Random Tuesday: Mini Movie Review - The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
Starring Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

I love Andrew Garfield. I’m not entirely sure why, but somewhere about ten minutes into his introduction in The Social Network, I decided I needed to see everything he’s ever been in. That still hasn’t happened though I retrospectively realized I’d already seem him in an episode of Doctor Who. Despite that I was hesitant when he was cast as Spider-Man in yet another reboot. I wasn’t a huge fan of Tobey McGuire’s dopey version of Peter Parker, but it still seemed a little early to already reboot the entire universe.

And because of that The Amazing Spider-Man is both a fun and boring movie. As expected Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker is a perfect fit. He’s equal parts boyish science geek and believable bratty hero, who realizes that he can really help people if he tried. Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy is also a great fit, but then again Stone is one of the few females on my “I Would Watch Them in Just About Anything” list. Gwen comes across as a strong female without making stupid decisions or trying to weigh Peter down with guilt.

To be honest all the actors are pretty awesome as their respective characters, though Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben comes off a little heavy handed with his various lectures of responsibility. The problem with The Amazing Spider-Man is that it feels so familiar. While the writers attempted to do a new twist on the Spider-Man origin story, there’s only so much that you can do with a story that’s already so familiar. I enjoyed the training sequence involving learning skateboarding tricks and the fight on the subway, but some of the fight scenes, especially with the main bad guy, felt like I’d already seen it before.

In retrospect, I can pull out several scenes that I really enjoyed, probably because of Garfield’s performance, so I would probably end up liking this movie must more on a re-watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But immediately after viewing it seems a little forgettable. I hope that in the inevitable sequel, the writers take the story in a drastically different direction than the Tobey McGuire trilogy either in tone, visual aspects or plotting because the actors they’ve hired to play the main parts are spot-on. It’s the story and direction that needs a little more distinctive oomph.


And to make this Comic Con related, have a picture of adorable Andrew Garfield at 2011 Comic Con.

He's so FLUFFY!