Author Blog Tour Excerpt: Harrison Squared by Daryl Gregory


Welcome to the Working for the Mandroid stop on Daryl Gregory's blog tour fo his new book Harrison Squared! You can see the entire set of tour dates over on Rockstar Book Tours website here. We are so excited to have an excerpt from this awesome new book to share with you along with more information about Daryl, his book and a contest to win your very own copy of Harrison Squared.

Harrison Squared

By Daryl Gregory

A Tor Hardcover


Together we pushed on the big wooden doors, and they swung open on squealing hinges. The large room beyond was a kind of atrium, the high ceiling supported with buttresses like the ribs of a huge animal. Light glowed from globes of yellow glass that hung down out of the dark on thick cables. The stone floor was so dark it seemed to absorb the light.

Corridors ran off in three directions. Mom marched straight ahead. There were no sounds except for the slap of our feet against the stone. Even the chanting had stopped. It was suddenly the quietest school I’d ever been in. And the cold- est. The air seemed wetter and more frigid inside than out.

I noticed something on the floor, and stopped. It was a faded, scuffed logo of a thin shark with a tail as long as its body, flexing as if it were leaping out of the water. Below it were the words Go Threshers.

My first picture books had been of sharks, whales, and squids. Mom’s bedtime stories were all about the hunting habits of sea predators. Threshers were large sharks who could stun prey with their tails. As far as I knew, no one in the history of the world had ever used one as a school mascot.

Mom stopped at a door and waved for me to catch up. Stenciled on the frosted glass was Office of the Principal. From inside came a slapping noise, a whap! whap! that sounded at irregular intervals.

We went inside. The office was dimly lit, with yellow paint that tried and failed to cheer up the stone walls. Two large bulletin boards were crammed with tattered notices and bits of paper that looked like they hadn’t been changed in years. At one end of the room was a large desk, and behind that sat a woman wearing a pile of platinum hair.

No, not sitting—standing. She was not only short, but nearly spherical. Her fat arms, almost as thick as they were long, thrashed in the air. She held a fly swatter in each hand and seemed to be doing battle with a swarm of invisible insects. Her gold hoop earrings swung in counterpoint.

“Shut the door!” she yelled without looking at us. “You’re letting them in!” Then thwack! She brought a swatter down on the desk. Her nameplate said Miss Pearl, School Secretary.

“Excuse me,” Mom said. “We’re looking for Principal—” “Ha!” Miss Pearl slapped her own arm. Her platinum hair shifted an inch out of kilter. She blew at the pink waffle print on her arm, then sat down in satisfaction. I still could not see any bugs. The air smelled of thick floral perfume.

She looked up at us. “Who are you?”

“I’m Rosa Harrison,” Mom said. “This is my son, Harrison.”

“And his first name?” She stared at me with tiny black eyes under fanlike eyelashes.

“Harrison,” I said. Sometimes—like now, for example—I regretted that my father’s family had decided that generations of boys would have that double name. Technically, I was Harrison Harrison the Fifth.  H2x5. But that was more information than I ever wanted to explain.


Daryl Gregory

Pub. Date: March 24, 2015

Publisher: Tor Books

Pages: 320

Formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook

Find it: AmazonBarnes & NobleGoodreads

From award winning author Daryl Gregory comes a thrilling and colorful Lovecraftian adventure of a teenage boy searching for his mother, and the macabre creatures he encounters.

Harrison Harrison—H2 to his mom—is a lonely teenager who’s been terrified of the water ever since he was a toddler in California, when a huge sea creature capsized their boat, and his father vanished. One of the “sensitives” who are attuned to the supernatural world, Harrison and his mother have just moved to the worst possible place for a boy like him: Dunnsmouth, a Lovecraftian town perched on rocks above the Atlantic, where strange things go on by night, monsters lurk under the waves, and creepy teachers run the local high school. 

On Harrison’s first day at school, his mother, a marine biologist, disappears at sea. Harrison must attempt to solve the mystery of her accident, which puts him in conflict with a strange church, a knife­wielding killer, and the Deep Ones, fish­-human hybrids that live in the bay. It will take all his resources—and an unusual host of allies—to defeat the danger and find his mother.


Enter to Win a Copy of Harrison Squared!

Daryl and Tor are giving away 15 finished copies of Harrison Squared to some lucky readers. The contest is open to US residents only.

