wonder if such a massive binge watch is right for the rest of the series. I started the binge wanting to know these people and be their friends, but by the end, I kind of wanted to slap Lorelai upside the head and ask why she never learns from her mistakes. Rory has an excuse – she’s a teenager – but as a grown woman, Lorelai really needs to start taking responsibility for her own actions and grow up a little.

And despite all this, I really want to spend more time with these characters. It’s a fun little world filled with interesting and quirky characters unlike most anything else that’s on television right now. It’s a nice change of pace from the monsters and end of the world scenarios that usually fill my viewing schedule.

Have you done an epic binge watch like this before? Did it change your viewpoint of the characters?