Leslie's Favorite Reads of 2012 - Robots, Zombies, and Super Soldiers

Happy 2013! We still don't have jetpacks or personal flying cars, but we do have books and books and more books to keep us occupied until those futuristic achievements come to light. In 2012 I managed to read 84 books, which trailed my year goal of 100 but was nearly 20 more books than in 2011. I think that's pretty good considering 2012 was a year of change and adjustment with a new job that took up more time despite the shorter commute, new friends and new hobbies.

In those 84 books, 13 got a 5 star rating from me on Goodreads, another 45 got 4 stars, 20 received 3 stars and 6 got 2 stars. Luckily I read no 1 star books in 2012 and I hope that's a track record I can keep going into 2013. Last year was a year of surprises - books I thought I would love disappointed me while those I had no real expectations for knocked me off my feet. After some contemplating, these came out as my top 10 reads of 2012.

Robopocalypse by Daniel H Wilson

Is anyone surprised that my favorite read of the year involved robots? But it wasn’t just that this book is about robots. This book is about creepy robots wanting to destroy the human race and robots that have become cognizant of their own existence. There are moments of sheer horror and other moments of cheer-out-loud triumphs. Along with Amped, this book turned me into a huge supporter of Daniel H Wilson in any of his future endeavors, even if he does give me nightmares.

Feed by Mira Grant

If I were giving an award to the one piece of not-real-life culture I consumed this year that left the most emotional scar tissue, Feed would be it. I can’t even talk about this book (or write about it in this case) without tearing up. This book is so much more than another zombie story. So much more and so devastating in it’s amazing storytelling.

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