When the Mandroid Returns...

Hello, corner of the internet.

Is anyone still visiting this far away piece of cyberspace? I know I haven’t for quite some time.

Since we last spoke, many things have happened. I started a podcast and then it fell apart. I planned a wedding and got married. That did not fall apart. I had a series of illnesses that made me feel like I was falling apart. We went to Europe and New York, Disneyland and the beach, and two different San Diego Comic Cons. I read more comics and fewer books because I became so busy.

But the biggest, most monumental thing that happened was that I quit my job. I gave a year’s notice because I’m a planner and nervous about spontaneously doing anything that may leave my bank account empty. But I am finally free of the day job that drove me nuts and sucked out all my energy so that I left my website behind.

Instead I’m going to grad school in a few weeks. I’m going to be a librarian. I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing that just yet, but it’s going to happen. I’ve put that idea out in the universe and I believe it with all my soul. Grad school is probably the best step of making that goal a reality.

But I’m freaking out. I’ve been out of college for a decade, and while my bright blue hair makes everyone think I’m younger than I am, I know I’m going to feel old. Do I remember how to write academic papers? Am I really smart or was I faking it for all those years? Imposter syndrome is running strong around these parts right now.

This is a long babbly way to say that things are going to change around Working for the Mandroid. I’m hoping to come back to this blog, but in a slightly different way. While I hope to still do book reviews, it won’t be the main focus. Instead it’s going to become something different – something a little more me.

Here is what you may find in the coming weeks and months at Working for the Mandroid:

-        Reviews of books

-        Reviews of comics

-        Gushing about beautiful art that I find on the internet

-        Essays about things that are overwhelming me

-        Thoughts about grad school and the things I learn there

-        Odes to Moscow mules and brightly colored tiki drinks

-        Reviews of movies

-        Flailing about bands or musicals or general music-like things

-        Reports on book-ish events in Austin

-        Neat things that are happening in Austin

-        Yummy foods that I eat or make

-        Babbling about television

-        Other things I haven’t thought about yet

-        Robots, definitely robots

Basically Working for the Mandroid is going broad. I can’t promise that I will have time to read enough books to maintain a purely book review site, but I can promise that I will try to be fun and honest with a dash (or more) of sarcasm and crazy. I may not post every day, but I don’t intend to disappear either. Except during midterms and finals, but I think those are legitimate times to disappear for a bit. There may even be a redesign in our near future if I don’t break the site in the meantime.

So I hope if you’ve found my corner of the internet, you decide to stick around. I want this to be a happy corner with thoughtful content, so if there’s anything you’re interested in seeing, let me know. Let’s have fun!


Head Mandroid Wrangler Leslie