Random Tuesday: Shawn Yap's Art, Funko Takes My Money, Free Stories Online & More

I had a bad day at work today, so I went on a hunt for awesome art to cheer me up. The images scattered throughout this week's Random Tuesday are by Shawn Yap and you can see even more of his awesomeness at his DeviantArt account.

James Hubb has a great compilation of all the 2014 Hugo, Nebula, Sturgeon, and World Fantasy awards that you can read online for free. There's hours of enjoyment at that link.

The Huffington Post found three faerie tales that Disney would have a very difficult time turning into movies. What other faerie tales would be difficult to spin into a happily-ever-after story?

Make sure you're in a well-lit room before clicking on this next link. These amazing examples of cos-play and special effects makeup are incredible and really creepy.

I've never read any Flash comics, so it's interesting to see this list from io9 of the things from the comics the upcoming Flash television show should avoid.

The Television Critics Association named Gotham the most promising new show of the Fall 2014 season. I'm going to second that and hope Fox doesn't cancel it just because I like it. They seem to do that a lot.

Marvel had some drama over the last couple of weeks due to a really bad variant cover for their up-coming relaunch of Spider-Woman. After the drama that came with that contriversy and considering how visually tone deaf DC can be, I'm glad to see these Darwyn Cooke variants for their female comic lines coming out in December.

Funko really needs to stop announcing new Pops. They already get too much of my money. Here's their new Hobbit line.

There will also be a Lady Sif Pop soon. I needs it.

I need a new bathing suit for a trip. Something tells me these superhero costume bathing suits will be outside my price range, but it's nice dreaming.

We just finished listing to the radio play adaptation of Neverwhere with James McAvoy and Benedict Cumberbatch, among many other awesome British actors. Now I find that Good Omens is getting a radio adaptation and that MERLIN is going to be in it. I'm excited!

And finally - A Harley Queen hoodie that belongs in my closet.


Random Tuesday: Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Star Wars, & Horror Novels

Random Tuesday!! Full of artwork and random links and Batman turning in criminals in England. Enjoy the randomosity!

Loobee in the Sky has some cool DeviantArt, including this piece where Sherlock has a run in to Death, who happens to be one of my most favorite of fictional characters. A lot of her art is X-Men and Lord of the Rings cuddle slash, just as a forewarning, but it's really pretty.


This article on Tor is really interesting, especially for someone like me who finds pop culture leaking into my vocabulary on a daily basis. Emily Asher-Parrin discusses how we take the awesome things from pop culture and incorporate them into real life.


This week's io9 list is 10 novels that are scarier than most horror movies. I don't know if I would call John Dies at the End super scary, but rather super gross and weird.


If you're obsessed with television like I am, you might be interested in this collection of plots that might be on your television in the next 12 months.


Batman turned in a criminal a few days ago in England. I bet this will be a story around the police station for a very long time.


Someone should buy me this Yoda hoodie. (Found via TheMarySue.com)


Best. Cosplay. EVER! A guy went to Emerald City Con dressed as the Hawkeye Initiative. If you are unfamiliar with this initiative, clear your calendar and check out this website.


Ever wondered what would have happen in Star Wars if Anakin hadn't gone to the dark side? This artwork will make you very sad if you're anything like me. Renata Castellani's DeviantArt account can be found here. There's Supernatural fanart too. (Found via TheMarySue.com)


Props and costumes from A Game of Thrones are going to be traveling around the world over the next few months. Unfortunately the only US stop is in New York City, but if you can get to one of the stops, this will probably be a pretty cool fannish experience.

Any random things I've missed this week? Link'em up in the comments!



Blog Hop Friday - Superheroes and Candy! It Must Be October

My first venture into the waters of the various blog hops that occur every Friday.  First we have Follow Friday, hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read.


Q. What superhero is your alter-ego?

Well, I could say Batwoman because she’s awesome, but I’m not even half that cool.  I don’t run around in a bathing suit, flying an invisible jet, so I’m not Wonder Woman.  I wear comfortable clothes that cover most of my body, so that takes out most of the other proper superheroines.  I could go down the list of male characters, but what’s the fun in that?

So I guess my proper answer isn’t a superhero at all, just a comic book character that has crazy power and a dysfunctional family.  My alter-ego is most definitely…

Delirium from Neil Gaiman's Sandman series

It makes sense if you really know me.


And now for the Book Blogger Hop from Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books!

Book Blogger Hop

Q. What is your favorite type of candy?

Ooh, Twix bars!  Or Kit-Kat!  Or Snickers!  Or anything covered in chocolate that has something other than nougat in the middle (sorry, 3 Muskateers).  Great, now I want candy...


Friday content DONE!  This was a nice break from resume polishing and cover letter writing.  I hope you're all having wonderful Fridays.

If you notice something on the side bar going a little buggy, don't worry.  I'm breaking things again while Fernando is at work.

Comic Review: The Sandman: The Doll's House (Volume 2)

The Sandman: The Doll's House (Volume 2)
Written by Neil Gaiman

Art by Dave McKean (covers), Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Chris Bachalo, Michael Zulli and Steve Parkhouse
DC Comics/Vertigo (1995)
234 pages
Comics / Fantasy / Horror

Buy it from Amazon here

Neil Gaiman is a twisted individual.

I’m almost tempted to stop there and make that my entire review.  It sums up this volume of Sandman the best way I could imagine.  It is twisted, disturbing, disgusting and all around horrific.  There were points where I nearly had to put the book down for fear of becoming physically ill.  I suppose that’s a testament to the artwork though, right?  They took Gaiman’s twisted imagination and created equally twisted images that reflected his ideas perfectly.  While it wasn’t to my taste, I can still see the artistry of it all.

Let’s start from the beginning: if volume 1 was the simple hero’s journey, volume 2 is the more complex deconstructing and determining the uses and purposes of storytelling.  Dream’s servant Lucien conducts a census of the dreamland’s inhabitants to find four “Major Arcana” are missing – Brute & Glob, the Corinthian and Fiddler’s Green.  By the end, all four have been located, but not before some of them do a lot of damage.  Lucien also informs Dream that a new vortex housed in a human girl has been found and could potentially destroy all of the Dreaming if she isn’t stopped.

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Comic Review: The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes (Volume 1)

The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes (Volume 1)
Written by Neil Gaiman

Art by Dave McKean (covers), Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, & Malcolm Jones III
DC Comics/Vertigo (1995)
234 pages
Comics / Fantasy / Dark

Purchase it from Amazon here

Warning: Neil Gaiman is quite possibly my favorite writer ever.  Neverwhere and Stardust started me down the path of reading both urban fantasy and straight fantasy when I was in junior high.  I have a nice little shrine for him in my library.  It’s a little crazy.  While this is a review, it is a very fangirl-ish review. 

With that said, I have never read the Sandman comics.  I am so ashamed of this fact that I use my general knowledge of the characters, storylines and Gaiman’s writing style to fake pretend mislead allow others to make their own conclusions on whether or not I have any idea of what I’m talking about.  I have Death, Delirium and Desire action figures.  I have Death, Delirium and Dream t-shirts (I think I’m up to six now).  And yet, I had never read the comics.  By the time I could afford to own the entire 10 volume series, I was too afraid that I had built up this series as something that the real thing could never stand up to.  I mean, ten years of imaging that the Sandman books are the BEST. THING. EVER. is really difficult to live up to in reality.

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