WFTM Podcast Episode 28: What We're Looking Forward to in 2016

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Man, time flies. Fernando and Leslie finally got some time to sit down to talk about all the things in film, television and books they're excited for in 2016. Yeah, it's a month late, but we're planning a wedding and work is killing me (Leslie), so... life, right?

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Trailer Park Friday: Star Wars Rebel, Doctor Who & Creepy Music Videos

If I were to really fill this post up with all the videos I watched this week, it would be one ALS ice bucket challenge after enough as my favorite geek icons keep challenging each other until I end up in a giggly ball of crazy. Instead I will just use one and I will put it at the end for those of you who are a little tired of the ice bucket challenge.

We're kind of in that inbetween phase of trailers. The fall television trailers have been out for awhile and none of the movie trailers being released right now are of anything very exciting or geeky, so I had to hunt down some alternative sources. But first, if you're a Whovian, you've probably seen this trailer considering the season starts tomorrow. For those of you who haven't, here's the trailer for the first epidoes of season 8 of Doctor Who. It has dinosaurs.

Now how about a disturbing music video that will probably be giving me nightmares for a few nights? It's from Mikki Blanco and it's called "The Initiation".

We saw a bit of the new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars Rebels, at Comic Con and it looks like it could be good. The people behind it have been releasing shorts introducing characters, including the one below introducing Sabine. Star Wars Rebels starts on Disney XD on October 3. You can see additional videos on Star Wars' Youtube channel.

And now that ice bucket challenge video I mentioned at the beginning. You won't be surprised to know it's the one Benedict Cumberbatch released earlier today. It's turned me into a giggly idiot all afternoon. You can donate to ALS research here.

Be careful if you click through to Youtube through that video though because, if you're anything like me, you'll quickly fall down the deep dark hole that is Cumberbatch videos.


Have you seen any fun, silly or awesome videos on the internet this week? What fall movie are you looking forward to most?

Random Tuesday: Hey, Look Who's Back Edition

Oh real life, why must you constantly take me away from my hobbies? Between work and obligations, I have been MIA way too long, my friends. Let's have some Random Tuesday fun to make up for it.

This made me go o.O and be very thankful that the BBC does require their leading men to be whatever their definition of "attractive" is.

It's almost officially summer time and if you're anything like us, you'll be binge watching at least one show that you've never gotten to before. EW has a binge watching guide for some television shows you might have recently missed. If you're not watching Arrow, you reallyl should binge that one first.

Neil Patrick Harris wrote an autobiography. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book. We should be besties.

 X-Men: Days of Futures Past was a pretty good movie considering how many characters were crammed into it. Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman of Dorkly put together some very important PSAs you should pay attention to if you're going to cross paths with an X-Man. You can see the other 7 over on Dorkly.

Speaking of awesome television, Orphan Black is probably in my favorite five television shows right now. The Mary Sue has these silly pop culture reference filled visual "recaps" every week. Here is the one from last Saturday's episode (spoilers, of course).

Netflix online had some issues with summaries last week where two movies would get smooshed together for hilarious results. You can see some of the best here. Watch out for those cyborg bubblegum machines.


Unfortunately large scary storms are headed this way, so I have to cut the Return to Random Tuesday(TM pending) short. As we hunker down for more storms, let me know what shows we should binge this summer in the comments.

Leslie's Films in 2013 Review Part 2: Krypton, Gods, Lots of Beer & Zombies (Again)

Over the last few days, I've been looking back on 2013 and figuring out my favorite reads, where I stood on television and yesterday I presented some thoughts on the films of last year. Here continues part 2 of my review of 2013 films.

Movie That Surprisingly Met Expectations: Ender’s Game

My favorite childhood book became a movie after forever and I was honestly scared. There hasn’t been the greatest book to watchable movie adaptation ratio around here, so I went in a little scared. But the people behind this film picked a great Ender and built a battle room that I just wanted to live in. Tons of things were cut from the book and, yeah, Ender is a violent 5-year-old, but for mainstream audiences, this was a fantastic adaptation.

Movie That Was Tons of Fun in Theatres, But Put Me To Sleep on Television: Pacific Rim

Dude, robots! GIANT ROBOTS! SMASHING THINGS! That was all I needed to get me in the theatre and I had a stupid childlike grin on my face from beginning to end. I left the theatre downright giddy even though I could poke holes in the plot until it was in complete pieces. It didn’t matter – GIANT ROBOTS! Then we watched it on television and I fell asleep, so… I’m not sure what that means.

Pleasant Surprise of the Summer: Now You See Me

I didn’t see this until just recently, but I was very surprised at how entertaining this magic mystery movie was. I’m indifferent to most of the cast, but together they held up a pretty straight forward story. Plus Mark Ruffalo is always great as the gruff, slightly grumpy foil.

Movie That Fandom Hates the Most, But I Kind of Love: Star Trek: Into Darkness

There is a lot of fandom angst about the second JJ Abrams Star Trek movie, and yes, the “he’s not Khan, but wait! He’s Khan” publicity thing was really stupid. Overall the second film lacked the same level of humor that made the first one so enjoyable, but this cast has great charisma and JJ toned down the lens flare to more manageable levels. Also Benedict Cumberbatch is in it and he shoots people with a giant laser gun and speaks in a growly voice and yes, I am a fangirl. What of it?


