Leslie's Films in 2013 Review Part 1: Krypton, Gods, Lots of Beer & Zombies (Again)

So yesterday I took into consideration the general blah-ness I felt towards pop culture in 2013 and pulled out some of my personal highlights for television. Today we hit up movies. Yet another area where mediocrity seemed to be the norm. We didn’t see nearly as many movies this year as previous years and there are some we missed completely that may have turned out good. Here is part 1 of my highlights for films in 2013.

Movie I Was Honestly Surprised to Enjoy As Much As I Did: Thor: The Dark World

I was completely indifferent to the first Thor film. It was okay, but I enjoyed Captain America more (which is saying something, since I was indifferent to that one too). Perhaps it was the Tom Hiddleston’s dance tour that got me jazzed for it or maybe it was genuinely more enjoyable, but The Dark World had a spark that the first was missing. The plot was super silly, but it works for a movie about Asgardian gods.

Movie that Contributed to my Confusion towards Crushing on Zombies: Warm Bodies

I’m not sure what it says about me that I have never had a fangirl crush on Nicholas Holt until they put him in zombie makeup. This was the year’s other great book-to-movie adaptation. It’s a strange little film for a strange little book.

Best Movie that Wasn’t: Man of Steel

This was the very best movie of the year until Krypton blew up and cardboard not-Matt-Bomer went on his walkabout of heroism. The visuals, the technology, even Russell Crow – that was the movie I wanted, the war that led to Krypto’s demise. Everything after Clark lands on Earth was rehashed back story, stupid, nonsensical plot points (seriously, with the dad and the dog thing?) and explosions for the sake of explosions.

Movie Where I Felt Someone Had Spiked My Drink: The World’s End

What did I just watch? This was completely bonkers and yet tonally different from the other two films in the trilogy. Perhaps it’s Simon Pegg playing the slacker instead of the straight man, but something about this movie left me flabbergasted and I felt like I was the one drinking 12 pints. Nearly six months later and I still haven’t decided if I liked it or not.


Tune back in tomorrow for more highlights (and not so highlights) of film in 2013. What movies are on your favorites list?

Random Tuesday: Pretty Book Covers, Superheroes with Babies, Comic Con Stuff (Of Course) & More

San Diego Comic Con is less than a month away and I'm getting all twitchy and unable to concentrate on anything else. Have some Random Tuesday.

I don't know what it was about last week, but book covers were leaking out of everyone's ears. HarperTeen especially had some gorgeous ones. You can see a lot of the covers released last week over at Epic Reads here. I've scattered a few of the ones that made me the most excited throughout this post.

Speaking of the Con: Info about Comic Con panels, autograph sessions and swag is starting to leak out from the various companies that attend the Con. Yesterday Simon & Schuester announced their panels and big autograph signings, which include John Barrowman (JACK!) and Cassandra Clare, who will probably be getting a lot of attention at the Con this year. The whole S&S schedule can be found here.

So I loooooooved Something Strange & Deadly by Susan Dennard when I read it earlier this year. It made me squeal like a young girl and swoon over Daniel for days. The sequel comes out next month and Working for the Mandroid has been lucky enough to be on the A Darkness Strange & Lovely blog tour in a few weeks. In the meantime, have a scene from the first book told from Daniel's perspective.

For my shallow purposeless "look at the attractive man with a baby" link for the month: A few weeks ago, Robert Downey Jr meet a tiny fan went disasterously because he did not look like Iron Man and the little boy was very confused. This week Fluffy Spider-man Andrew Garfield was seen hanging out on set with a toddler. It makes me want to steal my niece and fly to New York. Note: I watched this video with no sound, so I have no idea what it sounds.

So far this season of True Blood is batshit insane. I mean, more so than the other seasons, which is really saying something. But it gave me this, so I'm still watching.

There are already over 100 babies named Khaleesi in the United States now. Of all the weird names in the Game of Thrones canon, I'm glad that one is the one taking off. It's not that weird. At least it's not Hodor.

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright try to explain how Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead and the upcoming The World's End are an associated trilogy. Uh... sure, guys.

To truly be random, I must include a link to this story about the runaway red panda because it made me go "aaawww" before 8am this morning, which is a miracle in and of itself. And red pandas are ADORABLE.

I want a video of someone walking in this Lego wedding dress. Because that would be awesome.

If you liked Peggy Carter in the first Captain America movie, she's getting a short on the upcoming Iron Man 3 blu-ray. I don't know why it's going on that DVD, but maybe it has Tony Stark's dad in it or something. I'm always happy to get more strong female character screentime though.

And that's about the max of my randomosity for this week. What cool, interesting or just plain weird things have you come across on your travels across the interwebs?