WFTM Episode 7: Ant Man, Sense8, Ms Marvel, Lumberjanes & More

This week's WFTM podcast is a day early, but it's full of comic book fun as Leslie and Fernando talk Marvel's Ant Man movie (spoilers start at 18:00 and last through 31:53), the first volumes of Ms Marvel and Lumberjanes, along with reviews of the first 6 episodes of Sense8, Lia Habel's Familiar Things, Xena reboot news, Emmy noms, and much more. We also start off our very first contest to win loads of Comic Con goodies.

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So what’s in Episode 7?


First look at David Tennant’s Fugitoid robot character in Ninja Turtles cartoon

BC is rebooting Xena: Warrior Princess with Sam Rami producing

This season's Sleepy Hollow will include a crossover with Bones, which doesn't make sense to us

Emmy Nomination - Orphan Black, GoT, Netflix!

What We're Watching

Ant Man Review

Sense8 Review - first 6 episodes

What We're Reading

Lumberjanes by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis & Brooke A. Allen

Familiar Things by Lia Habel

Ms Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

Our Very First WFTM Podcast Contest!

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