WFTM Podcast Episode 18.2: Suck It, Smallville!

It’s been a busy week and we’re late! But while we were busy, it didn’t stop us from watching loads of things! There was tons of news about lip sync battles, new Marvel television and movies, rumors about Doctor Who, and trailers. Also Captain Marvel’s movie has been postponed and Leslie isn’t happy. Then we discuss The Martian (spoilers 23:50 to 30:26) before checking into American Horror Story: Hotel (spoilers 35:43 to 44:15) and wrapping up with a whole lot of CW – Arrow, The Flash, iZombie (spoilers 52:30 to 55:41), and Supernatural.

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So what’s in Episode 18.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


Hailey Atwell and Clark Gregg are doing a Lip Sync Battle

Marvel’s Damage Control possibly coming to television

Doctor Who could start having Sherlock type seasons?

Sherlock Christmas Special Trailer

What We’re Watching:

We’ve been watching a lot of television, but first we talk about The Martian. Then did we enjoy checking into American Horror Story: Hotel? Finally we finish with a gaggle of CW shows, checking in with Arrow, The Flash, iZombie and Supernatural (suck it, Smallville!)

What We’ll Be Watching This Week:

Fernando is excited about The Walking Dead coming back on Sunday, while Leslie might want to see Crimson Peak if it isn’t an all-out horror movie.

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