Trailer Park Friday: Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, The Fault in Our Stars & Book Trailers Galore

I am so done with today. I just want to curl up somewhere with a book and some cookies and pretend like today never happened. But first I bring you trailers!

It's nearly the day where everyone crowds around their television to watch hours of commercials (or a football game, whatevs), but for whatever reason, people are putting out their Super Bowl ads out early or creating commercials for their commercials. That includes a teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which comes out May 2.

This is a Wonder Woman short film that shows the potential for a WW movie if only Warner Brothers would stop being stupid and/or lazy to create one. It's very stylistic and doesn't have much of a story, but the visual are good. Except the ending - that part didn't make sense to me. It was directed by directed by Sam Balcomb of Rainfall Films, and you can see some of Rainfall Films other movies on their Youtube channel here.

This next confession is probably going to get me thrown out of the book blogger community, but I've never read The Fault in Our Stars (or any John Green for that matter). I know it's a book that will make me cry and I haven't yet had the courage to read it and be depressed for days on end. This trailer is reinforcing that fear of this book and there is not enough money that would make me see this film in a theatre. I only ugly cry at home, thank you very much. The film adaptation comes out June 6.

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Random Tuesday: Fernando's Top 5 Movies to Watch This Summer

You know what's awesome about living with someone who will write for your blog every now and again? It's awesome that on days when I find out I'm going to be working late, all it takes is a text and a suggested topic for there to be a post waiting for me when I finally get home. So basically, HUZZAH FERN! Otherwise Random Tuesday probably wouldn't be happening this week and we can't have that...


The movie season is about to get crazy again. Every summer there is a plethora (yeah I said it) of movies that are not Oscar bound, but will get hundreds of more views. In the last few summers, movie goers have even had great choices and this summer looks to eclipse all of those. This is my top five and it was not an easy list to narrow. 

At number five: Pixar's Brave. It's a fairy tale adventure from the studio that knows how to do good original stories. With a late June release it should be fun for the whole family. The trailers tease the story of a young maiden in search of becoming a legend. This feature is set in mid evil Scotland and should bring to life a wonderful world as only Pixar can.

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