Random Tuesday: Hey, Look Who's Back Edition

Oh real life, why must you constantly take me away from my hobbies? Between work and obligations, I have been MIA way too long, my friends. Let's have some Random Tuesday fun to make up for it.

This made me go o.O and be very thankful that the BBC does require their leading men to be whatever their definition of "attractive" is.

It's almost officially summer time and if you're anything like us, you'll be binge watching at least one show that you've never gotten to before. EW has a binge watching guide for some television shows you might have recently missed. If you're not watching Arrow, you reallyl should binge that one first.

Neil Patrick Harris wrote an autobiography. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book. We should be besties.

 X-Men: Days of Futures Past was a pretty good movie considering how many characters were crammed into it. Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly put together some very important PSAs you should pay attention to if you're going to cross paths with an X-Man. You can see the other 7 over on Dorkly.

Speaking of awesome television, Orphan Black is probably in my favorite five television shows right now. The Mary Sue has these silly pop culture reference filled visual "recaps" every week. Here is the one from last Saturday's episode (spoilers, of course).

Netflix online had some issues with summaries last week where two movies would get smooshed together for hilarious results. You can see some of the best here. Watch out for those cyborg bubblegum machines.


Unfortunately large scary storms are headed this way, so I have to cut the Return to Random Tuesday(TM pending) short. As we hunker down for more storms, let me know what shows we should binge this summer in the comments.

Random Tuesdays: Five Favorite Movies of the Summer

I guess I should qualify the title of this post with “…That I Saw” because there are a lot of movies that came out this summer that I just haven’t seen.  It would be impossible to see all the movies that come out any given week and, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to anyway.  I mean, really, Shark Night 3D?  Who thought that was a good idea?

Which is all my long winded way to say that movies a lot of people like aren’t on this list, such as The Help.  I haven’t seen it nor do I plan to see it.  Perhaps I will eventually see it through Netflix one day when I’m bored, but it’s not exactly my sort of movie.  Other movies off the top of my head that I haven’t seen that were sort of big: Horrible Bosses, The Hangover Part 2, Bridesmaids, Transformers: Watch More Things Blow Up, Crazy Stupid Love.  Then there are the smaller art house films that I haven’t seen that I would probably like such as Beginners or Brighton Rock.

What I did see: just about any movie that involved a comic book character with the exception of Priest.  I’m pretty sure no one saw that movie.  I also saw a lot of movies involving aliens.  I’ve determined this is the year of the alien, but that’s a post for another Random Tuesday.  Overall though, it was a pretty sucky summer for movies, particularly of the “geek” genre.  It seems to happen every other year and 2011 just happened to be one of those off years.  Next year will come back and beat me in the face with a new Batman movie and so many other things that very few films of this summer could live up to (fingers crossed).

For the sake of this countdown, I’m considering any movie that came out beginning May 1 through September 2 to be a “summer” movie.  So here are my top 5 favorite movies from summer 2011.

5. X-Men First Class

This just barely edged out Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and if that movie had been titled something less stupid like just Rise of the Apes, it probably would have been my number five instead.  X-Men First Class is not a great movie; I even hesitate to say it’s a good movie.  With that said, it was leaps and bounds better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Jennifer Lawrence’s take on Mystique, every scene involving January Jones and the fact that the only African-American character is the first to blow up bothered me, but I loved the 1960s setting and above all I love James McAvoy.  His take on Professor Xavier made me happy even if his screaming “I can’t feel my legs!” at the end made me laugh at how on-the-nose it was.  McAvoy and Michael Fassbender saved what would have otherwise been a bit of a mess.  Magneto’s backstory?  More of that please, less of the baby mutant house party.  Oh, and the kid from Skins!  He should be in more things, preferably playing a science geek, because he makes me smile too.

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Random Tuesdays: Attractive Gentlemen Who I Would Follow Anywhere

During the previews for The Rise of the Planet of the Apes, we saw a different trailer for the upcoming Justin Timberlake movie, In Time, than we’d seen before.  This one featured an actor who I had no idea was in this movie, and from the looks of the trailer, he won’t be in it for very long.  And yet his presence in the film makes me want to see that movie now.  It made me think of the people I would follow just about anywhere in their creative endeavors, watch movies I wouldn’t ordinarily care about because they’re in it or try a television series unlike anything I like because they star in it.  I like to think that everyone has at least one or two entertainers that they follow everywhere, but then again, perhaps it’s my complete-ist OCD kicking in again.  I do have one small caveat – I won’t follow anyone into horror movies.  I have enough nightmares on my own.  But a cop procedural?  A cheesy rom-com?  A period piece?  Yeah, with any of these gentlemen, I'd give it a shot.

Anyway these are the four gentlemen I would follow anywhere (except to horror movies):


I don't think he's realHe really should be SupermanFirst up is the guy referenced above.  If you watch television, you might know him as Neil Caffrey (White Collar) or even Bryce Larkin (Chuck), though I imagine most people know him as Matt Bomer.  In my world, he’s known as “The Most Attractive Man on the Planet” because really, look at him.  No, really, I’ll wait.

After appearing on Chuck, I followed him to White Collar, what looked to be a generic USA procedural show.  He’s the only reason I want to see a movie starring Justin Timberlake.  It might just because he’s gorgeous, but I also want to see what other characters he can play besides the attractive, sneaky thief/spy with the witty one-liners.  He’s why I have Tru Calling in my Netflix queue as well as Traveler if that’s ever released.  And of course, he will be the only reason I would ever sit through a movie about male strippers.  I mean, who wouldn't?

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Casting Rumors for the Hulk in "The Avengers" Movie

Ever since Marvel announced that Ed Norton wouldn't be reprising the role of the Hulk a few days ago, spectulation has run wild on who would.  The most plausible rumor seems to be Mark Ruffalo, most recently in the independent film The Kids Are All Right.  This morning I saw another rumor regarding casting, one that made me laugh very hard.  Not because I don't think he can do the role, but because he is so lanky, hyper and, well, British, he wouldn't have been on my list of candidates even though I adore him.

Who is this rumored British Hulk?

David Tennant is a great actor, but this is one role that I might not be able to sit through him doing without lots of giggles.

Though from reports it looks like the role is Ruffalo's if he wants it.  He is also a diverse actor that I could find believable in the part without the added dissonance in my mind of "But... Doctor Who!"

David Tennant rumor first saw here.  Mark Ruffalo information from the Hollywood Reporter here..