Episode 21.2: The Impala Is Home

On this stormy day, Leslie and Fernando are playing hooky preping for Austin Wizard World by talking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead (spoilers starting at 27:23 through the end), the Supergirl pilot and the best episode of Supernatural in a very long time. We also talk about casting for Guardians of the Galaxy, more Muppets, Ron Weasley coming to television and more.

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So what’s in Episode 21.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


More Muppets are coming!

Norman Reedus getting motorcycle show on AMC

Rupert Grint possibly doing a comic inspired drama for NBC

New casting announced for Guardians of the Galaxy 2

What We’re Watching:

Supergirl (and where you can now watch it with commentary!)

Supernatural, episode 11.04 “Baby”

The Walking Dead, episode 6.03 “Thank You” – and some of the controversy stemming from the episode (spoilers from 27.23 until the end)

Our Favorite Thing We Watched This Week:

No favorite thing this week because we talked about them in the What We’re Watching section (Supernatural for Leslie, The Walking Dead for Fernando)

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WFTM Podcast Episode 5: Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na... Comics!

In episode 5, Fernando and Leslie talk about a lot of comics, including The Dark Knight Returns, The Long Halloween and Gail Simone’s Batgirl. They also talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon on Disney XD, Robopocalypse concept art, What’s Happening with Noelle Stevenson This Week, how bad Terminator: Genisys is and more.

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What We’re Watching:

Terminator: Genisys

What Leslie’s Reading:

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Batgirl Volumes 4 & 5 by Gail Simone

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

What’s Making Us Happy:

Fernando: Women’s World Cup Soccer

Leslie: Rocket Podcast


Follow us on Twitter @WorkforMandroid and @fernborrego

Email your questions, concerns, thoughts and comments to WorkingfortheMandroid@gmail.com


Intro & Outro Music is “Robot Army” by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots, provided via freemusicarchive.org through a Creative Commons License


Random Tuesday: Leslie's Favorite Movies from 2014

Oh I know, this post is ancient history already, isn’t it? 2014 is so three weeks ago, but the flu knocked me out for some time right after I made resolutions to not panic, so here I am on January 20 writing about last year. This is me not panicking and celebrating the movies that made me happy last year.

While making this list, I realized there were dozens of films I never got around to seeing. That makes me sad, but alas it's true. If your personal favorite is missing from this list, let me know about it in the comments and I’ll be happy to add it to my Netflix queue. I’m always looking for great movies to watch!

The Cabin in the Woods

This didn’t come out in 2014, but I finally saw it in 2014. Joss Whedon once again delivers the unexpected, creating a horror film that is hysterical while also deconstructing all the tropes of a usual horror movie.


People had issues with Lucy. I was not one of those people. I thought this was a fun and unexpected sci-fi story with great visuals and an intriguing lead female. The end gets a little twisty crazy, but the rest of the film is a great ride that the crazy can be waved away a little.


This is the reason I don’t do my end of the year lists in the middle of December like everyone else. I saw Byzantium at 9PM on December 31, and it was a great, low key vampire flick with feminist themes and unexpectedly emotional moments.

Only Lovers Left Alive

Yet another indie vampire flick that had more introspection and less sparkles. I don’t think Tilda Swinton can do anything wrong, and my interest in Tom Hiddleston grew as I watched him play a bored, timeless vampire musician. This is a quiet film without a lot of flashy set pieces or action, but it was still a great character drama.



The opposite of quiet character drama, Snowpiercer is a crazy, flashy series of set pieces and madness. The setup of the film makes little sense, so don’t think about it too hard, but the number of genuine surprises kept me on my toes and enjoying every moment of this weird little movie.

The LEGO Movie

I nearly forgot this movie came out in 2014. It just feels like it’s been around for ages. There is so much nostalgia wrapped up in this movie for me and I love that it’s a cultural touchstone I can share with my niece and nephew. It’s an animated movie with heart that doesn’t just seem to pander to the common denominator. Plus having the Lonely Island rap in the theme song was a move of genius.


This is the part in the count down where I declare that Marvel won the year. My top three movies from 2014 are all Marvel-related, which either means I’m really an 8-year-old boy or I just like fun movies that make me forget about the rest of the world for a little bit. I’m leaning towards that second reason.

I loved all three of these movies for different reasons and will happily watch them all back-to-back-to-back at a moment’s notice, so I can’t rank them in any particular order.