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About Daryl:

Daryl Gregory is an award-winning writer of genre-mixing novels, stories, and comics. His most recent work is the novel is Afterparty (Tor, April 2014) and the novella We Are All Completely Fine (Tachyon, August 2014). His first novel, Pandemonium, won the Crawford Award and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. His other novels include the Philip K. Dick award finalist The Devil’s Alphabet and Raising Stony Mayhall, which was named one of the best books of the year by Library Journal.

Many of his short stories are collected in Unpossible and Other Stories, which was named one of the best books of 2011 by Publishers Weekly. His comics work includes the Planet of the Apes series, and Dracula: The Company of Monsters series (co-written with Kurt Busiek). He lives in State College, PA, where he writes programming code in the morning, prose in the afternoons, and comics at night.


Where you can find Daryl:

Website | Blog |Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Cover & Excerpt Reveal: Mirror X by Karri Thompson

So last week Entangled Teen, Karri Thompson and Rockstar Book Tours hosted the cover reveal for Karri's upcoming release Mirror X. Because I am lame and work rules my life, I was unable to participate in the actual reveal. This sounds like a fascinating book though, so even though I'm late to the party, I'd still like to share with you the great cover and a special excerpt from Mirror X.

Mirror X
Karri Th
Entangled Teen
Releases on June 23, 2014

Find it: Goodreads|Amazon|Barnes & Noble|iTunes

I was born more than a thousand years ago.

Put into a cryogenic tube at age seventeen, forgotten during a holocaust that decimated the world, I've finally been awakened to a more serene and peaceful future.

But things at the hospital are new and strange. And it’s starting to scare me.

Everyone is young. Everyone is banded and tracked. And everyone is keeping secrets. 

The cute geneticist Michael Bennett might be the only good thing in this crazy new world where “life is precious” but no one seems free to live it. The problem is, I don’t think he’s being totally honest with me, either.

When I’m told only I can save the human race from extinction, it’s clear my freeze didn’t avoid a dreadful fate. It only delayed the horror…


Exclusive Excerpt:

Michael took a seat on the edge of my bed, rocking me toward him. When the side of my thigh met his knee, my heart rate doubled, and I drew in a deep breath.

“Before you were awakened I spent hours at your bedside imaging what you were like, how your voice would sound, how you looked when you smiled. When your red lips pulsed, when your chest heaved, and you took your first breath, I kept my emotions in check. But now, now that you’ve ‘awakened,’ everything is different. I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

I ignored the pain and tilted closer until the space between our faces was less than a foot. My heart, my mind, my soul—everything yearned for his affection at that moment.

“I feel the same way, too.”

I closed my eyes, wanting this handsome, earnest guy to take me into his arms and tell me he’d make them let me go. My lungs expanded with his warm breath and spicy scent. When his lips met mine, every atom in my body danced, urging me to pull him closer and tighten my grip upon his back.

His kissing became more fiery and I reacted by kissing him harder. It wasn’t until his mouth moved to my neck, that I came to my senses and drew away.

“Not yet,” I said, scooting away.

“I know,” he said between breaths, rising from the bed. His wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his uniform and returned to the chair. “I can’t…we can’t. We can never…,” he said abruptly. “It’s against protocol. I-I should go.”


About Karri:

Karri’s debut YA novel, Amateur Angel, was released May 1, 2012. The next book in that series, Hollywood Angels, came out September 1, 2013. The first book in her upcoming dystopian trilogy, The Van Winkle Chronicles, will be released by Entangled Publishing Spring 2014.


Author Blog Tour Interview & Contest: Christian Schoon, Under Nameless Stars & Zenn Scarlett

Welcome to the Working for the Mandroid stop on Christian Schoon's blog tour for Under Nameless Stars, the sequel to last year's Zenn Scarlett. Thanks to Christian and Strange Chemistry, we have all sorts of goodies today. Christian has stopped by for a chat and he brought along with him an excerpt of Under Nameless Stars and an opportunity to win some great prizes. You can see all the tour stops here and learn more about the tour-wide competition to win copies of the Zenn Scarlett and even your own star! But first let's meet Christian.


Welcome to Working for the Mandroid, Christian! For those of our readers who are unfamiliar with your Zenn Scarlett series, how would you describe it in two sentences or less?

