WFTM Podcast Episode 24.2: Agent Mockingjay Walking Dead

Leslie and Fernando return to talk television and films. This week we’re checking in on Agents of SHIELD and the Inhumans (spoilers from 23:30 to 26:25), determining whether The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 was worth the wait (spoilers from 37:36 to 53:36), and the fate of everyone on The Walking Dead and if it’s been worth the wait for answers (spoilers 28:03 to 36:22). We also have news about Game of Thrones season 6, new casting for Black Canary, Amazon’s newest pilot season and good news for iZombie.

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So what’s in Episode 24.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


New Game of Thrones posters have Jon Snow on them – what does it mean?

Rumors around who will be cast as Black Canary in the DC Filmverse

iZombie gets more episodes, yay!

Amazon Pilot Season – what looks good?

What We’re Watching:

Agents of SHIELD (spoilers from 23:30 to 26:25)

The Walking Dead (spoilers from 28:03 to 36:22)

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (spoilers from 37:36 to 53:36)

Our Favorite Thing We Watched This Week:

Fernando: The Walking Dead

Leslie: iZombie just gets better and better!


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WFTM Podcast Episode 17.2: All the New Things!

And now for part 2 of this week’s podcast, where Fernando and Leslie jabber about television and all the new things they’re watching! Is The Muppets funny? Has Gotham figured out what it wants to be yet? How’s Trevor Noah doing as the new host of The Daily Show? These questions are answered, plus thoughts on Minority Report, Scream Queens, and the season three premiere of Agents of SHIELD.

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What We’re Watching:

All the New Things!! This week we talk about The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Muppets, Minority Report, Scream Queens, Agents of SHIELD and if Gotham is getting any better with season 2.

What We’ll Be Watching This Week:

The Martian and most of our favorite CW shows, including Arrow, The Flash and Supernatural come back next week along with the debut of American Horror Story: Hotel!

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Random Tuesday: SHIELD, Sherlock and Other Things That Start with S

Happy Agents of SHIELD premiere day! I'm far too excited about watching that show tonight. It can't be healthy. But to start off this post of random, have a interview with Agent Coulson himself, Clark Gregg, who I may have a tiny fangirl crush on.

Teeny tiny bit of news about Doctor Horrible 2 from a couple of the people behind SHIELD in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The S in this case is "songs". (found on

Somewhere in the last 36 hours, I've become overwhelmingly obsessed with Sherlock. Someone who may have started their obsession a little earlier has created a Lego scale version of Sherlock's apartment, gaining a lot of fan support for it to actually be produced by Lego. (from Topless Robot)

Speaking of Sherlock obsession, Alice X Zhang, who is an incredible artist that does some licensed work for Doctor Who, put together some Sherlock e-cards. I could really use this one at work if... you know, my work place were that type of place.

And then there was Serenity/Firefly. The story will finally continue through a series of Dark Horse comics and you can find a few pages here. I feel like I'm going to have to start a new pull list soon... (Found on

Stewart (as in Patrick) and McKellan (as in Ian) are taking over New York and happened to run into Spock on Coney Island. With that amount of crazy amount of talent and awesomeness, I'm surprised the room didn't catch fire.

Superhero movies should be about girls too. io9 put together a list on how Hollywood can finally make that superheroine film we all want, but they're too scared to make.


All right, SHIELD is about to come on so I'm going to take my fangirl randomosity and park it in front of the television. Send me random things in the comments!

Random Tuesday: Labyrinth, SciFi Releases, Comic Heroine Teamup & More

And it's Tuesday again! That means it's time for random, like this gallery of Labyrinth art. I dedicate this link to my friend Tabitha over at My Shelf Confessions, who finally pushed me to watch the 80s classic by saying she wouldn't be my friend otherwise. These artists make David Bowie's hair look less ridiculous, which is kind of a miracle. My favorite is probably this one by Holly the Terrible. You can see more of her art on DeviantArt.

If you have been living under a rock, you might not know that Ben Affleck is going to play Batman in the next Superman movie. The internet exploded after the announcement, while I thought that Fernando made it up in an attempt to get me to wake up through nerdly rage one morning. Here is a little bit about how everything went down from /Film. My nerd rage was mostly that they had said they would get old Batman and Ben Affleck is two years older than Christian Bale and therefore not OLD Batman.

We saw The World's End on Friday and I honestly still haven't processed what I saw. I don't recommend reading this interview with director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost if you haven't seen the movie. They discuss the crazy and the ending. (Found via /Film)

Here is a list of science fiction books coming out in September, courtesy of Tor. 

I'm really excited by this new clothing line by Lauren Moshi featuring Warner Brothers character, particularly some of my favorite comic book heroines. A few of the Wonder Woman designs are on Comicbook Resource. 

A new comic book teaming up Zatanna with Black Canary is coming in 2014. It's written by a dude, which I suppose is okay considering Paul Dini has a pretty good track record working with strong female superheroines. This is definitely a series I will check out. The art looks great too. Joe Quinones likes to draw women who don't have breasts larger than their heads, so that's always a plus.

Joss and crew should look at this 11 storylines to steal for the Agents of SHIELD series. I can't wait for that show. It will hopefully be insane. (io9)

Samantha Swords won the Longsword competition at the Harcourt Park World Invitational Jousting Tournament, which I didn't even know was a thing. There are some cool pics of her in her battle armor. (Fashionably Geek)

Entertainment Weekly released their list of top book releases for the fall. It's mostly serious lit and nonfiction, which doesn't get much attention around here, but some of them sound good.

Returning to the YA sphere I am more familiar with, Macmillan YA compiled their recent cover reveals for winter 2014 books. They're pretty.

And finally here are Katie Cook's instructions on how to draw an adorable robot. It looks pretty easy. Might have to create my own adorable robot friend.


And that's all my random. Hit me up with all your random in the comments!

Trailer Park Friday: More Bomer, SHIELD, Books into Movies & More

We're off to see The World's End and hopefully laugh like crazy, so without further adue, here is Trailer Park Friday.

It's been awhile, so it's definitely time for MORE BOMER! White Collar comes back on October 17 and they just released a teaser trailer for it. I don't even think there is new footage, but who cares? It's MORE BOMER!

Agents of SHIELD keep releasing teasers and promos. Here's a little featurette about everyone's favorite SHIELD Agent - Coulson! I'm really excited about this pilot, which airs September 24.

A teeny tiny trailer for Divergent shows a little bit of the footage they showed at Comic Con. It comes out next March.

I didn't realize that The Book Theif was coming out as a movie so soon, but the first trailer for it was released earlier this week. It comes out in theatres on November 15.

And to lighten things up a bit, here is a short scene from the Peggy Carter short that is supposed to be on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray when it comes out.