February Loot Crate - The Unboxing of the Play Box

So I've been a Loot Crate subscriber for about six months now, and I really love the idea of Loot Crate, but the execution hasn't completely blown me away. Every month there's one or two things I really like, which keeps me on the hook because next month could be the month where things get AWESOME, right?

Last night we pulled this really cold little guy out of the mailbox.

February's theme was PLAY and Fernando thinks this is his favorite box so far. So what was inside.

All these things. Let's take a closer look.

This is a blank create-your-own Munny from Kidrobot. I've never been too into the Munny thing and I am not even remotely artistic, but maybe I can figure out a design to do with it.

Now this thing is all innocuous in it's box, but when Fernando took it out of the box and made it run across the coffee table, it freaked me out. It's a Hex Bug Zombie thing. Robot insects... that's what the end looks like, doesn't it?

This was probably the highight for me. It's a exclusive Superfight deck. I've never heard of this card game before, but after flipping through the cards, I think this could be a story idea creation for bizarre monsters. Plus I think it would be fun to play with a couple of friends.

This is the second highlight of the box - a paperback copy of Ready Player One, which is a book I loved. I get excited when they put books in these crates but then again, I just need a book crate thing.

The box itself is a silly little board game that uses Rock, Paper, Scissor dice, which are silly, but fun.

Here's the little magazine along with a card for a premium ship in Firefly Online, which I don't think is even out yet. I don't really need any more iOS games in my life, but now I'll have to check this one out when it's released. Baymax did not come in the box. He just hands out in the kitchen to keep me company while I computer things. He may also gorge on Girl Scout cookies when I'm not looking.

And finally a Pac Man poster for our office.


Overall I think this was a pretty good box, but it doesn't beat the Joker-Batman Funko and Groot socks of December for me. Next month's theme is Covert, so perhaps some spy gadgets are headed my way. It's also supposed to have an Orphan Black exclusive, so it might become my favorite box yet!


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