The books chronicle the adventures of a teen girl in her novice year of exoveterinarian training. Book one introduces us to Zenn’s occasionally disastrous experiences at the Ciscan Cloister exovet school and clinic on Mars and preps us for the interstellar conspiracy that ensnares Zenn and her friends in book two.

Your main character, Zenn, is an exoveterinarian-in-training. For those unfamiliar with the term, what is an exoveterinarian and why did you choose this particular profession for your character?

An exovet is a veterinarian specializing the diagnosis, care and treatment of diseased or injured alien life forms. Zenn’s is leaning toward a sub-specialty in off-world mega-fauna, so she regularly interacts with such species as Mu Arae whalehounds (marine predator, 80 to 100 feet), Tanduan swamp sloos (estuarine insectivore, 190 to 220 feet),  crypto-plasmoid seepdemons (giant unicellular organism, roughly 10-foot diameter), Greater Kiran Sunkiller (gas giant upper atmospheric filter-feeder, 1,500-foot wingspan) and Lithohippus Indrae, or Stonehorse (vacuum-dwelling synapsid, 500 to 800 feet).

I found Zenn’s choice of profession an interesting career since I hadn’t run across it anywhere else in SF novels. There were a few exo-physician types, and after I started my series I later found one or two passing references to vets treating alien animals in TV shows and fan lit, but nothing that really got down in the weeds of what it might take to become an exovet and what one’s life would then entail on a day-to-day basis. And, of course, because: Indra.

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Cover Reveal, Excerpt & CONTEST: Knight Assassin by Rima Jena

Today Rima Jena and Entangled Teen are revealing the cover for KNIGHT ASSASSIN, releasing in March 4,2014! Check out the gorgeous cover, exclusive excerpt, and enter to win an eARC!


Knight Assassin
Rima Jean

Entangled Teen
Releases March 4, 2014
216 pages

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble

Seventeen-year-old Zayn has special powers she cannot control—powers that others fear and covet. Powers that cause the Templar Knights to burn Zayn’s mother at the stake for witchcraft. When a mysterious stranger tempts Zayn to become the first female member of the heretical Assassins, the chance to seek her revenge lures her in. She trains to harness her supernatural strength and agility, and then enters the King of Jerusalem's court in disguise with the assignment to assassinate Guy de Molay, her mother’s condemner. But once there, she discovers Earic Goodwin, the childhood friend who still holds her heart, among the knights—and his ocean-blue eyes don’t miss a thing. Will vengeance be worth the life of the one love she has left?


Exclusive Excerpt from Knight Assassin!

Earic emerged from behind a rosebush, his eyes glistening at her. He looked misplaced, this broad-shouldered monk-warrior, wandering amid the blooms of an Eastern garden. Even at night, the reds and golds and pinks were vivid and breathtaking. “Is Marguerite well?” he asked immediately, his brow creased with concern.

Zayn frowned as he sat beside her on the bench. “She has been better.”

“Her injury—”

“It is healing well. It’s not her leg that ails her so much.” Zayn looked down into her lap. How would she tell him what Marguerite should be telling him herself? This whole situation was terribly uncomfortable. “Lady Melisende has forbidden her from keeping your company.”

He exhaled, looked down as well. “I thought she might.” Zayn tilted her head to look at his profile. His hair was freshly washed and still damp, dark at the roots and shorter than before. Gone was the baby-faced Fair Boy she remembered; the man beside her had a network of scars on his sun-baked face and neck. His palms were like cracked leather, and the scent of sandalwood mingled with the musk of a man. She was surprised to find that it did not repulse her. In fact, it did quite the opposite. She glanced away.

“She never did approve of our friendship,” he said with a sad smile. “I was not good enough for her daughter. And I don’t disagree—I am not good enough for Marguerite.”

“Oh, stop,” Zayn said impatiently. “Just because you were not born into the right family doesn’t mean you cannot be friends.”

Earic looked at Zayn. “I suppose. But Marguerite is something special.”

Her expression softened. “Yes. I agree.” She hesitated for a moment. “She wanted me to tell you that no matter what, your friendship will endure.”

His smile was like a bolt of lightning in the dark. “Of course it will. Just like ours has.”

Zayn focused straight ahead, her blood beginning to hum. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Zayn.” His voice was hoarse with emotion, his hand gently brushing against hers. “I know it’s you. I knew it was you the moment I saw you.”

“Your enemy,” she heard herself say, turning to look at him.

