Episode 21.2: The Impala Is Home

On this stormy day, Leslie and Fernando are playing hooky preping for Austin Wizard World by talking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead (spoilers starting at 27:23 through the end), the Supergirl pilot and the best episode of Supernatural in a very long time. We also talk about casting for Guardians of the Galaxy, more Muppets, Ron Weasley coming to television and more.

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So what’s in Episode 21.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


More Muppets are coming!

Norman Reedus getting motorcycle show on AMC

Rupert Grint possibly doing a comic inspired drama for NBC

New casting announced for Guardians of the Galaxy 2

What We’re Watching:

Supergirl (and where you can now watch it with commentary!)

Supernatural, episode 11.04 “Baby”

The Walking Dead, episode 6.03 “Thank You” – and some of the controversy stemming from the episode (spoilers from 27.23 until the end)

Our Favorite Thing We Watched This Week:

No favorite thing this week because we talked about them in the What We’re Watching section (Supernatural for Leslie, The Walking Dead for Fernando)

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