WFTM Podcast Episode 18.2: Suck It, Smallville!

It’s been a busy week and we’re late! But while we were busy, it didn’t stop us from watching loads of things! There was tons of news about lip sync battles, new Marvel television and movies, rumors about Doctor Who, and trailers. Also Captain Marvel’s movie has been postponed and Leslie isn’t happy. Then we discuss The Martian (spoilers 23:50 to 30:26) before checking into American Horror Story: Hotel (spoilers 35:43 to 44:15) and wrapping up with a whole lot of CW – Arrow, The Flash, iZombie (spoilers 52:30 to 55:41), and Supernatural.

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So what’s in Episode 18.2?

Where we just talk about television and movies!


Hailey Atwell and Clark Gregg are doing a Lip Sync Battle

Marvel’s Damage Control possibly coming to television

Doctor Who could start having Sherlock type seasons?

Sherlock Christmas Special Trailer

What We’re Watching:

We’ve been watching a lot of television, but first we talk about The Martian. Then did we enjoy checking into American Horror Story: Hotel? Finally we finish with a gaggle of CW shows, checking in with Arrow, The Flash, iZombie and Supernatural (suck it, Smallville!)

What We’ll Be Watching This Week:

Fernando is excited about The Walking Dead coming back on Sunday, while Leslie might want to see Crimson Peak if it isn’t an all-out horror movie.

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Trailer Park Friday: Movies I'd Never Heard Of & Don't Watch Television with Sherlock

My usual trailer watching was supercharged this week due to this handy list of 65 science fiction and fantasy films set to come out in 2014. After a somewhat weak year in movies last year, I'm getting excited at the potential before me. Don't let me down, movie people!

I had never heard of Welcome to Yesterday until I read through that list on io9, but it's an indie comedy about teenagers building a time travel machine. It looks pretty predictable, but there's a tiny piece of me that hopes it's as good as Chronicle, which it keeps getting compared to. It will be released (probably limitedly) on February 28.

And another movie that somehow I had never heard of before now. It's called Under the Skin and it involves Scarlett Johansson playing an alien. It comes out April 4 and it looks bizarre.

Kite is an anime adaptation that I had (yep) never heard before, but it follows in the trend of teenage girl assassin movies soon to be coming out. It has Samuel L Jackson in it and exploding heads. One of my guilty pleasures is watching girl ninjas as lead characters of your standard action fare, but even this looks more like an internet parady video than a legitamate movie. The trailer and some clips are below (originally posted on Bloody Disgusting). There isn't a release date for it scheduled yet.

And finally to lighten the mood - what it would be like to watch television with Sherlock. It was created by Leigh Lahav and, after the twist at the end left me giggling like a mad woman, now I want to watch everything she's ever created. Warning: there are spoilers for other shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but no spoilers for Sherlock. Spoilerphobes watch with care.

And that's it from me this week. What interesting videos or trailers have you come across this week? Link 'em up in the comments.


Trailer Park Friday: Justice League, Spider-Man, Godzilla, Sherlock (Of Course) & Many More

Happy Friday! Due to my unexpected absence the last few weeks, it's been awhile since the Trailer Park has stopped by for some video fun. To make up for it, have an extended set of videos covering some of the scifi/comic book/geeky stuff I've found online recently.

DC Animation is doing a lot of things that DC-the-film-company is having a hard time getting off the ground. The next straight to DVD movie is Justice League: War, which comes out on February 4. It's based off of the first graphic novel collection of the New 52 Justice League comics, which means everybody believes that Batman is not a real person and there is a lot of funny moments. Plus Wonder Woman is badass.

The newly released The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer looks like a videogame more than a movie, which is a little concerning, but trailers from the first movie had the same problem and it was pretty good. It comes out in May.

Syfy has this new show that's actually science fiction looking that starts on January 10 called Helix. It's by Ron Moore, that guy who rebooted Battlestar Gallatica, and it looks kind of creepy. Here's the first full trailer I've seen for it.

Tom Cruise is still trying to be a sci-fi action hero and this Edge of Tomorrow movie looks like Groundhog Day in robot suits. Not sure how I feel about this one. It comes out June 6.

