WFTM Podcast Episode 13: Because Boomerangs!

Due to a scheduling conflict, Leslie and Fernando recorded Episode 13 a day earlier than usual. They attempt to describe the first photos from American Horror Story: Hotel, discuss the finales of Syfy’s Defiance and Dark Matter, the start of CW Seed’s animated Vixen, whether episode 2 of Documentary Now changed Fernando’s mind about the series, being stuck in a dome for a year because of Mars, the first volume of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Hawkeye (Because Boomerangs!), and much more.

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So what’s in Episode 13?


First Pictures from American Horror Story: Hotel

Six People Were Just Sealed Into a Dome for a Year Because Mars.

First Image of Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed Movie

Straight Outta Compton wins 3 straight week at box office:

What We’re Watching:

Documentary Now episode 2 – have Fernando’s feelings changed?

Dark Matter


Vixen Episode 1

What We’re Reading:

Hawkeye Volume 1 by Matt Fraction and David Aja

School for Sidekicks by Kelly McCullough

What We Predict For the Next Week:

Fernando: He will love the season finale for Mr. Robot

Leslie: She will also love the season finale for Mr. Robot, love Gotham Academy Volume 1 by Becky Cloonan and Brendan Fletcher), and be driven notes by the slang in The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

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#Fandom5: Five Spinoffs I'd Like to See Get Made

This is my first stab at a 5 Fandom Friday, despite being a part of the Female Geek Bloggers page on Google+ (where it was originally introduced) for over a year. No matter how hard I try, I just seem to always suck at planning ahead on Working for the Mandroid. In an attempt to turn over a new leaf, here’s my first attempt to contributing to 5 Fandom Friday with the five spinoffs I’d like to see get made.

The Supernatural Prequel Show of My Dreams

The Powers That Be over at Supernatural attempted to create a spin off last year. It was an epic disaster of the most monstrous variety. Rather than actually do a spin off with a character or event that had previously been mentioned on the show, they tried to do some weird Romeo & Juliet story with characters that completely destroyed the rules and mythology developed in the many years of the show. Instead of that disaster, I want a prequel show either set in the time of Rufus and Bobby learning to fight monsters or even John learning the ropes of hunting while baby Sam and Dean are stuck in motel after motel (though a show about that sort of child abuse might be difficult to make work). It could be a western set in the time of the Colt being developed or even about the first hunters or how about how Mama Winchester great up in the hunter life and decided to give it up. It’s a rich universe with many potential spin off options, but Bobby and Rufus would be my favorite.

Hawkeye – the Fraction/Aja version

Let’s give Hawkeye his own film, but instead of the quiet serious Hawkeye from the current Avengers movie ‘verse, let’s have the down on his luck Clint from Matt Fraction and David Aja’s current comic run. I would love to see him and Kate Bishop try to figure out life without superpowers in a world with cosmic monsters and magic. It would be full of one liners and sarcasm, plus, of course, boomerangs.

Batgirl & Nightwing

I don’t care if it’s television or a movie, but I need Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson being awesome, in love and kick ass in some visual medium. They are my big untouchable ship, and I want everyone in the universe to see why. If it were up to me, Batman would stay far, far away and it wouldn’t be a grim and gritty Nolan-esque version. I want fun and adventure and adorableness, thank you.

Lord Akeldama’s Adventures in Society

From the Soulless Manga series

From the Soulless Manga series

If you are unfamiliar with Lord Akeldama, he is the fabulous society vampire and advisor to Alexia Taribotti, the most wonderful heroine of Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series of steampunk novels. His are some of the best scenes in the series, and like Cassandra Clare did with Magnus Bane, I would love a series of short stories about the many adventures he’s had in high society throughout the years.

How Furiosa Became a Badass

I wasn’t a huge fan of Mad Max: Fury Road, partly because it made me car sick and partly because it had no plot. Going from Point A to Point B and back to Point A is not enough plot for me. I wanted to know more about the characters rather than just have them be ciphers or stand-ins for more developed ideas. I want to know Furiosa’s story, how she grew up, how she learned to take care of herself, and how she became the driver of a war rig. And don’t tell me to read the prequel comics. Those don’t exist. They were also burned in a fire I started with my mind.

