Comic Con 2012: Preview Night - So It Begins

Wednesday night at San Diego Comic Con is considered "preview night". At 6pm the exhibit hall opens up to a certain number of four-day badge holders to get a sneak peek of what the vendors have brought to show. It's the first chance for people to access the Con's exclusives and the vendors giveaways. My targets were DC and Marvel and then the lovely book publishers.

Surprisingly, even though I was at DC moments after the doors opened, the comic pub wasn't really pushing free things this year. Marvel wasn't much better, having mostly just issues of their comics previously available on Free Comic Book Day in May. Fernando found out that Warner Brothers - who normally has the best, most varied swag of the entire convention floor - wasn't giving out anything either. It's seeming a little odd, so we'll see if any of that changes as the Con opens for real tomorrow morning.

That led me to the major book publishers. For two hours, this isn't so bad, right? (Please forgive me for the fuzzy iPhone pics)

I checked in with one of my publisher contacts and made another friend at Simon & Schuster who made some great suggestions both of things I should be reading and books that might appeal to my book club. After that we headed to Katie Cook's artist booth. As usual, she was surrounded by a sizeable crowd, so we'll try again on a different day.

Instead we headed to Ballroom 20 to hopefully catch the pilot of Revolution. First we had to sit through The Following, a Kevin Bacon-starring cop drama that involved a lot of people having their eyes gouged out. I wouldn't recommend it.

Revolution on the other hand? It's pretty awesome. It feels like it has Erik Kripke's fingerprints all over it, putting a huge emphasis in the important of familiar relationships and how you create your own family under extreme circumstances. Of course it has the makings of a conspiracy theory show and I had a few concerns with some of the actors, but the plot and some of the action scenes were pretty awesome. There's a long sword fighting scene in the pilot that proves that one character is not only a badass, but he's probably a ninja or something. A full review to come later.

So I would deem this a successful preview night indeed! More pictures of the exhibit hall and updates on what we come across tomorrow.