#5Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Would Make My Heart Explode

Welcome to my attempt at 5 Fandom Friday, where I try to contribute to a weekly meme but usually forget. This fun weekly postathon is hosted by The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. If you’re interested in joining up, check out future posting topics here.

This week’s topic is 5 Crossovers That Would Make My Heart Explode. It’s a classic topic of conversation in geekdom, deciding which shows or movie universes you want to smoosh together to create one epic world of insanity. I personally enjoy having my heart all in one piece inside my chest, but these are the five crossovers that would make me really happy if they were done (correctly).

The Boys of Supernatural Meet The Doctor – Supernatural Meets Doctor Who

Because I want to see Dean’s head explode when he learns not only are angels and demons real things, but so are aliens and giant space monsters. Plus he and Sam are good at running already, so they’d make handy companions to fight Cybermen.

Captain Mal and His Crew Run Across a Certain Space Rouge and Furry Co-Pilot – Firefly Meets Star Wars

I really just want to see Captain Mal and Han Solo get into a snark off while Wash stares at Chewbacca in total fear. It would be the best smugglers in space action comedy in all of existence!

The Massive Superhero Crossover No One Wants to Admit They Want – The Avengers Meets Justice League (on the big screen)

We haven’t seen Bat-fleck yet, but I think it could be fun to see Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark try to ruffle Ben Affleck’s stern-yet-cool Bruce Wayne while Superman and Captain America become besties in the background. Then Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman can swoop in and save the day because they are the best ones of all.

All the Leda Clones Run Across Two Dolls With Way Too Many Personalities – Orphan Black Meets Dollhouse

Honestly I would only want to see this if it was Dollhouse without Eliza Dushku. Can you image a half dozen Tatiana’s coming across various incarnations of Enver Gjokaj and Dichen Lachman only to find that they’re each just one person. It would be a new big bad corporation to take down and save all the dolls. It would have to retcon the end of Dollhouse, but that’s perfectly okay with me.

Agent Carter Falls Into the World of Alexia Taribotti’s Airships and Tea Parties – Agent Carter Meets The Parasol Protectorate series

For those of you not so into books, The Parasol Protectorate series is a series of books by Gail Carriger where a badass named Alexia Taribotti manages to fight monsters in a steampunk Victorian London while always making time for tea. I very much want a television series of it made right now. I also really want an Agent Carter steampunk series, so let’s just toss them together and have the most epic made-for-Leslie television show ever created.

Though if I'm completely honest, this artwork from the ever amazing Lord Mesa is all the crossover I really need. Luckily I have this print hanging by my desk every day to remind me of the potential awesomeness that could be.

So those are my five for this Fandom Friday. Which two pop culture things would you smash together to make one epic mega-awesome thing?

WFTM Podcast Episode 11: Now With Better Sound!

WFTM Episode 11.png

It’s the Working for the Mandroid podcast – now with better sound! Hopefully Leslie and Fernando’s voices are a little less squeaky as we discuss the return of John Constantine to television, some of the news from D23, and review Straight Outta Compton and the first season of AMC’s Humans. We also discuss the latest on Leslie’s reading list and a couple of our personal predictions for the upcoming week.

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So what’s in Episode 11?


John Constantine will return to television… On Arrow!

First Look at Baymax in Kingdom Hearts III

Baymax and Sorra versus Nega-Baymax!

Baymax and Sorra versus Nega-Baymax!

Disney Announced a 14 Acre Star Wars Themed Addition to Their Parks

A Producer Talks Potential “Female Centric” League of Extraordinary Men Reboot

What We’re Watching:

Straight Outta Compton

Humans season 1 (spoilers starting around 31:42 through 48:54)

What Leslie’s Reading:

In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

Comic Con and the Business of Pop Culture by Rob Salkowitz

Swift, Brutal Retaliation by Meghan McCarron (short story on Tor.com)

What We Predict For the Next Week:

Fernando: He will be obsessed with British soccer

Leslie: She will be bored by Fear the Walking Dead and will fall into a deep hole of wedding planning 

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Intro & Outro Music is “Robot Army” by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots, provided via freemusicarchive.org through a Creative Commons License


WFTM Podcast Episode 8: Sense8, They Came Together, Baymax Mattress, Short Stories & More

In episode 8, Leslie is a little tipsy on Summer Honey Cider, but she and Fernando discuss their feelings about Sense8, the weird Paul Rudd/Amy Poehler comedy They Came Together, some short stories from Clarkesworld Magazine’s podcast and Tor.com, the Baymax mattress, and more. Make sure to enter to win a bunch of SDCC swag, books and t-shirts by tweeting with the hashtag #wftmpodcast or entering through the Rafflecopter form at below!

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We’re now on Stitcher as well!! If Stitcher is your chosen app of podcasting choice, listen to the Working for the Mandroid podcast here

So what’s in Episode 8?


All Leslie’s Dreams Have Come True! The Baymax Mattress!

