Trailer Park Friday: Two Short Films, Inside Out, The Con Man & More

This week we don't have just trailers here at the Trailer Park. Thanks to so lurking around io9, there are a couple of short films along with a trailer for an upcoming web series and of course some movies.

First up is Sequence, a 20 minute short film that gets on the violent side of things. It's about that weird day when your girlfriend tells you she had a really messed up dream about you and then someone else you know says they dreamed about you too, and things just get a whole lot worse from there. It's by Carles Torrens and might have given me the hebbie jebbies.

The next one is this adorable claymation animated short about a man who search brought up a roommate a little different than expected. It's by Laerke Kromann and David Crisp, and it's called Roommate Wanted - Dead or Alive. It's only about 8 minutes long.

If you're a Firefly fan, you've probably already heard about Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's Indiegogo campaign for The Con Man, a new web series they're creating that has a premise a little too close to comfort. After starring on a short-lived, but cult loved sci-fi series, Alan's character can't seem to get his career off the ground, making his living from attending sci-fi conventions while his former co-star is now a hot movie star. You can support their campaign here. Here's the trailer they just released earlier today.

Pixar has released a new trailer for their upcoming release Inside Out, which is all about the feelings living inside your head. Something tells me that it will be difficult to not get the feels with this one. It comes out June 19.

I don't really know much about Torrowland, other than that it's a place at Disney World with old school future tech and robots (or it was when I was a kid). There is also someone named Myles that has a cartoon about him that my niece and nephew love. As for the up coming George Clooney movie, I don't know much about it. It comes out May 22.

And finally the newest trailer for a videogame that will stress me out too much to play it probably. Batman: Arkham Knight is the newest in ht eBatman game series and it looks vicious. It comes out on June 2.

What videos have caught your eye on the internet lately? Share the links in the comments and have a great weekend.

Trailer Park Friday: The Returned, Penny Dreadful, Robots Playing Soccer & More

It's been awhile since I shared some fun trailers with you guys. By now you've probably already seen the Antman trailer, which I'm completely meh indifferent to, and the Age of Ultron trailer, which freaked me out in the best ways. I've decided to avoid any future Age of Ultron trailers as best I can so that I can be surprised and amazed when the movie comes out.

So what trailers or videos might I have stumbled across in the last few weeks that would be new to you?

Well, there's the first trailer for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which is a Netflix series created by Tina Fey. It's not the usual Mandroid fare, but we're fond of 30 Rock and Tina around here, so I'll be interested in checking out this series when it debuts its entire first season on March 6 on Netflix.

I didn't realize there was a Telltale Games version of Game of Thrones, and I'm really surprised that Fernando hasn't played it. Apparently it's a 6 part story type game with the second "episode" coming out on February 3 on downloadable platforms.

Here, have some robots playing soccer. They are still better at sports than I am.

A&E is remaking the French television show The Returned (or Les Revenants if you want to get technical). I can't imagine it will be as understatedly creepy as the original, but we'll give it a try. It starts on March 9 and will feature quite a few familiar fans to anyone who watches a lot of genre television.

And finally here's the trailer for season 2 of Penny Dreadful. I really enjoyed the first season and look forward to seeing what other twisted version of Victorian characters they manage to add in the second season. Plus Eva Green is just perfect in this show. It returns to Showtime on April 26.


And that's what I have this week. Hopefully I will return next week with more fun videos. What's caught your eye on the internet this week?

Trailer Park Friday: The All Superheroes All the Time Edition

No preamble. No waiting. You've probably already seen it a bajillion times, but here's the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. It's kind of creepy. We will be taunted about this movie until we can see it on May 1, 2015.

To balance the Marvel goodness out, lets toss in some DC action. As part of a NYCC wrapup video the comic book publisher released, they included a clip of the upcoming Justice League cartoon movie. While I dread the upcoming slaet of DC live action movies, I'm always game for an animated film. This one is called Justice League: Throne of Atlantis. It will be released on DVD and streaming sometime in early 2015.

There's also a bit about upcoming DC comics and LEGO Batman 3 in this video.

Speaking of LEGO Batman 3, I am so excited about Batman in space. WB Games released a short video talking to some of the voice talent behind the new game, including Stephen Amell (Mr. Arrow of course) and Conan O'Brien (yeah, really). It comes out November 11 and you should preorder it right now!

And finally the very first trailer for the new series version of the comic series Powers came out last week at NYCC as well. This is going to be a not-so-child-friendly comic book show that's a little more violent and "adult" than most of the comic book shows on the air. It stars Sharlto Copley (the dude from District 9) and will be streaming on the Playstation Network (which I didn't even realize was a thing...) starting in December.


So what do you think of the Age of Ultron trailer? Are you obsessed with the LEGO games like I am? Let me know in the comments!

Trailer Park Friday: Gotham Villians, Lego Batman, Sean Bean Will Probably Die & KORRA!

Of all the movies yet to come out this year, I think Guardians of the Galaxy is the one I'm most excited about. They released a new international trailer. Rocket Raccoon and those other guys will be in theatres starting August 2.

Of all the new fall television shows, I think I'm most excited about Gotham and Flash, so I was really excited to see this new teaser trailer for Gotham. Considering it's pre-Batman, the draw of this show for me will be the development of the villians. I hope the kid they got to play Selina Kyle can act because she totally looks the part.

Speaking of Batman, I just found out that a third Lego Batman game will be coming out soon. I love Lego games and I love Batman, so this will be part of my collection. There isn't an official release date yet, but it's supposed to come out this fall.

