Random Tuesday: Meet The Local Strangers (And Some Other Stuff, But Mostly The Local Strangers)

It's been a dreary, rainy, foggy, Cloud City like day here, except without any visits from cool people like Han Solo or Lando Calrissian. I'm really not in a blogging mood, but I did want to share with you guys that today is a special day.

Today is the release date for Take What You Can Carry, the newest album by The Local Strangers. It's a 2 disc album where one disc is with a full band and the other is a stripped down acoustic version of all the same songs. I've first met Matt years and years ago when he was in a different band, and I met Aubrey the last time the pair were in Austin. These guys are the real amazing deal and you really should listen to some of there songs.

Here's a video for their song "Gasoline".

And you can learn more about Take What You Can Carry over at their Bandcamp page here.


How's that for random? We don't dive too much into music around here, though it's long been a passion right along with books and food. Here's a few more random things to peruse.

io9 has a great recap of all the Easter Eggs in Agent Carter now that the season is over. Hopefully we'll be getting a season 2 next year.

It's pilot season and I'm obsessed. EW has a list of all the currrent pilots in development at the usual network stations. Could your next favorite television show be on this list?

And if your TBR pile can take it, here's a list of many science fiction and fantasy titles coming out in March. My bookshelves are trembling in fear.


Now to curl back up on the couch and be a lump of unproductivity while listening to The Local Strangers.

Random Tuesday: How Do You Choose Your Next Book?

Normally this is where I would put together a list of links and art and awesome random things for you since it's Tuesday. For some reason Tuesdays feel like the best days for random, but not this Tuesday. This Tuesday I just have a random question. How do you figure out what your going to read next?

If you're hanging around here, you probably have TBR list that has long since turned into a pile that morphed into a mountain that's threatening to overtake your home. Or is that just me? I have a TBR room that has spilled into other parts of the house and that's not counting the hundreds (and oh, do I mean hundreds) of unread books on my Kindle and the dozens of unread shorts, novellas and such I have bookmarked online. There is SO. MUCH. STUFF. And I want to read it all. So what is a good way to choose?

This year I made a promise to myself because I found I kept buying books I wanted to read, but pushing them aside for books I felt obligated to read, either because a publisher sent them to me or I'd got them from the library or it was a cultural zeitgeist moment I wanted to take part in. This year I've decided to give myself a 1-for-2 rule. I get to read 1 book I own for every 2 "supposed to read" or review books I read. So right now I'm reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest, which has had a home on my bookshelf for years and years yet left untouched. That's because I finished two books sent to me by publishers.

But then! How do I figure out what that one book should be? And why do I keep requesting e-ARCs only to ignore my Kindle completely (besides the fact that I'm not big on the whole e-reader thing)? How do I balance that with my bookmarks and Tor's weekly shorts?

You got me. I haven't the faintest idea, but I am making a tiny dent in the shelves and shelves of books I've bought but haven't read with this 1-for-2 thing, so I think I'll stick to it.


How do you choose what your next read is or what format it will take? Are you a mood reader or do you schedule your reading so you always know what book is on deck? Help me figure out a manageable system in the comments.

Random Tuesday: Fancasting Parallel Worlds, Tom Hardy on TV, Guardians Dance Off & More

Let's pretend we don't have a million other things to do and check out some random things instead.

io9 started a discussion asking if you could travel to a parallel world and see your favorite fancasting actually happen, who would you choose to play what character? Personally my head canon will always be Jensen Ackles as Captain America no matter how good Chris Evans is as the character. Also Matt Bomer as Superman because he is my Superman, but he wouldn't be all broody.

Oh and Pedro Pascal as Doctor Strange. I love Benedict Cumberbatch as much as the next gal (if not more), but I want to see more of that Pascal guy after his bit on Game of Thrones.

So what do you think was the biggest missed opportunity on screen?

Speaking of Jensen Ackles, I had no idea that he was up for the part of Hawkeye in The Avengers. I... don't know what to do with this information.

What would have happened had Ronan accepted Starlord's dance off request? The outtakes from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy DVD show what would have happened. It's pretty silly. This is too good to wait until Friday.

Tamora Pierce talked to TheMarySue.com about why none of her books have ever been made into films or television.

