WFTM Podcast Episode 22.2: Three Perfect Minutes

When did Leslie and Fernando get a life? They aren’t sure either, but they’re here with another podcast a few days late. We talk about slave Leia Star Wars merchandise (and whether it’s disappearing), John Constantine popping up on Arrow, new adaptations of books for television, a live action fan film of Metroid and much more. Plus Leslie gushes about what she thinks is the most perfect three minutes of television she’s seen in a long time.

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Star Wars: Rebels

The Walking Dead

Heroes: Reborn

John Constantine on Arrow

Our Favorite Thing We Watched This Week:

Fernando: Either Arrow or Heroes: Reborn

Leslie: The perfect three minutes that was Ravi and Blaine fighting for the vial of zombie death on iZombie

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Random Tuesday: My Very First Loot Crate - The Unboxing

A coworker finally gave me that last little nudge to convince me to join Loot Crate a few weeks ago. After resisting for months, knowing that we have too much geek stuff around the house, I learned that October's Loot Crate theme was space. I like space. Space has aliens. And Firefly. I gave in and today I got a present in the mail. While some might do their unboxings as videos, you don't want to hear my voice, so have pictures instead.

This was in my mailbox and I got really excited. Presents!

But what's inside? Give me the presents!

Wait, did someone accidentally pack their toupee in my Loot Crate? What is this nonsense?

It's a Tribble! I've decided to name him Phil. He looks like a Phil, right? What else is in this box of space magic?

Hey, it's a Funko box! It's not a Pop, but I still like me some Funko. Who could be inside?

It's my favorite Captain!! Isn't he cute? He will soon be my desk mate too. Mal will protect me from crazy at work, I think. What else could be in this magic box?

Mal brought me space money!! If only it could be used to buy more Funkos. Oooh, he also brought a villian to fight.

It's the alien from Alien! He's kind of creepy. I don't think he'll be hanging out at my desk. And finally the last bits of space goodness in this box...

It looks like Loot Crate realized I've been hungry all the time, so they sent me a snack. I didn't even know they made Watermelon flavored Pop Rocks. I think I might have to use them to make cookies. That's also a Star Wars-meets-Asteroids magnet, codes to download Halo comics and a little Loot Crate magazine.

So did Loot Crate live up to its hype? If they send me a little cute Captain Mal every month, they will definitely keep up their end of the bargain. I'm not a huge Alien fan, but that action figure is still pretty neat and my life has been missing a tribble. I look forward to seeing what shows up on my doorstep next month.

Did anyone else get a Loot Crate this month? What did you think of the Space box?

Leslie's Films in 2013 Review Part 2: Krypton, Gods, Lots of Beer & Zombies (Again)

Over the last few days, I've been looking back on 2013 and figuring out my favorite reads, where I stood on television and yesterday I presented some thoughts on the films of last year. Here continues part 2 of my review of 2013 films.

Movie That Surprisingly Met Expectations: Ender’s Game

My favorite childhood book became a movie after forever and I was honestly scared. There hasn’t been the greatest book to watchable movie adaptation ratio around here, so I went in a little scared. But the people behind this film picked a great Ender and built a battle room that I just wanted to live in. Tons of things were cut from the book and, yeah, Ender is a violent 5-year-old, but for mainstream audiences, this was a fantastic adaptation.

Movie That Was Tons of Fun in Theatres, But Put Me To Sleep on Television: Pacific Rim

Dude, robots! GIANT ROBOTS! SMASHING THINGS! That was all I needed to get me in the theatre and I had a stupid childlike grin on my face from beginning to end. I left the theatre downright giddy even though I could poke holes in the plot until it was in complete pieces. It didn’t matter – GIANT ROBOTS! Then we watched it on television and I fell asleep, so… I’m not sure what that means.

Pleasant Surprise of the Summer: Now You See Me

I didn’t see this until just recently, but I was very surprised at how entertaining this magic mystery movie was. I’m indifferent to most of the cast, but together they held up a pretty straight forward story. Plus Mark Ruffalo is always great as the gruff, slightly grumpy foil.

Movie That Fandom Hates the Most, But I Kind of Love: Star Trek: Into Darkness

There is a lot of fandom angst about the second JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, and yes, the “he’s not Khan, but wait! He’s Khan” publicity thing was really stupid. Overall the second film lacked the same level of humor that made the first one so enjoyable, but this cast has great charisma and JJ toned down the lens flare to more manageable levels. Also Benedict Cumberbatch is in it and he shoots people with a giant laser gun and speaks in a growly voice and yes, I am a fangirl. What of it?