Big Hero 6, Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy

Woobie!Bucky! Falcon soaring! Cap beating up all those guys in the elevator! Black Widow being awesome! Pelvic sorcery! Starlord’s dance off! The awesome soundtracks! BAAAAAAAAAAAYMAX! These three movies made me feel warm and cozy in all the best ways while keeping me captivated on third, fourth and fifth watch. Baymax in his bright orange battle armor keeps vigil on my kitchen counter while my admiration for both Chrises knows no bounds. Marvel can do little wrong in my book even though I’m not blind to the issues with the female characters in Guardians. I just choose fun over annoyance and these three films all have so much heart, adventure and fun in them.


You know what the opposite of heart, adventure and fun is? The worst movie I saw this year:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I still haven’t recovered from this demolition of not only my childhood favorites, but also a resurgent in an adult guilty pleasure. I’ve come to really enjoy the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon, and this movie version was such a disturbing mess of terrible plot devices, destroyed canon only to be replaced with nonsense, and just general terrible life choices by everyone involved with this picture that it made me want to cry. Don’t even get me started on all the demolished and pasted together backstories that made absolutely no sense. I know I wasn’t the target audience for this film, but it still shouldn’t have been so bad that it made me feel a bit murder-y by the end of it.

Random Tuesday: Fancasting Parallel Worlds, Tom Hardy on TV, Guardians Dance Off & More

Let's pretend we don't have a million other things to do and check out some random things instead.

io9 started a discussion asking if you could travel to a parallel world and see your favorite fancasting actually happen, who would you choose to play what character? Personally my head canon will always be Jensen Ackles as Captain America no matter how good Chris Evans is as the character. Also Matt Bomer as Superman because he is my Superman, but he wouldn't be all broody.

Oh and Pedro Pascal as Doctor Strange. I love Benedict Cumberbatch as much as the next gal (if not more), but I want to see more of that Pascal guy after his bit on Game of Thrones.

So what do you think was the biggest missed opportunity on screen?

Speaking of Jensen Ackles, I had no idea that he was up for the part of Hawkeye in The Avengers. I... don't know what to do with this information.

What would have happened had Ronan accepted Starlord's dance off request? The outtakes from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy DVD show what would have happened. It's pretty silly. This is too good to wait until Friday.

Tamora Pierce talked to TheMarySue.com about why none of her books have ever been made into films or television.

Tom Hardy is coming to television in 2015 and I do believe I will have to watch it. Hopefully it won't require him to wear a Bane mask so I can understand what he says.

And finally I think someone is chopping onions in my kitchen. This little girl's mom made several costumes for her 3-year-old daughter to wear during their trip to Disney World. The particular with Peter Pan in particular is killing me a little.


I need to hunt down those onion chopping ninjas to help me make dinner. Share something random with me in the comments!

Trailer Park Friday: Heroes Shoot First, Korra, Baymax Is My Favorite & More

I've had a rough week, but today my chiropractor made a bunch of joints crack and now I feel loads better. I hope you guys have had an easier week and are now ready to party with some trailers. This week's Trailer Park is a fun one.

Legend of Korra just ended its third season about a month ago, but because of Nickelodeon being stupid and moving it to online only, we're getting the fourth and final season starting next week. This trailer shows a three year time jump and makes the premise of this last season very intriguing. Legend of Korra returns next Thursday, October 3, on Nickelodeon.com.

My coworker has a quadcopter. He does not know how to make it dance. This is a shame because this video from Cirque de Soliel makes me happy.

What happens when you smash up Captain Mal from Firefly, Han Solo from Star Wars and Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy and turn them into Legos? You get this video from the Brotherhood Workshop that was the highlight for my Friday afternoon.

One of the writers for Orphan Black, Tony Eliott, released a short film about quantum experiments and general craziness. Thanks to io9 for bringing it to my attention.

And finally, I was already pretty confident that I was going to love Disney's Big Hero 6, but after seeing the latest trailer, I'm calling it now. This will be my favorite movie of the year and I will want to share it with everyone. Even if the trailer did get me a little teary eyed. It comes out November 7.


I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend filled with awesomness!

Random Tuesday: Leslie's Favorite Summer Movies

Summer is over. Or at least in a calendar sense it is now over. It’s still 100 degrees here in Texas and probably will be for the next month. The big summer blockbuster movie season is over though, and over the next few months, we’ll get a lot of quieter award bait films with fewer explosions. So how did this summer blockbuster season measure up? Well, I couldn’t come up with five films that I would willingly sit down and watch all the way through again, so not very well.