Writers Have Been Announced For the New Spider-Man Movie & They Discuss The Tone for the Next Film

What We’re Watching:

We Finished Sense8 – really mild, vague spoilers

They Came Together

What Leslie’s Reading:

We started A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge

This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Millering (short audio story)

Asymptotic by Andy Dudak (short audio story)

Clarkesworld Magazine podcast

Four Horsemen, at Their Leisure by Richard Parks (short Tor.com original)

We’re Still Hosting a Contest to Win SDCC Swag, Books & T-Shirts!

What’s Making Us Happy:

Fernando: The Strain season 2

Leslie: Angry Orchard Summer Honey Cider and So You Think You Can Dance

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Intro & Outro Music is “Robot Army” by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots, provided via freemusicarchive.org through a Creative Commons License

Trailer Park Friday: Crimson Peak, Pitch Perfect 2, Orphan Black Season 3 & The Man from UNCLE

It's been another long week of unpleasantness. Let's watch some videos and forget about it, shall we?

I was really tempted to put this trailer for Crimson Peak and just walk away. I mean, it's a gothic Tim Hiddleston movie directed by Guillermo del Toro with Jessica Chastain and Bobby from Supernatural. What else do you need to get your weekend started off right? It looks creepy and will probably give me nightmares, but it will be awesome. It comes to theatres October 16.

Speaking of awesome, you know what's super awesome? Pitch Perfect. What's going to be me awesome? Pitch Perfect 2. Unlike the previous trailer, this one gives some bits of the plot away. It comes out May 15 and that makes me very happy.

I'm not exactly particularly invested in The Man from UNCLE due to the actors. I don't really have feelings one way or another for Henry Cavill or Arnie Hammer, but this trailer is pretty action packed and I like spy thrillers with gadgets. It's directed by Guy Ritchie, so it's probably going to have some cool stylistic elements to it as well. It comes out August 14.

Somehow the Big Hero 6 dvd came out and I don't own it yet. This makes me sad, so I will have to remedy that this weekend. This is an io9 exclusive, so I can't embed the video, but if you go here you will find a clip of some of the bonus features where Baymax shares some Easter eggs hidden in the film.

And finally have a very brief teaser for season 3 of Orphan Black. Because Tatiana Maslaney is awesome and can do no wrong. It comes back to BBC America on April 18.


So anyone planning to watch a good movie this weekend? We might finally go see The Theory of Everything or Birdman at the indie theatre. What will you be watching this weekend?


Random Tuesday: Leslie's Favorite Movies from 2014

Oh I know, this post is ancient history already, isn’t it? 2014 is so three weeks ago, but the flu knocked me out for some time right after I made resolutions to not panic, so here I am on January 20 writing about last year. This is me not panicking and celebrating the movies that made me happy last year.

While making this list, I realized there were dozens of films I never got around to seeing. That makes me sad, but alas it's true. If your personal favorite is missing from this list, let me know about it in the comments and I’ll be happy to add it to my Netflix queue. I’m always looking for great movies to watch!

The Cabin in the Woods

This didn’t come out in 2014, but I finally saw it in 2014. Joss Whedon once again delivers the unexpected, creating a horror film that is hysterical while also deconstructing all the tropes of a usual horror movie.


People had issues with Lucy. I was not one of those people. I thought this was a fun and unexpected sci-fi story with great visuals and an intriguing lead female. The end gets a little twisty crazy, but the rest of the film is a great ride that the crazy can be waved away a little.


This is the reason I don’t do my end of the year lists in the middle of December like everyone else. I saw Byzantium at 9PM on December 31, and it was a great, low key vampire flick with feminist themes and unexpectedly emotional moments.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Yet another indie vampire flick that had more introspection and less sparkles. I don’t think Tilda Swinton can do anything wrong, and my interest in Tom Hiddleston grew as I watched him play a bored, timeless vampire musician. This is a quiet film without a lot of flashy set pieces or action, but it was still a great character drama.



The opposite of quiet character drama, Snowpiercer is a crazy, flashy series of set pieces and madness. The setup of the film makes little sense, so don’t think about it too hard, but the number of genuine surprises kept me on my toes and enjoying every moment of this weird little movie.

The LEGO Movie

I nearly forgot this movie came out in 2014. It just feels like it’s been around for ages. There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in this movie for me and I love that it’s a cultural touchstone I can share with my niece and nephew. It’s an animated movie with heart that doesn’t just seem to pander to the common denominator. Plus having the Lonely Island rap in the theme song was a move of genius.


This is the part in the count down where I declare that Marvel won the year. My top three movies from 2014 are all Marvel-related, which either means I’m really an 8-year-old boy or I just like fun movies that make me forget about the rest of the world for a little bit. I’m leaning towards that second reason.

I loved all three of these movies for different reasons and will happily watch them all back-to-back-to-back at a moment’s notice, so I can’t rank them in any particular order.

Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy

Woobie!Bucky! Falcon soaring! Cap beating up all those guys in the elevator! Black Widow being awesome! Pelvic sorcery! Starlord’s dance off! The awesome soundtracks! BAAAAAAAAAAAYMAX! These three movies made me feel warm and cozy in all the best ways while keeping me captivated on third, fourth and fifth watch. Baymax in his bright orange battle armor keeps vigil on my kitchen counter while my admiration for both Chrises knows no bounds. Marvel can do little wrong in my book even though I’m not blind to the issues with the female characters in Guardians. I just choose fun over annoyance and these three films all have so much heart, adventure and fun in them.


You know what the opposite of heart, adventure and fun is? The worst movie I saw this year:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I still haven’t recovered from this demolition of not only my childhood favorites, but also a resurgent in an adult guilty pleasure. I’ve come to really enjoy the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon, and this movie version was such a disturbing mess of terrible plot devices, destroyed canon only to be replaced with nonsense, and just general terrible life choices by everyone involved with this picture that it made me want to cry. Don’t even get me started on all the demolished and pasted together backstories that made absolutely no sense. I know I wasn’t the target audience for this film, but it still shouldn’t have been so bad that it made me feel a bit murder-y by the end of it.

Trailer Park Friday: Adventuresome Robots, Space Shenanigans, Retellings & More

It's chilly and rainy here today, and it looks like it's going to be a wet weekend. But we just discovered that The Lego Movie is on HBO, so I have a feeling a lot of things are going to be awesome despite the weather. Let's watch some videos to get this weekend started.

Big Hero 6 is already out in theatres and I've already seen it, but this hand-drawn trailer from Japan makes me want to see it another half a dozen times. Oh Baymax...

Ascension is a mini series that will air on Syfy over three nights in December. It's supposed to be a space opera that could potentially become a series if the mini series does well. It has a bit of an Downton Abbey in space with the class war element to it. It starts December 15.

Pitch Perfect is one of those comfort movies that I will always watch when I find it on television. Now there's going to be a sequel and the first trailer has come out. I don't know how it could match up to the first one, but I still am excited to see it.

Yet another faerie tale live-action movie is being released, this time for Cinderella. Doesn't look like it has much special about it to me, but it's pretty. It comes out March 13.

A new trailer for Insurgent was recently released and it looks like the second movie in the Divergent series might be as exciting as the second book was. It's also going to be full of greenscreen CGI, which could turn out not so great. It comes out March 20.

We started with an adorable robot and we end with a less adorable, but just as entertaining robot. This is Chappie, by Neill Blomkept, the guy who made District 9. This could be a really entertaining robot film even if Hugh Jackman has bad hair. I'm also becoming very fond of Dev Patel. This film comes out March 6, so I think it's going to be my new "must see" movie to look forward to.


What videos have caught your eye this week? Any 2015 movies you're eager to see right now? Link them up in the comments!

Random Tuesday: Happy 200th Sam & Dean! Sci Fi Book Things! Amazon Pilots! More!

It is cold and I am grumpy. I really shouldn't be because we got Comic Con tickets on Saturday and then we saw Big Hero 6, which was all kinds of lovely. But it's cold now and I hate the cold. I can't feel my toes. Let's find some random things to distract me.

This guy named Scott Park made a post with all these awesome female characters from great genre films and television. It's called Hall of Heroes and you can buy a copy of it at his Society 6 store if you love it as much as I do.

io9 has an exclusive look at Scott Westerfeld's upcoming post-apocalypse graphic novel, The Spill Zone. It includes an essay that Westerfield wrote and some sneak peeks at artwork from the book. The Spill Zone will be released by First Second at some indeterminate point in the future.

Continuing on the trend of science fiction books and io9, those awesome people have compilled a great list of awesome opening sentences in scifi books. Are there any ones missing?

Tonight is the 200th episode of Supernatural, which is insane to think about considering I've seen most episodes more than once and all of the first five seasons more times than I can honestly comprehend. EW asked 10 of the cast members which episode is their personal favorite. Of course Jared likes a silly one and Jensen liked a sad one.

Amazon has announced the 7 pilots for their 2015 "pilot season". The only one that jumps out to me is the adaptation of The Man in the High Castle, but perhaps someone out there might be interested in the other six that could be coming to an Amazon Prime account near you.

DC Comics announced some massive multi-verse crossing event called Convergence written by the guy behind White Collar (don't even ask me how that happened). I yawned. Then I heard about the Nightwing/Oracle part and now I'm all:

My fangirl shipper heart has grown three times and I'm very excited!

Speaking of being excited, Ms. Gingerhaze - Noelle Stevenson - is going to be writing her very first comic for the big 2 with a story in Marvel's Thor Annual. It will come out in February and you should buy it. Congrats to her and all her amazing, well-deserved success!

That's it from me this week. If you haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, go see it. It's awesome.