And those are the bulk of my thoughts on movies that I saw in 2013. What movies have I missed?

Trailer Park Friday: Fall TV Preview, Star Trek Pranks & Steelheart

Oh man, can you taste it? It's almost television premiere season, which just might be the one of the only things I like about fall. It's soooo close and all the television promos are getting regular airplay. I'll try to not make this all television, but we'll see how it goes.

I didn't realize how much I liked Arrow until I didn't have an episode to watch every week. I think this may be one of the few shows I've been having sad television withdrawl this summer. It comes back October 9.

Revolution was a bit hit or miss in its first season, but towards the end the weirdness got bumped up and it became more interesting. There isn't much new footage in the preview, but there is promise of more epic sword fights and they're filming nearby, so I feel a little obligated to keep with it for a bit longer. Revolution returns September 25.

I'm a little concerned that watching Glee this season is going to make me sad no matter the content of the show. I'm a little curious how such a happy promo is going to lead to an episode dealing with Finn's death, but who knows? I still love Darren Criss and Chris Colfer, so I'll stick around until it gets too uncomfortable.

The trailer below only has 100 views and that seems SO WRONG. We're getting away from television to a book trailer for one of my most anticipated reads for the fall - Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. This trailer is exciting and just amped up my desire for this book to be in my hands now. It comes out September 24 from Random House.

Not a trailer, but a fun video nonetheless. Simon Pegg pulled a prank on all the actors in Star Trek Into Darkness and they all fell for it. Some of their reactions upon finding out they've been pranked are pretty funny. I like Benedict Cumberbatch's reaction especially, though that probably doesn't surprise anyone. The video is from the Belfast Telegraph website.


And those are the videos I have for you this week. Seen any fun clips online? Link them up in the comments!

Trailer Park Friday: Summer Blockbuster Edition Part 1

So it begins. Summer blockbuster season is just a month away, so first look trailers are being released for some of the big summer films. It seems like a new one was popping up every day this week. So I present to you some trailers for some of the films we're most looking forward to this summer.

The first trailer is for The Wolverine, which comes out July 26. If it weren't for the fact that Hugh Jackman is possibly the coolest man ever in existance, I probably would not want to see this movie. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was down right terrible, but I'll give Hugh another chance.

This next one won't be a blockbuster, but the first movie was so many kinds of wrong fun, that I hope the sequel will be match up to it. Kick-Ass 2 comes out August 16. 

And finally yet another Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, but this one has more Benedict Cumberwhatsit than all the others combined. He looks and sounds super creepy, and yet I still want to sit at his feet and listen to him talk about anything. Comes out May 17.

What big summer blockbuster are you most looking forward to seeing? Besides City of Bones, I mean of course.

The blockbuster action movie season is just around the corner

I put together a list of the ones I am most looking forward to through the month of August. So is it too soon to think of what to watch? No. This movie season seems like a huge build up to some long awaited properties. I listed them in order of release.

On May 3 Iron Man 3: Lots of fans are waiting for their yearly Marvel fix. Robert Downey Jr. aims to please, as all the signs point to an adventure of Hulk-like proportions. The only question is can Iron Man 3 break the curse of 3rds. In fact, I can’t think of one super hero trilogy where the third move was the best of the series (ie. Spiderman 3, Superman 3, Batman Forever, X-men United and even The Dark Knight Rises was not as good as its predecessors). Here is to hoping that Iron Man 3 breaks the curse.


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Fern WEEK 2013: A Bad Robot in Space

Well hello there! What? You're enjoying a SUNDAY and this post from WftMD magically shoes up, is it your birthday? No,(well at least statistically it probably is not) your daily neighborhood Spiderman blogger is taking the week off, instead I the great and powerful OZ the fern will fill the week with an assortment of carefully crafted highly mind-bending posts. Gone are the days of order and make sensedness, now is the week of debauchery and chaos. Have no fear, however; the wonderful Leslie will be back, once she is done reenacting her favorite scenes from Alias reading her current book. Most of this week will be an experiment, let’s see what kind of fun we can have.

Fist up Benedict Cumberbatch, my favorite Sherlock, is the starring villain in the upcoming Star Trek into Darkness and a new trailer. You should know a couple of things. First off, I have been tickled by the movies mobile app which is a hybrid scavenger hunt and fanboy bucket list. The app has many behind the scenes interviews and neato film stills, if you’re a fan of the JJ Star Trek I highly recommend downloading it. Second, as of late Mr. Cumberwhatsies Cumberbatch can do no wrong we recently watched Parades End on HBO and I hope he continues to choose roles of that caliber.

Here is the trailer