What We’re Watching: Nazis on the Moon & a Doctor Who Update

Hey, look! It’s two weeks in a row that I’m blogging on a Wednesday!

Last week, in the inaugural What We’re Watching post, I had on my grumpy pants. After a lackluster True Blood finale and a messy Doctor Who premiere, I was generally bummed about television. I’m happy to say that this week, my grumpy pants are folded up and tucked away in the back of my closet. First the Doctor Who update.

Thank Moffatt, the second episode was so much better than the first. I’m starting to get a feel for Capaladi’s Doctor and he’s moving away from general “asshat version of Matt Smith” into something more intriguing. He has that childlike hopefulness seen in the previous incarnations, but in a much more subdued manner. The episode itself was pretty silly, shrinking the Doctor, Clara and an assortment of red shirts so that they could go inside a Dalek to “cure it”. The execution was entertaining though.

It was also the first time I had ever seen Clara as an adult. This statement made Fernando sputter in disbelief, but for some reason, Clara has always read to me as being in her late teens. Seeing her with the new ex-soldier guy whose name I don’t remember, but who I am already quite fond of, finally took her from being an annoying bratty child to a palatable young adult. Perhaps I can grow to like Clara after all?

And now for the main event on this week’s What We’re Watching – MOON NAZIS.

For some reason, one Friday night we decided to watch Iron Sky after it had been suggested by Max, the Netflix robot. We’re quickly learning to not listen to him, but not necessarily because of Iron Sky. First of all, look at that poster. It’s Suckerpunch if that movie had been only the fun videogame cut-scene parts and not any of the pseudo-feminist bullshit. Yet somehow I missed the swastikas because I was surprised that, upon starting the film, some astronauts landed on the moon to find… a swastika-shaped compound ON. THE. MOON.

This was the point where I paused the movie and got some alcohol.

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