Random Tuesday: Gender Swap Cosplay, Starks Are Just Like Us & BBC America Is My Favorite

I would like to start this week's Random Tuesday with a question: are you watching Orphan Black? It's BBC America's newest sci-fi series and, while it starts off feeling like a weird drama, the end of the first episode explodes in great sci-fi awesomeness and action. Why do the British make the best science fiction?

Also, Bioshock: Infinite? Brilliant. I think we're only about half way through it, but I think it might have surpassed my love of Final Fantasy games, which I didn't think possible.

I have no idea where this picture came from (found it on Pinterest) or whose small children these are, but this is the best gender swap cosplay I have ever seen. If it wouldn't look completely ridiculous, I'd totally do it, but I'll leave it to the little girls for now. If you know who to credit, let me know.

Speaking of BBC America being awesome, they're adapting Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Suzanna Clarke, which is a seriously awesome book that everyone should read right now.

Batman: Arkham Origins was announced earlier today and will be released in October. I personally didn't make it through Arkham City, not because it wasn't good, but because it freaked me out and left me overly stressed. Fernando really enjoyed it though, so this game will find a home in our household as well. I'm just glad they didn't go with Arkham State.

Who knew that Captain Tightpants could be so adorable? (From TheMarySue.com)

Jason Segal is writing YA novels now? o.O

You know those "Stars! They're Just Like Us" things in trashy mags? This is like "Starks! Lannisters! They're Just Like Us!" and it's a little disconcerning. Buzzfeed pull together pictures of Game of Thrones actors doing normal things.

Someone made a TARDIS refridgerator. That must hold a lot of food. And many other things.

Margery Tyrell is crossing over to Elementary as Sherlock's Irene Adler. I sort of stopped watching this show, but Fernando still enjoys it and Irene is always an interesting character.


That's what I have for this week. What random things have you stumbled upon over the last week?

Random Tuesday: Superheroines in Pants! Books for Geek Kids! Doctor Who Returns! And More Randomosity!

Random Tuesday has returned with randomosity for all your needs of randomness. It is raining like mad here, which is unusual and has put me into an even more random mood. So on to random!

Powergirl!SUPERHEROINES IN PANTS! I'm a strong believer that superheroines should wear clothes. I know that isn't the mainstream opinion of comic book readers, but I think it would be really nice to read about superheroines that run around in sensible shoes and pants. Artist Michael Lee Lunsford put together an entire line of comic book heroines wearing pants. I've featured a few of my favorites, but you can see the entire line on his Tumblr.

Wired's GeekDad put together a handy list of recommended books to read to your kid before the age of 10. I don't know if the violence in Ender's Game would sit well with most parents, so I'm going to say these are just books that your kids should read at some point to be proper geeks.

The Hugo Award nominees got released earlier. I believe that Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez should win all the things. The actual awards will be handed out at LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio over Labor Day weekend.

I wish I had this list of 10 Books for Weird Girls to read as teenagers when I was younger. Francesca Lia Block was one of my favorites as a teen, so I'm happy to see her on the list.

A Game of Thrones returned on Sunday, but in case you prefer books to television or already read the books and can't be bothered with the television show, here is another Flavorwire list of books that may appeal to GoT fans. I own several of the books on the list though, not surprisingly, I haven't read them.

Steampunk Batman!!

Zatanna in PANTS!

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and it brought me this picture, so I am happy. This picture got me through Monday.

Speaking of Doctor Who, Matt Smith is saying he's sticking around for an 8th season, so yay!

Fernando asked me to include Peter Dinklage's April Fools joke.

If the Internet existed in Westeros, these would be some website's house sigils. Some of the words crack me up, especially Facebook's.

This is my new favorite Tumblr, full of steampunk goodness.

We've been playing Bioshock: Infinite over the last week and it is phenomenal. Even if you hate first person shooters, you should try it out. The story is fascinating, the world building is gorgeous and I get to shoot people in the head with a shotgun. Still only a few hours into it, but think this is my new favorite game. What can go wrong with that?


What random things have I missed? Add your links below!

Trailer Park Friday: LARPer Adventures, Teenage Espionage, Steampunk & More

The trailer that may have been the catalyst for the creation of Trailer Park Friday was the very first trailer for Warm Bodies. That movie finally came out today and in mere hours I will be seeing it, so to celebrate, more awesome trailers of potentially awesome movies, books and videogames.

First I present to you a movie that was supposed to come out last year about geeky LARPers featuring some of geekdoms favorite actors. It's called Knights of Badassdom and might finally get released this summer.

I am a huge fan of Gail Carriger and her Parasol Protectorate series of steampunk urban fantasy books. She's diving into YA with her newest series, Finishing School. The first book in the series, Etiquette & Espionage, comes out February 5. Here's the recent book trailer. Looks like another adventurous series by Carriger.

Bioshock: Infinite has been pushed back a half dozen times or more and I have been craving it more and more each day. This has absolutely no gameplay footage in it, but man, it gets me all excited about the game finally FINALLY coming out in April.

And finally this is a movie I hadn't heard of prior to finding this trailer earlier this week. It has my favorite viking vampire looking pretty grungy and being a domestic terrorist, but that's okay. It could be interesting. It's called The East and premiered at Sundance Film Festival though it has no release date.

Have you guys seen any awesome movie, book, television or game trailers this week? Send 'em my way!

Bioshock Infinite Trailer: Murderous Robots, Airships, a City in the Sky!

The trailer for the next installment of the Bioshock series moves away from Rapture into the sky city of Columbia.  The gorgeous trailer below shows off a first person view of robot attacks, airships and lots of pretty flowers.

The story released so far is that you'll play as Booker DeWitt, a detective searching for a girl in the midst of this city built on blimps.  How gorgeous is that trailer?  This makes my steampunk, robot-loving heart happy.  What doesn't make me so happy is that Bioshock Infinite isn't expected to be released until 2012 at the earliest.  Let's just hope this one is like Final Fantasy XIII Versus and it does finally see the light of day.


Credit: PC Gamer for posting the trailer (even if I'll be playing it on a PS3) and Kotaku for an overview of the demo.