Tom Hardy is coming to television in 2015 and I do believe I will have to watch it. Hopefully it won't require him to wear a Bane mask so I can understand what he says.

And finally I think someone is chopping onions in my kitchen. This little girl's mom made several costumes for her 3-year-old daughter to wear during their trip to Disney World. The particular with Peter Pan in particular is killing me a little.


I need to hunt down those onion chopping ninjas to help me make dinner. Share something random with me in the comments!

Random Tuesday: Happy 200th Sam & Dean! Sci Fi Book Things! Amazon Pilots! More!

It is cold and I am grumpy. I really shouldn't be because we got Comic Con tickets on Saturday and then we saw Big Hero 6, which was all kinds of lovely. But it's cold now and I hate the cold. I can't feel my toes. Let's find some random things to distract me.

This guy named Scott Park made a post with all these awesome female characters from great genre films and television. It's called Hall of Heroes and you can buy a copy of it at his Society 6 store if you love it as much as I do.

io9 has an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld's upcoming post-apocalypse graphic novel, The Spill Zone. It includes an essay that Westerfield wrote and some sneak peeks at artwork from the book. The Spill Zone will be released by First Second at some indeterminate point in the future.

Continuing on the trend of science fiction books and io9, those awesome people have compilled a great list of awesome opening sentences in scifi books. Are there any ones missing?

Tonight is the 200th episode of Supernatural, which is insane to think about considering I've seen most episodes more than once and all of the first five seasons more times than I can honestly comprehend. EW asked 10 of the cast members which episode is their personal favorite. Of course Jared likes a silly one and Jensen liked a sad one.

Amazon has announced the 7 pilots for their 2015 "pilot season". The only one that jumps out to me is the adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, but perhaps someone out there might be interested in the other six that could be coming to an Amazon Prime account near you.

DC Comics announced some massive multi-verse crossing event called Convergence written by the guy behind White Collar (don't even ask me how that happened). I yawned. Then I heard about the Nightwing/Oracle part and now I'm all:

My fangirl shipper heart has grown three times and I'm very excited!

Speaking of being excited, Ms. Gingerhaze - Noelle Stevenson - is going to be writing her very first comic for the big 2 with a story in Marvel's Thor Annual. It will come out in February and you should buy it. Congrats to her and all her amazing, well-deserved success!

That's it from me this week. If you haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, go see it. It's awesome.

Random Tuesday: Supernatural Boys Dress Up, Hawkeye Cosplay, Doctor Who (Non?)Controversey & More

It's been an exhausting week and it's just now Tuesday. That's not a very good sign, is it? Let's see if some random things will make it better. I haven't spent a lot of time on the internet for fun the past few days, so let's see what I can find right now...

The guys from Supernatural were working on Halloween it looks like, so they choose some work appropriate costumes.

I don't dare talk politics here at Working for the Mandroid, but considering it is election day, I don't see the harm in sharing this EW article about the television shows preferred by Democrats versus Republicans. Does it seem right to you?

If you watch Doctor Who, you might have been surprised by (or expecting) a twist involving that weird Missy lady that's been hanging around the end of all the episodes this season. The Mary Sue has a debate up about whether the twist was pandering to fans or a genuine attempt at being progressive with characters. What do you think?

Topless Robot has a good list of some new anime series coming out this fall. I'm just starting to dip a toe into anime and to be completely honest, the entire genre scares me due to its vast size. If you're interested in anime, perhaps this list will be helpful.

I'd normally save this until Friday, but this just kind of made my day. This Hawkeye cosplayer made a video to go along with this costume. I just... want to draw hearts all around it.

Hawkeye from Carl G Martin on Vimeo.

And on a sidenote, this week's' episode of Gotham was really good, probably the best one yet. You should go stream it if you haven't watched it already.

Since I haven't been able to scavenge the web for fun random things, let me know what interesting things you've come across this week on the interwebs. The comments are all yours.

Random Tuesday: Marvel Announces Things & I'm Excited!

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few hours (or actually diligently working all afternoon), you may have missed the news out of Marvel Entertainment’s big conference thing that happened earlier today. You missed out. There was news. News that made me so excited, I ate my lunch way too fast and felt sick the rest of the afternoon. But it was so worth it.