And those are the bulk of my thoughts on movies that I saw in 2013. What movies have I missed?

Trailer Park Friday: Justice League, Spider-Man, Godzilla, Sherlock (Of Course) & Many More

Happy Friday! Due to my unexpected absence the last few weeks, it's been awhile since the Trailer Park has stopped by for some video fun. To make up for it, have an extended set of videos covering some of the scifi/comic book/geeky stuff I've found online recently.

DC Animation is doing a lot of things that DC-the-film-company is having a hard time getting off the ground. The next straight to DVD movie is Justice League: War, which comes out on February 4. It's based off of the first graphic novel collection of the New 52 Justice League comics, which means everybody believes that Batman is not a real person and there is a lot of funny moments. Plus Wonder Woman is badass.

The newly released The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer looks like a videogame more than a movie, which is a little concerning, but trailers from the first movie had the same problem and it was pretty good. It comes out in May.

Syfy has this new show that's actually science fiction looking that starts on January 10 called Helix. It's by Ron Moore, that guy who rebooted Battlestar Gallatica, and it looks kind of creepy. Here's the first full trailer I've seen for it.

Tom Cruise is still trying to be a sci-fi action hero and this Edge of Tomorrow movie looks like Groundhog Day in robot suits. Not sure how I feel about this one. It comes out June 6.

I've never actually seen a Godzilla movie, but something tells me I might be seeing this one. It comes out May 16 and will hopefully have less shakey cam than Cloverfield.

Another scifi movie that looks pretty cool. This is Jupiter Ascending by the guys behind The Matrix. I know nothing about it other than Sean Bean is in it, which means he will probably die. That guy dies in everything. It comes out on July 18.

And finally, we end this week's Trailer Park Friday with the best trailer released in the last few weeks: Sherlock season 3! It comes back to UK television on January 1 and US television on January 4.

This one doesn't count because it's not a trailer. It is an incredible mashup of Sherlock and Doctor Who that someone put a LOT of time into.

And that's the true end of Trailer Park Friday for this week. Which movie/television series are you particularly excited to see? Does the Spider-Man trailer look a little too "videogame" for you? Share vids in the comments!

Random Tuesday: The Return of Randomness... Includes That Cumberbatch Guy

I may have had a cocktail with dinner and it may have been a bit stronger than expcted. I may be a little inebriated. Prior to said cocktail, this was going to be a Cumberbatch-free zone considering we've been missing Random Tuesday for a few weeks now. But now I'm tipsy and can't make any promises.

Yeah, that didn't last long.

We haven't been hit by the Icepocalypse of North Texas, but it is too cold to go outside unless you really, really have to. This advice from the ladies over at Epic Reads is definitely accurate, especially if you're stuck at home.

There is someone on Twitter that makes Sherlock and Cumberbatch adorable cupcakes. I swear this was going to be a Cumberbatch-free zone, but the alcohol seems to have attracted him. These were created by @Vereentjoeng over on Twitter and I stumbled upon them through Tor's FB account.

Barnes & Noble have compiled 9 ways to know if your life is really a YA novel.

Female Nightwing WHAT?! (fuzzy brain does not comprehend caginess well when shown such images)

If only these Marvel evening gowns were real, perhaps I would dress fancy more often. (The Mary Sue)

What an animated version of Wicked could look like if only Disney had the rights to it and gave it to this guy.

I think that's enough from me. Have lovely week and share your favorite random things in comments!

Random Tuesday: Comic Art, Bookish Things, Sandman & More

Oh Random Tuesday, you strike once again. What random things do you have for me today? Anyone want to take bets on how long I can hold out before a Benedict Cumberbatch gif shows up?

I should know by now that there is a Fyeah____ Tumblr for just about any subject and yet I was still surprised to find this one for my ultimate OTP - Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon. Yes, I'm a giant comic book Batman nerd. If you didn't know that, you must be new around here. 

And speaking of comics, I came across this fantastic piece of art by Tumblr user Jasric of a gender swapped Trinity and I want it for my wall. You can see other great pieces by Jasric on her DeviantArt page. She also does Supernatural art that is gorgeous (see later in this post).

From Huff Post, the 7 unconventional reasons why being a book addict is good for you

The Business Insider put together a map of the most famous book set in each state. I haven't brought myself to read any Cormac Mccarthy, so I haven't read the Texas one. Have you read the one for your state?

I stay pretty far away from all the Goodreads drama, but I was surprised to find this article about it on Slate.

If diving into the epic 10 volume Sandman series is a bit daunting to you, The Mary Sue came up with a list of 11 Sandman stories you can read and understand without spoiling the entire story

Here's one of the Supernatural pieces by Jasric. She sells prints of some of her pieces on Society6.

This seems appropriate with Halloween being Thursday - the 6 Best Psychopaths of Film and Books on Work In Progress

Speaking of Halloween, if you don't already have a costume prepared, io9 has some suggestions on how to create a last minute costume.

Noomi Rapace will be playing septuplets in a dystopian film called Whatever Happened to Monday? We'll see if she can match Tatiana Maslany's portrayal of clones in Orphan Black (which is amazing if you haven't seen it). (From

And because you honestly didn't think I'd get through an entire Random Tuesday without him...