His voice was barely a whisper. “God’s bones! What have you become?”

Emotion clogged her throat, made her voice rasp. “Forget you ever met me, Earic. You must forget. I must kill you otherwise.”

“You can try. You won’t succeed.” He moved his hand up her arm, sending sparks throughout her body. “I had intended to visit Monteferrand soon. I wanted…to find you.”

She shook her head, her breath coming quickly now. “Find me? Why? You are a Templar, have you forgotten? And I…I’m not the girl you remember, not even a shadow of her.”

“I follow no one’s law but my own.” His face was illuminated from within. “As for the girl from Rafaniya… She’s here, I can still see her.” He raised his hand to her mouth and touched her lips with his forefinger.

Her every nerve tingled in response, her brain woozy with realization. Was it possible that he had feelings for her? In the blink of an eye, her hand flashed out, seeking his throat. Before she could grasp him, he’d snagged her wrist in his powerful fist. Her other hand lashed out; he stopped it as well. Her body rose in fury, but he rose with her, twisting her forcefully against him. Locking her within his arms, he lowered his head. “I won’t touch you, Zayn, I swear it. Please, control your strength. I don’t want to hurt you.”

The roar abated; her strength retreated like a falling tide. She gasped and slumped against him. How was he so strong? She was surprised how far up she had to look to meet his gaze. “I don’t understand. How…?”

His lips were inches from hers. “Haven’t you realized it yet, Zayn? You and I…”

His breath mingled with hers, intoxicating her. “What?” she managed to whisper.

Rather than answer, he dipped his head just a fraction and touched her mouth with his. The spark his lips ignited was so very different from the one created by her power. A warmth spread throughout her body, turning her muscles to jelly. She felt completely, utterly human in Fair Boy’s arms, and it was too good to be true…

She pulled away abruptly, horrified. “I have to go. I can’t… You must forget about me, Earic. Or else you put your life in danger.” Before he could reply, she turned and hurried away, breathless with fear.


About the Author:

Rima Jean received a degree in archaeology from the University of Pennsylvania. After a dismal law school experience, she floundered a bit before accepting her calling: storytelling. She resides in Houston with her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters, where she writes, edits, and dabbles in digital art.


Giveaway Details:

Thanks to Rima, you have the opportunity to enter to win an eARC of Knight Assassin! Open internationally and runs through February 12. Good luck!

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Author Blog Tour Excerp: Such Sweet Sorrow by Jenny Trout

Welcome to the Working for the Mandroid stop for Jenny Trout's blog tour for Such Sweet Sorrow hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. I am super excited to be hosting an excerpt from Jenny's very interesting take on the classic Romeo & Juliet, which comes out TODAY! Happy book birthday to Jenny and Such Sweet Sorrow. Celebrate by reading this short excerpt and enter to win copies of the book below as well as a couple movie versions of Romeo & Juliet.


Excerpt from Such Sweet Sorrow

"How the hell would you help me?" It was wrong to speak to a prince that way, Romeo knew well enough. The prince of Verona would have had him flogged for such impudence. But they had come so far, and for nothing. All the while Juliet was trapped in a dark and lonely death. They stood at the seat of a dead king, as the witch had told them, and still they'd received no answers. Now this spoiled, heartless cur was making a game of his quest?

A change came over Hamlet's features. A moment before, he'd been a spoiled, irreverent boy. Now, he looked a dangerous man, with dangerous thoughts and the wealth and status to back them up. Instantly, Romeo wished he had not spoken so rashly.

Though he expected that the prince's next words would be something like, "take him to the dungeon," instead, Hamlet gestured to a chair piled high with books. At once, Horatio swept them onto the floor, and Hamlet lifted his chin, saying, "I have been rude. Please, sit down, Romeo. I would like you to tell my friend Horatio the tale you told me last night.”


About the Book

Such Sweet Sorrow
Jenny Trout

Entangled Teen
Released February 4, 2014 (TODAY!)
304 pages

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble

Never was there a tale of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo…But true love never dies. Though they’re parted by the veil between the world of mortals and the land of the dead, Romeo believes he can restore Juliet to life, but he’ll have to travel to the underworld with a thoroughly infuriating guide.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, may not have inherited his father’s crown, but the murdered king left his son a much more important responsibility—a portal to the Afterjord, where the souls of the dead reside. When the determined Romeo asks for help traversing the treacherous Afterjord, Hamlet sees an opportunity for adventure, and the chance to avenge his father’s death.

