WFTM Podcast Episode 19.2: How Many Zombies Can We Fit In This Scene?

It’s been a busy week, so not much television was watched, but our fearless heroes take a trip to the sun with Sunshine (dude, it’s old, you don’t get spoiler warnings) and face the most zombies ever with The Walking Dead season 6. But first there is a lot of news to cover, including new webisodes of DC Superhero Girls, television adaptations of comics, some Star Wars stuff and more.

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So what’s in Episode 19.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


First two webisodes of DC Super Hero Girls are available and they’re *adorable*

Batgirl Has a Voice in the upcoming LEGO Movie spinoff!

Is Y the Last Man Getting an FX Show?

io9’s list of the best comics to turn into television shows not movies

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will come out on Monday!

Defiance has officially been canceled – is anyone sad?

What We’re Watching:

Fernando isn’t enthusiastic about the 2007 movie of Sunshine, while Leslie lacks much emotion about the season premiere of The Walking Dead

Our Favorite Thing We Watched This Week:

Fernando: Arrow, except for the silly flashbacks

Leslie: Supernatural, except for Castiel getting beat up by stupid angels

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