Trailer Park Friday: More Bomer, SHIELD, Books into Movies & More

We're off to see The World's End and hopefully laugh like crazy, so without further adue, here is Trailer Park Friday.

It's been awhile, so it's definitely time for MORE BOMER! White Collar comes back on October 17 and they just released a teaser trailer for it. I don't even think there is new footage, but who cares? It's MORE BOMER!

Agents of SHIELD keep releasing teasers and promos. Here's a little featurette about everyone's favorite SHIELD Agent - Coulson! I'm really excited about this pilot, which airs September 24.

A teeny tiny trailer for Divergent shows a little bit of the footage they showed at Comic Con. It comes out next March.

I didn't realize that The Book Theif was coming out as a movie so soon, but the first trailer for it was released earlier this week. It comes out in theatres on November 15.

And to lighten things up a bit, here is a short scene from the Peggy Carter short that is supposed to be on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray when it comes out.

Leslie's Top Television Shows of 2012 (part 1)

I watch far too much television. If I counted all the hours I spent reading, the only other activity that would come close to comparing in hours spent would be watching television (and maybe sleeping). Because I watch so much television, I’m splitting my Best Of list into two. Tomorrow you’ll get my list of top television shows, but today you get my random collection of “awards”.

Sword fighting with Satan - Coming to NBC!Favorite New Show: Revolution

I knew I would love Revolution, but I had my doubts as well. With Eric Kripke and JJ Abrams behind the scenes, it was bound to be my kind of crazy. Family drama, snappy dialogue, treks through long stretches of America, a dystopian world with lots of sword fights? It became a must see after the first half hour. It carries the same family ties of Supernatural while being slightly more realistic. The actress that plays Charlie can be a little over the top, but Myles and all the awesome sword fighting make up for it.

Most Surprising New Show: Arrow

This was one I was cautiously optimistic about, so when it turned out to be kind of awesome, I was very happy. It fulfills my superhero quota, is fast paced despite flashbacks and conspiracies, and provides regular doses of creepy John Barrowman. This year was full of archery, but I think this might be my favorite case. And thankfully they didn’t give Oliver the horrible facial hair commonly seen on Green Arrow. At least not yet.

Trio of awesome - Who needs Sam's moping?Show Trying Its Hardest to Reclaim Its Former Glory: Supernatural

Oh, Supernatural, I feel so wrong (spoiler alert) not putting Supernatural in my list of favorite shows for 2012, but former show runner Sarah Gamble had a difficult time with comprehensible story lines and consistent characters. Then Jeremy Carver returned and things are starting to take a turn for the better, but they aren’t there just yet. Yeah, I’m bias, so perhaps the return of Castiel to his former awkward yet sane state has colored my opinion of the first half of season 8, but the nine episodes that have aired have felt more like episodes from season 2 than anything under Gamble. While Sam’s flashbacks are odd and currently pointless, the addition of Benny creates an interesting dynamic between the brothers and I look forward to the rest of the season. Hopefully my once favorite of all favorite shows will be on my list for 2013.

My Favorite New Discovery: Super Hero Squad

The best thing that came out of being laid off back in March was stumbling upon this brilliant, near-perfect cartoon. Every episode is full of giggles, clever jokes, sight gags and buckets of superhero goodness. It took five minutes before this became one of my favorite cartoons ever. I’ve always been a DC girl, but between Super Hero Squad and The Avengers film, Marvel may win me over yet.

And the internet went crazy...Most Redeemed Show: The Walking Dead

Season two of The Walking Dead sucked. It sucked bad. The only redeeming thing about it was Daryl Dixon being a loveable badass. Then it ended with a badass woman with a sword and two zombie slaves, and I thought the show might still have potential. The third season started with a bang and hasn’t slowed down with Michonne being the best thing this show could have ever done. Now with the loss of one of the more annoying characters and a creepy villain that isn’t undead, I’m actually eager to see where the season goes even if I do still have to cover my eyes at least once every episode. But I don’t care what happens – if they kill off Daryl Dixon, I’m out.

Most Disappointing New Show: Girls

Apparently I’m not hip enough to “get” Girls. We watched the first few episodes and it was full of uncomfortable moments, unlikeable characters, and absolutely no moments of laughter. I couldn’t do it. I guess I’m not that cool.

Favorite Hour of Television: Glee 03.15 – “Big Brother”

This episode of Glee is still on my DVR. If I get sad, I watch it. If I don’t feel well, I watch it. If I’m sleepy, I watch it. If I’ve had a good day, I watch it. Basically I watch it. A lot. Why? Because it is the poster child of my pop culture mantra – “More BOMER!”

I couldn’t find the best part where he gives “acting lessons”, but that will do nicely.


Tomorrow - my top shows of 2012. Any guesses what might make it on the list?

Random Tuesday: Tiny Brave Review, Wreck-It Ralph, The Chemical Garden Trilogy and More Bomer

My head is stuck in Comic Con land. It's sort of like La La land, but with more superheroes and explosions. And blogs. Lots and lots of blogs full of speculation and trickles of information that isn't coming out fast enough to leave me satisfied so that I can actually be a productive member of society. Sigh, 15 more days...

Fernando and I went to see Brave on Sunday. My teeny tiny review: It made me want to watch Tangled. It was a simple folk tale retelling with not a lot of depth or substance like other Pixar movies, but it was cute. Sadly all the funny bits are in the previews and commercials. It's not bad and I can appreciate it especially for having a self-sufficient princess whose kind of a badass instead of flouncing around in pretty dresses. It's probably a good film for kids, especially young girls, but it didn't really have that added factor that made it really interesting for adult viewers.

