When the Mandroid Returns...

Hello, corner of the internet.

Is anyone still visiting this far away piece of cyberspace? I know I haven’t for quite some time.

Since we last spoke, many things have happened. I started a podcast and then it fell apart. I planned a wedding and got married. That did not fall apart. I had a series of illnesses that made me feel like I was falling apart. We went to Europe and New York, Disneyland and the beach, and two different San Diego Comic Cons. I read more comics and fewer books because I became so busy.

But the biggest, most monumental thing that happened was that I quit my job. I gave a year’s notice because I’m a planner and nervous about spontaneously doing anything that may leave my bank account empty. But I am finally free of the day job that drove me nuts and sucked out all my energy so that I left my website behind.

Instead I’m going to grad school in a few weeks. I’m going to be a librarian. I’m not entirely sure how I’m doing that just yet, but it’s going to happen. I’ve put that idea out in the universe and I believe it with all my soul. Grad school is probably the best step of making that goal a reality.

But I’m freaking out. I’ve been out of college for a decade, and while my bright blue hair makes everyone think I’m younger than I am, I know I’m going to feel old. Do I remember how to write academic papers? Am I really smart or was I faking it for all those years? Imposter syndrome is running strong around these parts right now.

This is a long babbly way to say that things are going to change around Working for the Mandroid. I’m hoping to come back to this blog, but in a slightly different way. While I hope to still do book reviews, it won’t be the main focus. Instead it’s going to become something different – something a little more me.

Here is what you may find in the coming weeks and months at Working for the Mandroid:

-        Reviews of books

-        Reviews of comics

-        Gushing about beautiful art that I find on the internet

-        Essays about things that are overwhelming me

-        Thoughts about grad school and the things I learn there

-        Odes to Moscow mules and brightly colored tiki drinks

-        Reviews of movies

-        Flailing about bands or musicals or general music-like things

-        Reports on book-ish events in Austin

-        Neat things that are happening in Austin

-        Yummy foods that I eat or make

-        Babbling about television

-        Other things I haven’t thought about yet

-        Robots, definitely robots

Basically Working for the Mandroid is going broad. I can’t promise that I will have time to read enough books to maintain a purely book review site, but I can promise that I will try to be fun and honest with a dash (or more) of sarcasm and crazy. I may not post every day, but I don’t intend to disappear either. Except during midterms and finals, but I think those are legitimate times to disappear for a bit. There may even be a redesign in our near future if I don’t break the site in the meantime.

So I hope if you’ve found my corner of the internet, you decide to stick around. I want this to be a happy corner with thoughtful content, so if there’s anything you’re interested in seeing, let me know. Let’s have fun!


Head Mandroid Wrangler Leslie

Where Have I Been: A Story in Gifs

I've kind of been missing for a little while, haven't I? Have you missed me? Well, if you've been wondering where I've been the last six weeks or so, pull up a chair, get a cup of tea and listen to my story.

In early July I woke up one morning unable to bend my wrist or straighten my fingers. I don't mean it hurt to do either of those things. I physically could not bend my wrist or straighten my fingers. Considering I dealt with carpal tunnel in both wrists during college, I just put on a brace and went on about my business. About a week later, my wrist could bend about 60% of its normal bendiness and my fingers could straighten more or less. I figured that was a good sign and decided I just needed some more brace time.

Soon after I went to the doctor for a completely unrelated issue, but brought up my wrist. Mr Doctor Man poked around on my arm until I nearly screamed and declared that, nope, not carpal tunnel, it's severe tenndinitous starting from my tricept, down my forearm and into all my fingers. This led to the following exchange, recreated here in gif format:

And scene.

The problem was that avoiding computers for any length of time was an impossibility. I make my living being on a computer 9 to 10 hours a day, five days a week. The "compromise" ended up being no extracurricular computer use for at least six weeks.

But I kinda need use of my hand and arm for the long term, so I followed his instructions.

And avoided any extracurricular activity on a computer, instead watching Pitch Perfect a few too many times.

This meant giving up Working for the Mandroid, email, social media not done on my phone, everything.

Fast forward to now: I have been given a (semi-) clear bill of health!

As long as I use my brace and I don't start losing feeling in anything, I can once again return to the world of the internet. I'm returning to over 2,000 emails, a list of books to review as long as my brace-covered arm, a shelf of new arrivals and an extreme determination to conquer everything. I hope anyone who has stuck around during the impromptu hiatus will stick around a few more days. We are almost ready to return to your normally scheduled Mandriod ramblings. So...


I think it's nearly impossible to determine who creates gifs now, so all these gifs belong to their creators. If one belongs to you and you'd like me to remove it or give you specific credit, I would be happy to comply.