I've never actually seen a Godzilla movie, but something tells me I might be seeing this one. It comes out May 16 and will hopefully have less shakey cam than Cloverfield.

Another scifi movie that looks pretty cool. This is Jupiter Ascending by the guys behind The Matrix. I know nothing about it other than Sean Bean is in it, which means he will probably die. That guy dies in everything. It comes out on July 18.

And finally, we end this week's Trailer Park Friday with the best trailer released in the last few weeks: Sherlock season 3! It comes back to UK television on January 1 and US television on January 4.

This one doesn't count because it's not a trailer. It is an incredible mashup of Sherlock and Doctor Who that someone put a LOT of time into.

And that's the true end of Trailer Park Friday for this week. Which movie/television series are you particularly excited to see? Does the Spider-Man trailer look a little too "videogame" for you? Share vids in the comments!

Random Tuesday: Not So Mild Celebrity Obsession, Superhero Origins, Robots on TV & Other Randomosity

I go through these weird and obsessive phases where an author or actor or musician takes up residence in my head and refuses to leave. They normally park right in the middle of my brain for a few weeks before wandering off as randomly as they wandered in, leaving behind an imprint of fannish glee.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's okay. I'm not entire sure what I'm talking about either. Despite that, the actor who has recently taken residence in my brain and set up a semi-permanent shop of crazy is this guy:

It's become a bit of a problem. He's the prime reason I ended up on Tumblr and gifs snuck into my post about readership age and YA. I keep stumbling across Youtube and finding videos and that's a blackhole to nowhere. Next thing you know, it's five days later and you're twitching. 

We even went to see that movie that bombed over the weekend because he was in it and I only giggled hysterically a little bit. The movie was a bit of a mess and all over the place, but he was really good. Then again with him living in my head, I would say that, wouldn't I?

Yes, it's a problem. And now that I've watched too much stuff on Youtube, I've come to the conclusion that he's kind of a strange guy, which probably means he's probably going to stay camped out in prime brainspace for much longer than he should. Because apparently I have a thing for strange people (see ongoing obsession with Misha Collins).

Seriously - this is starting to become a problem. Somebody get me off of Tumblr and Youtube. So in an attempt to not think about that guy for ten or twenty minutes, let's think about other random things.

Like Under Armour creating superhero workout clothes that I desperately want even though my walks around the neighborhood couldn't really be considered "working out". 

Mike Maihack created another Supergirl / Batgirl comic that's adorably appropriate. (Found via

io9 found this website that has some great Halloween costumes that will prevent you from catching hypothermia, unlike anything you'd find from Party City. 

Almost Human's debut got postponed two weeks until November 17, which bums me out a little because that pilot is pretty sweet and I want more Karl Urban right now, thank you.

I still haven't forgiven Cartoon Network for cancelling Young Justice and now all signs point to a cancellation for Beware the Batman. Boooooo Cartoon Network. I want my weekly cartoon Batman! (From io9)

This Ender's Game concept art really belongs on my walls. It's gorgeous.

Speaking of things that belong on my wall, these posters about the origins of some of geekdom's favorite characters. I really wish I'd found out about this Kickstarter when it was still active because I would have thrown money at it. (Found via

And now I'm going to try to be productive and read some library books. If you have random, link up in the comments to distract me from that guy living inside my head.

I'm never getting anything done again.

Gifs made by Tumblr people like this one. I have no idea how to properly credit Tumblr people. Someone want to give me an edicate lesson?

Thinky Thoughts: What Age Is "Too Old" for YA?

This article posted on about a 30-something year old woman “coming clean” about her love for YA fiction took over my Facebook feed for a while last week, and while it’s only one of a dozen that have popped up recently on major(-ish) online media outlets, for some reason I read this one. Then I read the comments. Then I became sad and a little concerned for my lack of emotional growth and maturity.

Apparently adults who read YA are in a state of arrested development, according to the experts who like to hang around slamming people on Vulture articles all day. Only adults who have never grown up or remain in a constant state of adolescence could possibly enjoy these books aimed at teenagers. Considering the number of articles that come out on a daily basis about Gen Y/Millennials having that same “arrested development” issue, it’s really starting to give me a complex.