It did, however, have a preview to quite possibly the most brilliant movie of all time. I hadn't heard of Wreck-It Ralph before, but this preview made me very, very happy. The best part is that at no point does it swap to live action, which I sort of held my breath in fear during the whole thing. I think this is now one of my most anticipated winter films.

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Random Tuesday: Everything Needs More Bomer, Glee Edition

If you're new to Working for the Mandroid, you might not realize that one of my personal mottos in life is "Everything needs more Bomer". It's true for all television shows, movies, personal life events, and now possibly even music. Matt Bomer (currently on White Collar, also from Chuck) makes all the things better. Recently he's decided to make Glee better. I had no idea that the episode where he plays Blaine's brother is airing next week until I stumbled upon this lovely video on After 6+ hours of manipulating html and CSS coding, it made me very, very happy.

If you're not anti-spoilers (in this case seeing Glee songs before the episode airs) like I generally am, then enjoy Matt Bomer and Darren Criss (the best part of Glee) singing some song I've never heard of. Apparently it's called "Somebody That I Used to Know" by someone or something called Goyte and it's really damn catchy.

Found originally on EW's Inside Television blog here

Have any random things to share on this rainy Random Tuesday?


Edit: From this EW interview posted last week (sort of spoilers): "It was a lot of fun to do the boy-band choreography I never got to do." I don't think I could love this guy any more than I do not remotely knowing him. The world NEEDS MORE BOMER!

Follow Friday (14) & TGIF (7): Casting My Favorite Books and My Favorite Scenes of 2012

Note: Since Working for the Mandroid is not on Blogger, we've recently removed the Google Friend Connect widget from the sidebar.  If you feel inclined to follow us and our adventures in bookland, feel free to connect through the new Networked Blogs or Google+ widgets on the lefthand side. We can also be found on Twitter at @workformandroid and on Facebook here.

Follow Friday is hosted by Rachel of Parajunkee and Alison of Alison Can Read, who are both wonderful people and you should visit their awesome sites.  Today's question is:

Q. What book would you love to see made into a movie or television show and do you have actors/actresses in mind to play the main characters?

The first thing that comes to mind is Locke & Key, but they already tried to turn that into a television show and the network was silly and didn't pick it up. Another book that I've always wanted to see a film version of - Ender's Game - is finally getting made, so that doesn't work either.

The other book that immediately comes to mind is Robopocalypse, but that's already being turned into a movie. Of course I'd want Matt Bomer to play Cormac because everything needs more Bomer in it though I don't think that will ever happen. They haven't casted it yet, so I'll just put that thought out into the universe.

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2011 Year End Look Back: Leslie's Favorite Television (and I watched a lot of it)

Over the next week or so, we'll be looking back at some of our favorite books, movies and televisions from 2011 as well as some of the things that we missed because there's just not enough time in the world to consume everything.

I watch a lot of television.  Compiling this post, I’ve realized that I watch a lot of boring television, but there are some gems.  Below are the ten shows that I couldn’t wait to get home to watch, that I counted down days to new episodes, and those shows that I pimped out the hardest to anyone who would listen.  Most – if not all – “critically acclaimed” shows are missing.  I don’t care.  I like fun television.  And yes, I did watch Game of Thrones.  No, it didn’t make my list.

Favorite Shows of 2011


Season six wasn’t the greatest, but it had a strong last set of episodes fronted by the Castiel-based “The Man Who Would Be King”.  Season seven continued that momentum with a fantastic season opener and then squandered it by episode three.  It’s had its up and downs, but no matter what, Sam, Dean, the Metallicar and their small world of monster hunters always have a special place in my heart.

The Vampire Diaries

This was the year when the boring one Stefan became interesting (sometimes) and the one with the crazy eyes Damon might have grown a real beating heart.  It’s a giant soap opera that, if you attempt to explain out loud to a newbie, sounds ridiculous and convoluted.  And yet it works so well.  It’s the show that I most look forward to its return in 2012.

Cutest TV couple everGlee

Season two wasn’t the greatest.  It suffered from too many guest stars, too many songs and too many diluted storylines.  What it did give me was Darren Criss.  All other arguments are invalid.

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Review: In Time (2011) - AKA Run Timberlake Run!

So that movie that I keep talking about where time is currency and everyone has a clock embedded into their arm came out on Friday.  We saw it and I had two main observations:

1. The movie really should have been called Run Timberlake Run

2. It needed more Bomer (but then again, what doesn’t?)

I should have known from the very beginning when our main character, during a voiceover, states that he doesn’t have time to explain how things happened, why everyone stops aging at 25 and how time became a currency in the first place.  I should have seen that as a sign.  This was not a science fiction movie.  This was some other type of movie with a small science fiction-ish element laid over the top.  I think I would have liked this movie so much more if they'd just hinted at how a flourescent clock ends up in everyone's arm.  Why does it glow in the dark?

In Time tries to do too much at once while also not doing enough.  It’s a Bonnie and Clyde heist film one second and then a badly veiled “serious” critique of modern capitalism.  But mostly it’s Justin Timberlake running a lot and saying “time” every other word.  I don’t have enough time to discuss how many times the word time was used in this movie.  Time.

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