Working for the Mandroid Podcast, Episode 1: What The Heck Is a Mandroid? And Thoughts on Game of Thrones, New Summer Shows, Fictional Slang, and More

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Welcome to the very first episode of the new Working for the Mandroid podcast, where Fernando and I discuss all the things we’re watching, reading, consuming, and obsessing over. In this very first episode, we try to figure out what we’re doing, I mispronounce several words, and Fernando’s Mac keeps dinging.

Download WFTM Podcast Episode 1: What's a Mandroid?

What’s In Episode 1:

- Intro

- News Bits

- What We’re Watching

  • Review of Horns with Daniel Radcliffe
  • Summer TV premieres:
    • The Whispers
    • Stitchers
  • Game of Thrones Reactions, Episode 5.9 “A Dance with Dragons” (spoilers for the books and show through events in episode 5.9 until 1:12:46)

- What We’re Reading

  • iZombie volume 2 (more next week when we talk about the show!)
  • Edge of Forever by Melissa E. Hurst – read the full review!
  • When does new slang for fictional worlds work?

- What Makes Us Happy This Week

- Closing


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Intro & Outro Music is “Robot Army” by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots, provided via through a Creative Commons License

Working for the Mandroid Podcast Episode 1: What's a Mandroid?