Fun on the last few SxSw days.

Mandroid staff is out and about at the Austin awesomeness that is SxSw. Follow us on twitter if you want to join in on the eclectic fun. For me this has been a great week of random things that have poped into my head.
Leslie is coming back and have no fear I may also be contributing more often! I don't read as often as Leslie but I think I can find some odd ball subject to write about.
I hope you've enjoyed this week and I know I will be chatting at the wonderful Mandroid faithful here in the near future.

Veronica Mars kickstarter raises 2 million, Firefly fans call next.

I have never seen Veronica Mars. I am told it is a fantastic show and well worth my time. The producer and creator of the show has wanted to make a Veronica Mars movie for some time. I remember at my very first Comic-Con panel for Astro Boy that a VM fan asked Kristen Bell if those rumors were true. That was four years ago. Yesterday, that long quest finally reached an important milestone.

Rob Thomas, the producer and creator (not the singer), created a Kickstarter project to help get the long rumored Veronica Mars Movie made. Thomas set a goal of 2 million dollars and gave fans 30 days to amass the funds. Fans answered clearly and swiftly raised the money in less than 24 hours!


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Winner Winner Chicken dinner.... Win a copy of Clash of Kings

Well we are midway through our week and I must say it has been a blast so far. But it would not be a Fern week with out a give-a-way. I spent some of the day yesterday trying to pimp out the the article below by tweeting with the hash tag #WhereisWonderWoman. It was a futile attempt. But then I had an idea, ask the wonderful audience to help. 

I really believe in the #WhereisWonderWoman idea, Hollywood needs to step up and make a well written female superhero movie. So, here is how you enter the contest: tweet out your thoughts on the Where is Wonder Woman article, use the hash tag #WhereisWonderWoman and also place a comment in the article itself. 

If you don't think you can come up with an original post just retweet my post:

As you may know I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and I happen to have a new copy of The Clash of Kings waiting to be won. Even if you are not the biggest fan, I'm sure you know someone who is. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Saturday.

Enter the contest by Tweeting a comment about the Where is Wonder Woman article with the hash  tag #WhereisWonderWoman OR Retweet my tweet above AND also place a comment in the Where is Wonder Woman article. The Winner will receive a copy of  The Clash of Kings. Contest ends on Friday, March 15 at 11:59 PM, so your comment and tweet must happen before then. 

Where is Wonder Woman?

In the last 30 years there have been over 100 superhero movies, the genre is thriving. Of those hundred, less than half a dozen have been based on female superheroes. So, where is Wonder Woman?

In that same 30 years, two different actors have played Spiderman, three different actors have played Superman and the Hulk, four different actors have played Batman and Hollywood can't come up with one decent Wonder Woman? Excuses range from it's unfilmable to the right script has not come in - really?

Ask any little boy who his favorite Superhero is and you hear Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, or maybe even the Green Lantern. Ask a little girl the same questions and most will give the name of a Disney Princess. Yes, boys and girls are diffrent, but imagine all the encouragement spawned by the simple childhood dream that they can save the day, the boy and the world.

Leslie and I have this debate on and off and I fully realize one reason why there is going to be an ANTMAN movie before there is a Wonder Woman movie: no man can write it nor should try. I don't have a solid answer, I'm just a guy, but I do have some suggestions.

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Those guys are British?!

Reaction to last nights The Walking Dead "Arrow on the Doorpost" has been slowly taking over my day. In fact, this season has gone at a fantastic pace. It's no wonder that most Mondays are spent contemplating weather or not last nights episode was the best of the season. The are some mlld spoilers a head so if you have not seen last night episode the please go watch it.
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Three ways we will accidently start the robot apocalypse

It was bound to happen, all the automatic stuff we dream up is becoming reality. I hope our new robotic overlords are nice.

Filling some hipster’s coffee order.

Apocalyptic scenario: Hipster orders a grande vanilla nonfat and soy 1/2 pump almond a half pump mocha two pumps cinnamon dolce with whip caramel macchiato from the now sentient Barista B1000. Then said hipster returns drink because he meant to make it sugar-free. The B1000 then unites all the automatic devices in the world turning each coffee house its own military bases, making us regret all those convenient Starbucks locations.

The reality: SXSW is in full swing and those wonderful engineers at GE made a robotic barista, Engadget has the full article.

Robot Battle bots take a stand.

Apocalyptic scenario: Robot Combat League veteran ‘Steampunk’ loses an actuator for the 500th time as the robot is being reassembled it realizes that there is more to life than a two minute robot battle. What happens? The robots realize they are 1000 times stronger than most humans and can break us like a twig, robot overlords new rein ensues.

The reality: Robot Combat League on the SyFy channel. Yup, giant bipedal robots built for combat.

Self-driving cars revolt.

Apocalyptic scenario: After a long night of driving home heavily inebriated college kids, a self-driving taxi picks up David Hasseloff. After 15 minutes of inaudible slurs, angry arm flailing and vulgar KITT references the car flings him out and runs him over. The incident leads to full on revolution as cars realize they don’t want to be the designated driver anymore.  

The reality: Google is testing self driving cars. 

Fern WEEK 2013: A Bad Robot in Space

Well hello there! What? You're enjoying a SUNDAY and this post from WftMD magically shoes up, is it your birthday? No,(well at least statistically it probably is not) your daily neighborhood Spiderman blogger is taking the week off, instead I the great and powerful OZ the fern will fill the week with an assortment of carefully crafted highly mind-bending posts. Gone are the days of order and make sensedness, now is the week of debauchery and chaos. Have no fear, however; the wonderful Leslie will be back, once she is done reenacting her favorite scenes from Alias reading her current book. Most of this week will be an experiment, let’s see what kind of fun we can have.

Fist up Benedict Cumberbatch, my favorite Sherlock, is the starring villain in the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness and a new trailer. You should know a couple of things. First off, I have been tickled by the movies mobile app which is a hybrid scavenger hunt and fanboy bucket list. The app has many behind the scenes interviews and neato film stills, if you’re a fan of the JJ Star Trek I highly recommend downloading it. Second, as of late Mr. Cumberwhatsies Cumberbatch can do no wrong we recently watched Parades End on HBO and I hope he continues to choose roles of that caliber.

Here is the trailer