WFTM Podcast 20.1: You're Gonna Need a Lot of Red Crayon

Fernando and Leslie discuss the increase sales of red crayons now that Game of Thrones and Outlander are coloring books, along with some news about Google Books, when it’s weird for a new author to take on another author’s series posthumously, and the next Shadowhunters book cover. The they finish up talking about the robot anthology Robot Uprisings, edited by Daniel H Wilson.

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So what’s in Episode 20.1?

Where we just talk about books and comics!


Federal appeals court deems Google Books project as fair use

Two More Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Books

Lady Midnight cover revealed - next book in the Shadowhunter universe

Game of Thrones and Outlander coloring books coming out next week

What We’re Reading:

Robot Uprising edited by Daniel H Wilson

·       Nanonauts! In Battle with Tiny Death Subs! By Ian McDonald

·       Of Dying Heroes and Deathless Deeds by Robin Wasserman

·       The Robot and the Baby by John McCarthy

·       We Are All Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War by Seanan McGuire

·       Spider the Artist by Nnedi Okorafor

·       Small Things by Daniel H Wilson

What We’re Reading This Week:

Leslie: I will eventually finish Uprooted by Naomi Novak and move on to Alias by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos

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