I am not a teenager. I have a full-time job, pay a mortgage and am in a long-term committed relationship. I purposely ignored the invites to all 10-year high school reunion events. I eat 4 to 7 servings of vegetables and fruit a day when I really wish I could just stuff my face with Doritos and cupcakes. While I do not have any spawn of my own, I am often entrusted with the well-being of others’ spawn for hours at a time and I (usually) return them (mostly) unscathed. So even though I often pack my lunch based on ideas I get from what moms put in their toddlers’ lunch boxes, I’d say I count as a grown up.

I’m not sure where the line was drawn that Adult = No Imagination or No Adventure or No Fun, but these Vulture reading-habit psychologists seem to think so. I read adult books, but they’re science fiction, horror and fantasy, so I imagine that would be yet another sign of my stunted mental and emotional development. I read YA and watch television “targeted” at a YA audience because it’s fun, it’s imaginative and it’s full of adventures I would never experience in real life. I don’t care about first times or the power of youth or whatever reasons were spouted in that article. I want to experience things I can’t experience in my every day boring life, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If wanting adventures and imagination means I’m stuck in a juvenile state of mind, well, at least my head is filled with more fun than yours.


Despite all that I do have a age-related conundrum with YA, but it’s a little different.  

At what point does it become uber creepy for me to cheer for the love lives of fictional teenagers?

I mean, if I felt the same sort of attachment to real live teenagers and had the same level of concern for the state of their relationship, I probably have several restraining orders on me. To avoid the creeps of “watching” romantic encounters between teens, I seem to automatically age up characters in my head. This gives me a slightly less squick factor when I look back and think, “I loved that make out scene with whatshisname and whosthatgirl.” That’s also why I avoid outright YA romances because any graphic – or even just insinuated – sexual situation would give me the creeps and make me feel like a creepy old lady. And even though I’m not a teen, I’m not *that* old either.

 It’s probably why I rarely latch on to male book characters to the extent of referring to them as “book boyfriends”. I can only think of one that is top of mind and he’s a zombie, which brings up a whole other set of psychological issues I may or may not have…

But despite all the weirdness I get from the teen romance thing, I continue reading YA. It's adventure and fun and involves all sorts of things that will never happen in my life. If that means I'm refusing to "grow up", then I guess I'm okay with that.

So if you’re an adult reading YA, how do you cope with the romance levels in these books? Do you age characters up like I do or do you have some other trick that keeps you from feeling icky?


Note: I have no idea who made any of these gifs as I found them on Tumblr, so thank you anonymous gif makers. You are awesome.


Linked up at Oh, Chrys' Let's Discuss post. Find other great discussion posts here.

Random Tuesday: SHIELD, Sherlock and Other Things That Start with S

Happy Agents of SHIELD premiere day! I'm far too excited about watching that show tonight. It can't be healthy. But to start off this post of random, have a interview with Agent Coulson himself, Clark Gregg, who I may have a tiny fangirl crush on.

Teeny tiny bit of news about Doctor Horrible 2 from a couple of the people behind SHIELD in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The S in this case is "songs". (found on

Somewhere in the last 36 hours, I've become overwhelmingly obsessed with Sherlock. Someone who may have started their obsession a little earlier has created a Lego scale version of Sherlock's apartment, gaining a lot of fan support for it to actually be produced by Lego. (from Topless Robot)

Speaking of Sherlock obsession, Alice X Zhang, who is an incredible artist that does some licensed work for Doctor Who, put together some Sherlock e-cards. I could really use this one at work if... you know, my work place were that type of place.

And then there was Serenity/Firefly. The story will finally continue through a series of Dark Horse comics and you can find a few pages here. I feel like I'm going to have to start a new pull list soon... (Found on

Stewart (as in Patrick) and McKellan (as in Ian) are taking over New York and happened to run into Spock on Coney Island. With that amount of crazy amount of talent and awesomeness, I'm surprised the room didn't catch fire.

Superhero movies should be about girls too. io9 put together a list on how Hollywood can finally make that superheroine film we all want, but they're too scared to make.


All right, SHIELD is about to come on so I'm going to take my fangirl randomosity and park it in front of the television. Send me random things in the comments!