I also realized while compiling this post that I didn’t see a ton of movies this summer. A lot of the big budget films looked like bloated wastes of time, so I steered clear of Transformers 4 (even with the dinosaur robots) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (even – or possibly because of – my renewed love of the characters). I like entertaining films, but I’m not keen on ones that treat me like I’m stupid. There were also several that had been on my radar, like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Maleficent, where my interest waned as reviews started coming in. Those films quickly landed on my “wait until Netflix” list instead (as did The Fault in Our Stars because there is no way I will voluntarily go to something I know will make me ugly cry in public).

So I made a list of the films I did see and there were four gems on the list. These are movies I would purchase to own. These will become my next Scott Pilgrim or Pitch Perfect, where no matter where it is in the movie, I will watch the rest of it every. single. time. it comes on HBO. These made me happy and left me hopeful that there still could be good blockbuster films to be made. Here are my top four films from the summer of 2014:

Guardians of the Galaxy

I saw this during my doctor-induced blogging hiatus, so my sheer love for this film wasn’t as well documented as it would have been otherwise. This may be my favorite movie on the year so far, though I really don’t want to pit Pratt against Pratt, so I haven’t been thinking too hard about if this beats the nostalgic glee of The LEGO movie.

This movie should have been a mess of nonsense, but instead we got an authentically entertaining mix of action and heart. Is this a perfect movie? Absolutely not, but it’s a fun movie that left me smiling from ear to ear as I left the theatre. A month later and I still desperately want a baby Groot of my very own.



WHERE IS MY FEMALE SUPERHERO MOVIE?! The Internet – or at least the parts of the web I travel – was screaming this over and over again after Lucy came out. It was fast paced and surprising with a bizarre twist ending that I never would have predicted. Scarlett Johannsson kicked some major ass and not a damsel in distress was seen after the first ten minutes. I just wish the commercials and trailers hadn’t given away all the big action-y bits, so that it would have felt newer. Even so I had high hopes for this movie and it fulfilled expectations.



I thought Snowpiercer was going to be a giant wreck. I’d followed the politics and drama with its US release, so I wasn’t even all that interested in seeing it. But the Internet promised me that it was the original director’s cut and not some nonsense Weinstein disaster, so we took a chance. And it was good. I never had any particular feelings towards Chris Evans before now, but I kinda want to see everything he’s ever been in. This movie is pretty straight forward with a predictable story, but it’s the details and the performances that make it so awesome. Don’t think too hard about the logic or plausibility for the setup of the film because you might start bleeding out the ears. Action mixed with some seriously bizarre visuals made this one of the most unexpected and entertaining hour and a half of my summer.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I knew the basics about the comic storyline for Days of Future Past, and this movie wasn’t the comic. Instead it was a weird pseudo-political thriller action adventure dystopian whatsit taking place over two time periods drawn together by Wolverine. Even so, I would watch James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender stare at each other for two hours. Thankfully I didn’t have to and I got to watch a comic book movie instead. It’s not perfect, but at least I liked Jennifer Lawrence’s Rogue in this one. This barely made my list of favorites for the summer, but the ridiculous set pieces were thankfully overshadowed by some over-the-top-but-highly-entertaining performances from the main cast. Also Quicksilver = the best.

Honorable Mention: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This movie made it feel like summer came early. I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD, so I can watch it over and over again to see the things that I missed. The first Captain America movie verged on boring and it’s not one I’ve revisited since its release, but in this second one, Steve Rodgers has a lot more heart and having him paired up with Black Widow gave him a great opportunity for snark and great banter. I fell in love with Falcon and my heart hurt for Bucky, so all around this movie was filled with great characters that I want more from. The giant battle towards the end was way over the top, but it provided great opportunities for action sequences and impressive stunt work (that was probably all computer generated, but whatevs).


Movie I’m Scared to See: The Giver

I almost went to see this and then 7-year-old me started kicking me in the stomach and yelling,” NO NO NO NO!” The Giver is one of those literary touchstones in my life – a book that had such an impact on my life view as well as my reading habits that I couldn’t stand seeing it destroyed on screen. While I won’t say The Giver single-handedly turned me into a lifelong reader, it did introduce me to how to escape into a totally different world through reading (or in my case hearing) some words that were written down. I’ve heard mixed reactions to the movie, so I think I’m going to have to protect 7-year-old me and avoid this screen adaptation.


All right, friends. What were your favorite movies from the summer? Was there something glaringly missing from my list that I must dropped everything and go see right now? Will The Giver break my 7-year-old heart? Let me know if the comments.


Gifs were created by people more awesome than me. If they are yours, let me know and I'll be happy to credit.