WFTM Podcast Episode 28: What We're Looking Forward to in 2016

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Man, time flies. Fernando and Leslie finally got some time to sit down to talk about all the things in film, television and books they're excited for in 2016. Yeah, it's a month late, but we're planning a wedding and work is killing me (Leslie), so... life, right?

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#Fandom5: Five Fictional Vehicles I'd Love to Travel In

Welcome to my attempt at 5 Fandom Friday, where I try to contribute to a weekly meme but usually forget. This fun weekly postathon is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. If you’re interested in joining up, check out future posting topics here.

I thought this week’s topic would be super easy because who doesn’t want to ride in fictional vehicles? But then I realized I don’t know the names of a lot of fictional vehicles (for some reason Snowpiercer keeps coming to mind and that is definitely NOT a fictional vehicle I want to ride in), so let’s see if the internet can help me find five. This Wikipedia page is incredibly helpful.

The TARDIS from Doctor Who (preferably with 10 as pilot)

I’m pretty sure if this posting topic was a poll, the TARDIS would win by a huge landslide. Who doesn’t want to travel through all of time and space to see exciting and amazing things? Boring people. People who we do not want to be friends with. They probably don’t like cookies either.

The Batmobile

Because that would mean that I was chillin’ with Batman and that could be cool (or deadly). I’d want it to be like the Nolan ‘verse tumbler for extra security reasons.


Mostly so I could hang out with the awesome crew and take part in exciting heists, but being in space would be really cool too if I were on a reliable ship like this.

The Dirigible from The Finishing School series by Gail Carriger

Going to a ladies’ finishing school sounds terrible unless it’s really secret code for turning you into a Victorian badass spy lady. I don’t remember if the dirigible-that-is-a-school has a name or not, but it would fulfill my latent desires to A) go to boarding school, and B) live on a moving vessel that is not a cruise ship for a weird length of time.

The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Because it would probably be Fernando’s second choice (after the TARDIS of course), and we could have space adventures with Han and Chewie.

Runner Up: A Jaeger from Pacific Rim

This is a runner up because I can honestly say the idea of riding in a jaeger is terrifying, but it would be pretty badass too. Especially if I didn’t have to fight a giant glowy monster and just romp around the ocean instead.

So what fictional vehicle would you like to ride in and who would you want as the pilot? Are you a TARDIS fan or would you prefer a jaunt in a spaceship? Anyone else think the Impala from Supernatural doesn't count because it's a real car?

WFTM Podcast Episode 5: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na... Comics!

In episode 5, Fernando and Leslie talk about a lot of comics, including The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween and Gail Simone’s Batgirl. They also talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon on Disney XD, Robopocalypse concept art, What’s Happening with Noelle Stevenson This Week, how bad Terminator: Genisys is and more.

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What We’re Watching:

Terminator: Genisys

What Leslie’s Reading:

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Batgirl Volumes 4 & 5 by Gail Simone

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

What’s Making Us Happy:

Fernando: Women’s World Cup Soccer

Leslie: Rocket Podcast


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Random Tuesday: Happy 200th Sam & Dean! Sci Fi Book Things! Amazon Pilots! More!

It is cold and I am grumpy. I really shouldn't be because we got Comic Con tickets on Saturday and then we saw Big Hero 6, which was all kinds of lovely. But it's cold now and I hate the cold. I can't feel my toes. Let's find some random things to distract me.

This guy named Scott Park made a post with all these awesome female characters from great genre films and television. It's called Hall of Heroes and you can buy a copy of it at his Society 6 store if you love it as much as I do.

io9 has an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld's upcoming post-apocalypse graphic novel, The Spill Zone. It includes an essay that Westerfield wrote and some sneak peeks at artwork from the book. The Spill Zone will be released by First Second at some indeterminate point in the future.

Continuing on the trend of science fiction books and io9, those awesome people have compilled a great list of awesome opening sentences in scifi books. Are there any ones missing?

Tonight is the 200th episode of Supernatural, which is insane to think about considering I've seen most episodes more than once and all of the first five seasons more times than I can honestly comprehend. EW asked 10 of the cast members which episode is their personal favorite. Of course Jared likes a silly one and Jensen liked a sad one.

Amazon has announced the 7 pilots for their 2015 "pilot season". The only one that jumps out to me is the adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, but perhaps someone out there might be interested in the other six that could be coming to an Amazon Prime account near you.

DC Comics announced some massive multi-verse crossing event called Convergence written by the guy behind White Collar (don't even ask me how that happened). I yawned. Then I heard about the Nightwing/Oracle part and now I'm all:

My fangirl shipper heart has grown three times and I'm very excited!

Speaking of being excited, Ms. Gingerhaze - Noelle Stevenson - is going to be writing her very first comic for the big 2 with a story in Marvel's Thor Annual. It will come out in February and you should buy it. Congrats to her and all her amazing, well-deserved success!

That's it from me this week. If you haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, go see it. It's awesome.

What We're Watching: Gotham Pilot Review


Begins Monday, September 22

So technically this is a “What We Watched” and a “What We Will Be Watching” column this week. Back in July we were lucky enough to see the pilot for Fox’s new Batman-related crime drama Gotham. This show focuses on a young Jim Gordon as a police detective discovering exact how far corruption goes in Gotham. How many guys are there really? Who’s corrupted? Who can be trusted?

As expected with anything even remotely Batman-related, Gotham looks gloomy and dark, all shades of gray for both the scenery and the characters. This show will introduce some of the famous Batman villains before they were the big bads that they will become. In the pilot alone, we get a quick shot of baby Catwoman (Kittengirl?) stalking the roof tops, stealing milk from passing strangers. The Penguin is an awkward bumbling henchman of Fish Mooney, a female mob boss who I believe was created solely for this show. Finally a pre-Riddler Edward Nigma is given a brief moment of screen time as a police forensic expert that doesn’t like to give straight answers. It’s also been said that someone that could potentially become the Joker will be slipped into every episode, so perhaps he was the standup comic trying out for Mooney in her club.