If you’d like to watch the press conference-thingy yourself, here’s some bootleg footage minus the actual clip from Age of Ultron and a little more of the hoopla thanks to a fan.

If you don’t want to watch it, here’s the short version.

Marvel is releasing a lot of movies. Like A LOT a lot over the next five years, including films for a few new characters.

Including CAPTAIN MARVEL with Carol Danvers. Prior to about a month ago, I didn’t understand why everyone wanted a Captain Marvel movie except for the fact that a lady superhero needs to be on the big screen yesterday. Then I read volume 1 of the latest Captain Marvel series and now I understand.

Captain Marvel is AWESOME. For the lack of a better term, she’s a plucky heroine – a former air force pilot who found herself wrapped up in a battle between two space guys. She obtained the super powers of Mar-Vell and became Ms. Marvel. Some stuff happens and she takes on the mantel of Captain Marvel. She’s been part of the Justice League, and in this first volume of her newest comic book, she takes a time travel jaunt back to World War II and various decades after that as she tries to figure out how to get back to her time and what sort of alien artifact might be causing her time jumps.

She’s fun, a bit snarky and can kick a ton of ass when she needs. The book was incredibly fun and filled with many female characters being awesome. I cannot wait to see what spacefaring adventures she gets to on the big screen.

Black Panther concept art for the upcoming filmOther news that came out included a release date for movies for Black Panther, Doctor Strange and the Inhumans, subtitles for the next Captain America and Thor films, and the title of the two part Avengers movie that will be coming out in 2018 and 2019. It was a smorgasbord of geek excitement, even if Peter Feige didn’t confirm or deny the growing intense rumors that one Mr. Cumberbatch would be Doctor Strange. It does give weight to the rumors that the release date has been pushed back to November 2016, allowing for the shooting schedule to fit within all the Sherlock and stage commitments he has going on next year.

And I’m a little sad that I even have an idea what his schedule is supposed to be like with enough detail to know those things.

Anyway, here’s a summary of the release dates for all Marvel movies coming out in the next few years.

    May 6, 2016: Captain America: Civil War

    November 4, 2016: Doctor Strange

    May 5, 2017: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    July 28, 2017: Thor: Ragnarok

    November 3, 2017: Black Panther

    May 4, 2018: Avengers: Infinity War – Part I

    July 6, 2018: Captain Marvel

    November 2, 2018: Inhumans

    May 3, 2019: Avengers: Infinity War – Part II

Which are you most excited to see? Any fan casting you have in mind? How awesome is Captain Marvel?


Random Tuesday: October Lootcrate - The Unboxing

Today was a mediocre day until I went to the grocery store and found a wall of caramel apples. Then I came home and found this lovely sitting in my mailbox.

Whoo hoo!! I never even got an email saying my Lootcrate had shipped, so this was a very pleasant surprise. I know the theme was Fear, so I was a little scared to peek inside.

That looks like a robot in that creepy shack, so this box can't be too bad, right? And are those cats on that t-shirt?

Yep, those are cats. I've already heard a couple of people say this shirt is lame, but I think it's cute in a silly way. Granted, those people who say it's lame are guys, who probably wanted zombies or something gorey. At least this one I can wear outside the house and not fear scaring small children.

What else do we have in here?

A weird zombie-killing gizmo from the videogame Dead Rising 3. Hmm... but is it just what it looks like?

It looks like Lootcrate believes that old adage about the pen being mightier than the... well, sledgesaw zombie killing thingy. This is a neat little exclusive.

They must have gotten the memo that I'd signed up! This month we have reading material, including a book to help survive a Sharknado and other extraordinary disasters and a Lootcrate exclusive variant cover The Walking Dead issue 132. Nice.

Here is the miscellaneous items for this month, including the monthly button. The October magazine has some nice 3D features and those temporary tattoos might come in handy for our Halloween costumes. If we ever decide what those are going to be.

And finally my favorite part of this month's Lootcrate?

This piece of art of Daryl and Meryl from The Walking Dead is both adorable and depressing. It gives conflicting feelings, but I kind of love it all the same.

So that's the latest Lootcrate. What do you think about the Fear box? Are you expecting a box in the mail yourself?