In an underworld filled with leviathan monsters, ghoulish shades, fire giants and fierce Valkyrie warriors, Hamlet and Romeo must battle their way through jealousy, despair, and their darkest fears to rescue the fair damsel. Yet finding Juliet is only the beginning, and the Afterjord doesn’t surrender souls without a price…

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Author Blog Tour Excerpt: Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

Welcome to the Working for the Mandroid stop on Benjamin Percy's blog tour for the paperback release of his horror novel, Red Moon. After its release in May 2013, it received tons of positive reviews, including from Stephen King who called it a "werewolf epic". I'm excited to provide you with an excerpt from this amazing book that was on Publishers Weekly and NPR's best books of 2013 lists.


An Excerpt from Red Moon

When she came home, her nose pink and dripping from the cold, she found her mother sitting on the couch and her father pacing in front of the fireplace, the mouth of it crackling and spitting with fire. She could tell she had interrupted a conversation. The two of them stared at her, her father with his mouth open, his hand raised midgesture. The flames in the fireplace snapped and bent sideways against the wind and then licked their way upright when she closed the door. “What?” she said.

Her mother is slender and sharp edged, her graying hair cut short around a rectangular face. That morning she was wearing jeans and a red hooded sweatshirt with a UW Badger imprinted on its breast. Her legs were crossed and moving like scissors. “Something has happened,” she said and looked to her husband to explain.

Claire’s father sometimes appeared mismatched next to his wife, oversize and always moving, shouting, sometimes with anger but more often with enthusiasm punctuated by throaty laughter. He is a thickly built man, broad shouldered and big gutted, but with a kind face that looks like a child’s, only creased around its edges like a photograph lost at the bottom of a drawer. He works independently as a carpenter—his shed built onto the back of their garage—and his fingernails are always bruised and his hair always carries wood shavings in it like dandruff.

He told her, in a gruff, halting way, about the attacks. The three planes. One had crashed outside of Denver, a fiery smear in a wheat field. The other two had landed, in Portland and Boston, the pilots locked safely in the cockpit, but with only one passenger still alive, on Flight 373, a boy, a teenager not yet identified. No one knew much else.

Her parents took her to the kitchen, where the TV was muted, the same footage cycling over and over, a faraway shot of a plane parked on a runway surrounded by emergency vehicles flashing their lights. The red banner along the bottom of the screen read that nationwide all flights had been grounded, that a lycan terrorist cell was suspected, and that the president promised a swift and severe response.

Her parents stood to either side of her, studying her, waiting for her to respond.

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Author Blog Tour Excerpt: The End of the World Playlist by Dan O'Brien

Welcome to the sixth day of the The End of the World Playlist blog tour. It will run until August 1st and will feature excerpts and new author interviews each day. But first, here is the obligatory blurb about the novel to settle you into this dystopian world:

The world as we knew it had ended. Deep in the mountains of the west coast, six men survived. In the town of River’s Bend, these six friends continued on with their lives as zombies inherited the Earth. As they navigated the world that had been left behind, the soundtrack of life played on.


A few questions for the author:

Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing? 


I am doing what I believe in, though it takes a lot of work. There is a high probability of failure when you do what you believe in. I do not believe in settling; life is too short.


If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently? 


I wouldn’t change a thing. I am living the kind of life that I want, doing the kind of things I want do, and making the kind of goals that I think will increase my happiness. Though it would mean that I only had 8 years left…


To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken? 


There are many events in your life that are fixed points, but most of what we do is predicated on previous decisions. The consequences of our actions become the backbone of our lives. Think about your choices and the possible consequences and live life accordingly.



Here be an excerpt for your enjoyment:


The two-vehicle caravan pulled into the empty streets of River’s Bend. The Bronco rumbled and then subsided. The van barely made a sound.

Doors opened; men emerged.

Kenny and Will were back at it again.

“You absolutely could not kill a zombie high. Fuck, you are high for even thinking that,” spoke Kenny riotously.

Will had dark sunglasses on.

He pointed an accusatory finger at Kenny. “It would mellow me out, calm me down, man. I get fucking stressed walking around here.”

Dan walked over and slapped Will hard on the back, jarring him forward. “Try and keep the bickering to a minimum. You guys sound like a couple.”

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