The pilot revolves around the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents as they walk their son home from the theatre. It plays out just as one would expect from the comics, but this time, we get to see the immediate aftermath, the failings of the city’s police and the determination of its newest detective to do what’s right. David Mazouz plays little Bruce in an understandable state of shock, only to then start showing signs of menace and a need for revenge as he reappears later on in the show. Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon seems like a solid moral center for a show that can easily go off the rails into cartoon-land. He scowls a lot, but there seems to be a flicker of hope in him that he can have a positive effect against the corruption around him.

My only real complaint about the pilot is learning that Pamela Isley – the future Poison Ivy – has been renamed Ivy Pepper for no apparent reason. She only has a tiny cameo in the pilot, but the ridiculous name change is going to make me grumpy every time she comes on screen. Camren Bicondova as little Selina Kyle makes up for it though with impishness as she clambers over roof tops. In just a few moments, she conveys both Selina’s carefree “I take what I want” attitude along with an empathy for little Bruce after his harrowing experience.

Jada Pinkett Smith looks like she’s having fun chewy scenery as Fish Mooney and Robin Taylor is perfect as awkward Oswald Cobblepot, who dreams of power but doesn’t yet have the guts to do what is necessary to obtain it. This show won’t hurt for fun villains even if Batman’s rouge gallery doesn’t exist just yet. Meanwhile Donal Logue is perfectly happy trying to out-chew Smith as Detective Bullock, the less than squeaky clean partner of Gordon, who attempts to show his younger charge the ropes to maneuver through the corrupt streets of Gotham and the compromises to integrity that need to be made to prevent yourself from getting killed.

The writers are playing fast and loose with canon, but in the pilot, it didn’t bother me much (except for the Poison Ivy name change). Using Renee Montoya as a fed, who potentially had a relationship with Gordon’s fiancé messes up serious canon timelines, but the fact that Montoya is there at all excites me. Overall the show has huge promise, both for one off episodes and an over-arching storyline. It’s not going to be your standard Batman show, but rather a look at the sickness that was so prevalent in Gotham when Bruce was a child that it created Batman in time. This is probably the new show I am most excited about this season and I can’t wait to see what Easter eggs the writers and producers slip into each episode.

Random Tuesday: American Gods Is Back On, Lots of Batman Things & Good Books

No preamble today, just the best random thing I've heard this week - Starz has picked up the American Gods adaptation and Bryan Fuller has signed on to be co-showrunner. This thing just might happen after all.

Speaking of book to television adaptations, did anyone watch The Leftovers on Sunday? It felt really bland and empty to me, so I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts about it. Share in the comments if you watched it!

I haven't read this review of The Girl With All the Gifts because I'm currently reading the book, so I'm just going to leave this here for when I finish. I'm about half way done and all I can say is I do not recommend reading it while eating or right before bed. Even the author warned me! 

So first FOX picked up the Egyptian adventure series Hieroglyph and then they cancelled it months before it was even supposed to air. FOX business practices are weird.

Samantha over at I <3 YA Fiction is discussing bookish pet peeves. Go weigh in on insta-love, love triangles and more items that drive Samantha nuts. My worst pet peeve is probably asshat love interests that need to be punched in the face and yet are somehow desirable.

io9's compilation of many of the fantasy and science fiction books coming out in July. Because our TBR piles needed some new additions, right?

Because Gotham didn't already have enough comic series associated with it, DC is launching two more, including a YA-aimed series taking place in Gotham's most prestigeous boarding school. I rolled my eyes, then saw that Becky Cloonan is writing it and now... I'm probably going to have to read it.

Also in Batman, this is the cover for Batman Eternal #15, created by Dustin Nguyen. I want a big copy, so I hope he has prints for sale at SDCC. You can follow Dustin over on Tumblr.

Speaking of DC, the television branch associated with Warner Brothers announced yesterday that they are doing a MASSIVE panel at Comic Con that will cover Arrow, Constantine, Gotham and Flash. It will include screening both Gotham and The Flash, and I am already having panic attacks at the thought of what I will have to do to get into that panel. Comic Con doesn't start for more than three weeks.


I'm going to go lurk on some Comic Con news sites. What awesome random things have you found recently?

Trailer Park Friday: Gotham Villians, Lego Batman, Sean Bean Will Probably Die & KORRA!

Of all the movies yet to come out this year, I think Guardians of the Galaxy is the one I'm most excited about. They released a new international trailer. Rocket Raccoon and those other guys will be in theatres starting August 2.

Of all the new fall television shows, I think I'm most excited about Gotham and Flash, so I was really excited to see this new teaser trailer for Gotham. Considering it's pre-Batman, the draw of this show for me will be the development of the villians. I hope the kid they got to play Selina Kyle can act because she totally looks the part.

Speaking of Batman, I just found out that a third Lego Batman game will be coming out soon. I love Lego games and I love Batman, so this will be part of my collection. There isn't an official release date yet, but it's supposed to come out this fall.

Here is a trailer for Legend. I'm predicting that Sean Bean will die at the end. It airs on TNT starting August 13.

This new Dreamworks animated film has an insanely generic name, which is sad because it looks potentially funny. It's called Home and it has Jim Parsons as an alien. It's comes out March 25, 2015.

And finally, there's no release date and no voice track on this footage for season 3 of Legend of Korra, but it gave me chills anyway. Looks like the next season will be full of action and plenty of all our favorite secondary characters.


What movie or television show are you most excited to see released? Link up trailers in the comments!