Random Tuesday: Supernatural Boys Dress Up, Hawkeye Cosplay, Doctor Who (Non?)Controversey & More

It's been an exhausting week and it's just now Tuesday. That's not a very good sign, is it? Let's see if some random things will make it better. I haven't spent a lot of time on the internet for fun the past few days, so let's see what I can find right now...

The guys from Supernatural were working on Halloween it looks like, so they choose some work appropriate costumes.

I don't dare talk politics here at Working for the Mandroid, but considering it is election day, I don't see the harm in sharing this EW article about the television shows preferred by Democrats versus Republicans. Does it seem right to you?

If you watch Doctor Who, you might have been surprised by (or expecting) a twist involving that weird Missy lady that's been hanging around the end of all the episodes this season. The Mary Sue has a debate up about whether the twist was pandering to fans or a genuine attempt at being progressive with characters. What do you think?

Topless Robot has a good list of some new anime series coming out this fall. I'm just starting to dip a toe into anime and to be completely honest, the entire genre scares me due to its vast size. If you're interested in anime, perhaps this list will be helpful.

I'd normally save this until Friday, but this just kind of made my day. This Hawkeye cosplayer made a video to go along with this costume. I just... want to draw hearts all around it.

Hawkeye from Carl G Martin on Vimeo.

And on a sidenote, this week's' episode of Gotham was really good, probably the best one yet. You should go stream it if you haven't watched it already.

Since I haven't been able to scavenge the web for fun random things, let me know what interesting things you've come across this week on the interwebs. The comments are all yours.

Comic Review: Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by Matt Fraction & David Aja

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon
Matt Fraction & David Aja
Marvel Comics
Released March 19, 2013
136 pages
Comics / Superheroes without Superpowers

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The breakout star of this summer's blockbuster Avengers film, Clint Barton - aka the self-made hero Hawkeye - fights for justice! With ex-Young Avenger Kate Bishop by his side, he's out to prove himself as one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes! SHIELD recruits Clint to intercept a packet of incriminating evidence - before he becomes the most wanted man in the world. You won't believe what is on The Tape! What is the Vagabond Code? Matt Fraction pens a Hawkeye thriller that spans the globe...and the darkest parts of Hawkeye's mind. Barton and Bishop mean double the Hawkeye and double the trouble...and stealing from the rich never looked so good.

Because boomerang!

I would leave that as my review, but then it would only make sense to someone who has read this first volume in the latest Hawkeye series. If you’ve been hanging around Working for the Mandroid, you probably realize I’m a DC kind of girl. Most of my superhero comic reading has been various lines in the Batfamily, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Teen Titans and other assorted heroes from DC Comics. My exposure to Marvel has really been limited to the movies that have come out over the last few years, but everywhere I looked, people were saying that Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye series was pretty awesome. So I took a chance.

And I giggled like a fool while reading it on an airplane. This book is so much fun. It doesn’t have all the doom and gloom that seeps out of the pores of DC or the vapidness of the current Green Arrow series (comic, not television show). Clint Barton is great, but Kate Bishop, who I had no exposure to before, stole the book for me. That she is just as much Hawkeye as Clint makes me a very happy not-usually-represented-well-in-comics girl. The final issue in this collection is a bit of an origin story of how Kate took over the name Hawkeye from Young Avengers. Now I have to pick up Young Avengers.

Each issue opens up with a scene of Clint in trouble with the captions “Okay --- this looks bad…” before turning back time to tell exactly how Clint found himself getting shot at or falling from a building. It’s so much fun to read about a character without superpowers, who is fearless and reckless in the name of doing what’s right. There is danger and stakes are high with assorted big bads and twist upon twist, but it’s all so much fun and full of exciting adventure.

The art by David Aja is extremely distinctive and the roughness is a fitting match to the difficult situations that Clint often finds himself in. Many of the sequences are saturated in purple. Clint’s apartment is purple, his clothes are purple, his car is purple, and Kate’s get-up is purple. Everything is purple and it’s very striking, unlike anything I’ve ever seen in other comics.

My Life as a Weapon was a great introduction into the current Marvel universe. Even though it has the tie-in to Young Avengers, I didn’t feel like there was a black hole of history that I was missing to truly understand the weight of the story. I’d easily recommend this to people looking to get into comics, but might be wary of superhero continuity. I know little about Hawkeye, but now I want to read everything he’s ever been in. Or at least everything Matt Fraction has written.

Also… boomerang!