Here is a trailer for Legend. I'm predicting that Sean Bean will die at the end. It airs on TNT starting August 13.

This new Dreamworks animated film has an insanely generic name, which is sad because it looks potentially funny. It's called Home and it has Jim Parsons as an alien. It's comes out March 25, 2015.

And finally, there's no release date and no voice track on this footage for season 3 of Legend of Korra, but it gave me chills anyway. Looks like the next season will be full of action and plenty of all our favorite secondary characters.


What movie or television show are you most excited to see released? Link up trailers in the comments!

Trailer Park Friday: Dragons, Monsters, Superheroes, Oh My!

Right now I'm probably at a movie theatre, patiently waiting to see Superman. Or The Man of Steel, whatever. My excitement is damped because Superman is not Matt Bomer (been a while since I mentioned him, hasn't it?) and Superman should always be Matt Bomer. I also don't know what I think of fishing boat Superman, but hopefully it'll be a good movie.

I've been missing Trailer Park Friday for a few weeks now due to madness at work, so hopefully this collection of trailers will make up for the absence.

This wouldn't be Working for the Mandroid if I didn't open this week's Trailer Park Friday with the trailer to The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug because Benedict Cumberbatch and dragons. Also a pie making elf king and everyone jumps off of something in an attempt to be menacing. (Releases December 13)

Don't even try to get me to explain what's going on in this trailer for Snowpiercer because I have no clue. But Captain America is beating people up with a crowbar, so... yay? (Releases August 1)

If that trailer didn't break your brain, this one might. I've only played Scribblenauts at Comic Con for a few minutes, but I have no idea how it's going to work with DC superheroes. I suppose my life can always use more cute superheroes, but... this is weird. (Releases sometime this fall)

Want something else that may break your brain? This a trailer for Siberia, a summer NBC show that is part Survivor, part horror movie. I wonder how long it'll take people to realize that this is scripted... or is it? (Begins July 1)

I know what Fernando is going to be doing in October - playing Batman: Arkham Origins. I'm still sad it's not called Batman: Arkham World (or State). (Releases October 25)

For the books to screen fans, Starz has turned Philippa Gregory's The White Queen into a series that looks vaguely Game of Thrones-ish but with more leading females. (Begins August 10)

Finally I leave you with a trailer for Monsters versus Robots Pacific Rim, which is probably my most look forward movie coming out in the next few months. This should be buckets and buckets of explody fun. (Releases July 12)

What videos have you found recently that have left you a little confused or super excited? Share them in comments!

Random Tuesday: An Ode to Angry Robot, SDCC Exclusives, Final Fantasy & More

I will start today with by introducing you to my newest favorite people in all of ever - Angry Robot Books. I mean the name alone has two of my favorite things - robots AND books. That should be enough to prove that these people need to be my new best friends. But Angry Robot Books also publishes only science fiction, fantasy and crazy books that are nearly always relevant to my interests.

It's like they created a publishing house just for me, a place I can run away to whenever I decide to run away from home.

If it weren't for this blog, I may have never stumbled across Angry Robot Books. That thought makes me sad, so we're not going to think it. Instead we will be featuring more of Angry Robot's titles (and their YA division Strange Chemistry as well!) and authors in the near future. In the meantime, visit their website and fall in love with their back catalog. Or read my interview with Angry Robot's Emma Newton from a few weeks ago.


You know what is almost as random as a Robot Army armed with books? Artist James Hance smashed up Doctor Who will Alice in Wonderland and it all makes a strange sort of sense. (Via

Some creep was taking pics of cosplayers at conventions and then putting them on body pillows to sell to others without the cosplayers consent. If your response to that statement was something along the lines of o.O then you and me both, friend. (Via


I never really understood the concept of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It didn't share any characters with Final Fantasy XIII and it was supposed to take place in a more "realistic" setting. What was the point of confusing everybody and who exactly was "versus" whom? Anyway, long thought dead, news came out that what was once Final Fantasy Versus XIII will now be Final Fantasy XIV and come out on the Playstation 4. I'll believe it when that thing is on my television. (Via a friend on Facebook)


Comic Con is just over a month away (!!!!) and companies are releasing their exclusives. Something tells me Fernando is going to want this Stark replica shield. You can see many of the Comic Con 2013 exclusives at our favorite Unofficial Comic Con blog.


It's been awhile since I've done a proper Trailer Park Friday as Fridays are like hell week smooshed into one nine hour day at work, but this week there will be a Trailer Park Friday and it will be massive. So come back on Friday.

What things of epic randomosity have you stumbled upon lately? Any other devout Angry Robot Army cadets?

Injustice is served !

In the world of comic books there has always been the “who would win in a battle between” conversions. Superman vs Flash, Batman vs Aquaman and the arguments go on and on. Injustice: Gods Amongst us is the video game that my childhood has fantasized about for a long time. There have been other attempts to put super heroes in a fighting arcade game; none have done it as well as Injustice does. 

The features of the game go on and on. It has a single player story mode that is fun to play and replay (more on that later). Injustice has a rich reward system that has kept me occupied for hours and hours. Alongside the story mode are several battle modes that offer a plethora of different parameters that add another level of difficulty. Injustice also has a Star Labs mode that gives a break from the monotonous fighter vs fighter game play to a challenge based game.

For me the obsession of the game comes from the earning of badges and other costumes, of which there are plenty. One of the pleasures of the game come from the superhero “finishing moves” each character has their own animation sequence that is a joy to behold.  The games designers did an excellent job of mixing in little Easter eggs though out the game. 

Injustice is one of the rare fighting games that truly adds something fantastic to a very saturated genre.