Trailer Park Friday: Game of Thrones, Zombies, Robots... The Usual Suspects

Welcome to Trailer Park Friday, where we have some fun with trailers and online videos I've stumbled upon over the last few days. This week we have animated dragons, zombies, and more.

Let's start off with the most obvious trailer - season 4 of Game of Thrones starts April 6 and Fernando is very excited about it. Craziness is going to go down.

The How It Should Have Ended Youtube channel is always good for a laugh. Here's how The Desolation of Smaug really should have ended:

The next episode of Almost Human is going to have Gina Carano playing a badass robot. Yay, lady ninja robots!

The Walking Dead comes back on February 9 at which point Michonne will kill lots and lots of zombies. Here is a trailer for the second half of the season.

I hadn't heard of Penny Dreadful until a few days ago and now I'm seeing it everywhere. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Showtime series. It's full of classic story characters like Frankenstein and his monster and Dorian Grey all in the same universe. It starts on May 11.

The upcoming DVD release of Thor: The Dark World will continue the Marvel tradition of adding a short film related to the previously released film (in this case Iron Man 3). Here is the first minute of the short.

Jack Gleeson, the boy everyone hates on Game of Thrones, spoke at the Oxford Union the other day about how much he hates celebrity culture and why he's quitting acting once GOT is done with him. Just as a warning: this sucker is 30 minutes long. The kid has stuff to say.

And that's what I have for this week. What videos have caught your eyes this week? Share them in the comments.

Leslie's Favorite Television of 2013: Robots, Clones, Superheroes & Crazy Vampires

There is something about 2013 entertainment in general that has me feeling a little down. Looking back on the year of television, movies, video games and even books, I’m having a hard time truly getting that excited about much that I consumed. So instead of a favorites list, here is part one of my random thoughts about the best (and not so great) of 2013.

Favorite New Show: Almost Human

I will admit that the most recent episodes have had some issues, particularly when it comes to portraying females, but this is still the most fun I’ve had with a new show in quite some time. The relationship between Karl Urban’s Kennex and Michael Ealy’s Dorian holds the show up even when the gender politics start becoming a little uncomfortable and plot lines get a little silly. I hope this series catches on and the writers can find their feet because this has the potential to become a really fun science fiction escape. Plus Urban on my television every week will never get old.

Favorite New Show Not Involving Robots: Orphan Black

What is Tatiana Maslany? It’s a rare talent to play so many characters and have the ability to make them all unique and identifiable at a glance. Just with a shift of posture and a subtle change of expression and she becomes a different clone. From beginning to end, this science fiction clone show is phenomenal and more people should be watching it. The second season begins in April and it can’t come soon enough. What other show will you see someone dancing in a laser-filled club while waving a man’s tale around in the air?

Most Anticipated Weekly Watch: Arrow

What has happened to Arrow? When did it become so awesome? Building out the world to include the League of Assassins, Barry Allen and assorted DC villains and heroes has worked well for the series and Oliver’s task of protecting the city while following a new moral code have been fascinating to watch. After the midseason finale, I can’t wait to see what the second half of the second season has in store and hope that the awesomeness can continue.

Show Most Likely to Have No Idea What It’s Doing: The Vampire Diaries

Don’t even ask me to tell you what’s going on this season. It’s a jumbled mess of crazy, and not necessarily the good kind of crazy either. New characters are introduced and disappear a few episodes later. Entire plot lines come and go without much effect on the rest of the story. Character development gets thrown in the trash when it’s convenient to the story, so everyone seems to be working multiple personalities. I continue to watch, but it’s no longer a must-watch-day-of type of show. (True Blood was a close second choice for this one for all the same reasons - what is up with these vampire shows?)

Most Surprisingly Awesome Import: The Returned

Zombies that aren’t zombies in a French import with subtitles? The hype was well deserved for this 8 hour mini-series. It’s French, so it’s left wide open and nothing is really spoon fed to you as far as explanations go. It makes the entire thing a little more creepy and haunting. This isn’t your standard American zombie gorefest, but something far more subtle that is way more frightening.

Show that Won Us Over After a Second Chance: New Girl

This was actually my Most Disappointing Show for 2011. The slow motion chicken dance in the third or fourth episode was far too twee for my taste. After many people recommended it to us, we gave it a second try. Zooey Deschunal is still too quirky for the sake of being quirky, but the rest of the show turned out to be pretty fun.


What shows were your favorites in 2013? I'm always open to new awesome!

Random Tuesday on Wednesday: WATCH ALMOST HUMAN & Other Random Things

'Tis the season to be flakey and eat a lot of pastries, right? Can I use that as my excuse for randomly going missing for days at a time and eating loads of sweets? Anyway due to family and work committments, I've been lacking in blogging time and reading time. Woe is me.

So you get random things on Wednesday because random Tuesday on a Wednesday is the best sort of random.

First of all EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH ALMOST HUMAN! The initial ratings were okay, but I NEED MOAR ROBOTS! Even if the robot makes me sad... So more people should watch it so it stays on the air for ten seasons and I get all the robots I could ever want. And Karl Urban.

Don't you want more Karl Urban in your living room every week? (Gif found via the all GIF giving Tumblr, this time from ©WHICHISNONE)

Moving on. Someone over at io9 has much more time to watch old Doctor Who and lacks my fear of impending disappointment from watching old school DW, so they decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary by ranking EVERY EPISODE of the series that hasn't been lost or destroyed. That's a lot of television.

I'm a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but if they finally are able to do an adaptation of Sandman and don't cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Dream, I may have to revolt. (from /Film)

Someone on Twitter named @WaterstonesDorking went through the five books in The Song of Ice and Fire series and flagged every page with a character death in it. Kotaku has this picture as proof of the bloodshed spilling from those pages. Considering I just started book 5, I'm a little hesitant to move forward knowing how many more deaths are ahead of me. (from just about everywhere, but initially from's Facebook)

Entertainment Weekly's tournament of YA books is down to the final four and I'm genuinely surprised at some of the books still in the game, though mostly by what is missing. It's Harry Potter versus To Kill a Mockingbird and Perks of Being a Wallflower versus The Fault in Our Stars. Who do you think should win?

The best friend from Orphan Black (Jordan Gavaris) is narrating the next edition of The Bane Chronicles and for some reason this really makes me want to listen to it even though audio books generally lessen my enjoyment of books. You can listen to a sample at Entertainment Weekly. It comes out December 17. Felix!!


And seriously, GO WATCH ALMOST HUMAN! You will laugh, you will empathize with androids and you'll get to watch Karl Urban be awesome snarky and be nice to children. Don't you want that?!

Found via Tumblr AlmostHumanGifs